Best Dog Training Clickers in 2022

Effective dog training often involved positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors. The approach is more effective than punishing bad behavior. However, timing the right time to give your dog treats isn’t easy, which necessitates the need for dog training clickers. A clicker makes positive reinforcement more efficient. Besides, it makes it easy to condition your pet to good behavior.

Therefore, are you puzzled about how to begin training your dog? If yes, then it would be best if you considered clicker training; a form of positive reinforcement training. With every good behavior, you reward your canine friend to reinforce the habit. If you’re a first-time buyer, this guide will help you make an informed decision. Here are the top brands in 2022.

Are you in a hurry?

Training Clickers is dog-safe products for correct bad behaviors such as excessive barking or biting, et cetera. If you are trying to train your pet to sit and do tricks, a clicker also works great. They come in multiple designs for professionals and novices. Also, unlike invasive shock collars for dogs, these use sound to reinforce good behavior, which is good.  If you need one in a hurry, here are some top-rated brands.

Best Overall

PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Clicker

PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Clicker

PetSafe Clik-R provides pet owners a quick and easy way for training their dogs at home. Whenever you dog does something good, all you do is click the device and offer a treat to reinforce good behavior. Made from thick plastic, the product lasts for a long time. It has a highly visible purple and yellow theme and a compact and ergonomic design that fits snug in hand. You can use it for long without irritation or bruising. A finger band offers additional comfort while in use.

High-End Pick

OYEFLY Dog Training Clicker

OYEFLY Dog Training Clicker

The OYEFLY Dog Training Clicker has a simple push design that generates a distinct clicking sound for training pets. The tear shape design fits snug in hand. It has a durable plastic frame and a versatile system that works on most animals. Apart from dogs, you can use it on cats and chickens and get quick and long-lasting results. Each package has two clickers that you can use independently. Both have a carabiner for securing them to pants or backpacks and a money-back guarantee (100%) on factory defects. The system works well.

Budget Pick

Coolrunner Universal Animal Pet Dog Training Clicker

Coolrunner Universal Animal Pet Dog Training Clicker

The Coolrunner is a universal pet training device for correcting bad behavior such as barking or biting. You can also teach the pet to lie down, fetch toys, sit, or roll over without using a shock collar and other harsh remedies. The product has an ergonomic design that measures around 6.65 x 4.84 x 1.57 inches and weighs just 4.27 ounces. Each pack contains seven clickers (assorted colors) each with a satisfaction guarantee. If yours breaks down or fails to work, the company has you covered.

Buying Guide for Dog Training Clickers

Are you looking to train your dogs? Apart from offering them healthy treats, you will need a clicker to help them know they have obeyed your commands, and then offer them treats to appreciate them. Here is our buying guide that will help you choose the best dog training clicker

Size: The size of the device is an essential factor to consider keenly. A suitable training clicker should fit well and be comfortable in the hands. It should not be too small or too big. Some clickers come in small sizes but with bright colors, so you can easily find them if you drop them.

Ease of Use: It is good to choose a clicker that will be easy to operate. Most clickers have an inbuilt button that you can quickly press to produce the required sound. It should also be comfortable to hold and lightweight.

Portability: Some clickers include a wrist strap convenient for attaching to the keychain or trouser, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

1. PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Clicker

  • The ergonomic design and finger band on the handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold while you train your dog.
  • It is not so loud, making it ideal for sensitive dogs.
  • The design is suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • It is not ideal for use in a noisy environment.
Our Verdict:

Let your pet know they are doing something right using the PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Clicker. This dog training clicker releases a clear, short sound to indicate that you are happy with your pet’s actions. Besides, it comes with an attached finger band that makes it easy to hold the device.

2. OYEFLY Dog Training Clicker

Here is a dog training clicker that comes as a pack of two – blue and white. Each clicker boasts a unique, tear-shaped design, weighs 0.52oz, and measures 2.36 x 1.57 x 0.70 inches. Additionally, each clicker features a durable ABS material.

Thanks to the attached elastic band, you can choose to leave the clicker on your wrist or hang it on your pants. Better yet, you can use the OYEFLY Dog Training Clicker to instill good behavior on almost all your pets, including sheep, birds, and even mice.

Also, the simple push-button makes it easy to use, while the ergonomic, lightweight design fits and feels great on your hand. Besides, the elastic wrist band allows you to leave the device on your device or clip it on your pants for easier access.

  • The clicker’s teardrop and lightweight design fits well in hands and is easy to carry around.
  • It is versatile, meaning you can also use it to train cats, birds, horses, and other pets.
  • It includes a wrist strap so that you can attach it to your keychain for safety and portability.
  • It produces too loud sound, which may not be suitable for noise-sensitive dogs.
Our Verdict:

This tear-drop-shaped training clicker boasts multiple superior features, including a simple push-button, elastic wrist band, and a loud, distinct sound. What’s more, you can use it to train your other pets, including cats, birds, and even mice.

3. Coolrunner 7pcs 7 Color Universal Animal Pet Dog Training Clicker

The Coolrunner Universal Pet Training Clicker is a useful and happy communication mode you’re your pet. It comes as a seven-pack pack, each boasting of a unique, vibrant color; red, blue, pink, orange, white, green, and black.

Additionally, each clicker boasts a compact, ergonomic shape designed to fit perfectly in your palm. Plus, every clicker comes with a raised button that comes back right after pressing without getting stuck. Let us not forget the elastic wrist band.

The elastic band helps you secure the clicker to your wrist or pants, so you cannot drop or quickly lose it. Besides, the raised button makes it easy to use this device, while its compact design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to hide in your palm.

  • The ergonomic design includes a wrist strap for portability and safety.
  • Its button is big, making it easy to press, and comes back easily without getting stuck.
  • Each pack contains seven colorful and durable training clickers that make it easy to communicate with your dog.
  • The clickers produce a loud sound that works well with most dogs.
  • The package does not come with a dog training guide.
Our Verdict:

This dog training clicker helps instill good behavior and tricks while simultaneously correcting bad habits. In addition, it comes as a pack of seven, saving you money. Besides, each clicker boasts an ergonomic design that feels great on your hand and a raised, easy-to-use button.

4. Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Here is an excellent tool for teaching targets, weave poles, contacts, send-away, and go-outs. Being a click-stick combination, the Karen Pryor Clicker frees one of the trainer’s hands. As a result, you have one less item to worry about dripping or losing.

Moreover, this all-in-one clicker features a retractable target stick that extends from 6 to 23 inches. If you are not using this device to instill good behavior, you can use it for target training. Notably, the handle features a belt clip.

Being an all-in-one device, the Karen Pryor Clicker saves you money. Besides, the belt clip allows you to attach the device to your pants for easier portability and lesser chances of dropping it. In addition, the fully telescoping rod enables you to reach distances of up to 23 inches.

  • The clicker’s sound is not so loud, making it suitable for noise-sensitive pets.
  • The design is sturdy and water-resistant, making it durable and suitable for all weather types.
  • It is a great trainer for dogs of all ages and styles; dogs easily recognize it and pay attention.
  • The 6-23 inches retractable telescopic design with a signaling foam ball makes it easy to provide commands to your dog from a distance.
  • The size is too big.
Our Verdict:

The Karen Pryor Clicker offers all the comfort and joy there is to training your pet. Boasting a click-and-stick design, this device is perfect for trick and target training. What’s more, it comes with a belt clip for more effortless portability.

5. N / A 2PCS Training Clicker

This dog training clicker features a durable ABS material and measures 2.48 x 1.22 x 0.70 inches. It comes as a pack of two – blue and white – each boasting of a large button, ergonomic shape, and an elastic wrist band.

What’s more, this device boasts of a humanized professional and scientific design that allows it to release an excellent, non-natural sound, not too loud, not too soft. Furthermore, it is easy to use even for naïve users. Press the large button every time your pet engages in recommendable behavior.

Apart from that, the excellent non-natural sound is easy for your pet to pick up on and associate with particular needs. Besides, the compact and lightweight design allow the device to fit and feel great in your palm. Plus, the wristband makes it almost impossible for you to lose the device.

  • The design includes a wrist strap, convenient for outdoor training.
  • Its sound is not too loud or soft, which is suitable for most dogs.
  • It features a multipurpose use, so you can use it to train cats, chicken horses, birds, and other pets..
  • The package does not come with a dog training guide.
Our Verdict:

The N / A 2PCS Training Clicker makes training easier and happier while giving you a chance to bond with your pet. Additionally, it produces a nice non-natural sound that is easily recognizable by your furry companion. Besides, this device is perfect for training all pet types, including birds and mice.