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Best Dog Treat Pouches in 2023

Gone are the days when you filled up your pockets with dog treats. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now carry them in style with a convenient pouch. Dog treats will give you a perfect way to reward your furry friend when they do something right, so they feel encouraged. As such, it makes sense to purchase quality dog treat pouches.

Dog treat pouches offer both style and convenience for pet owners. You will not only look stylish, but you will have an easier time doing other activities. Besides, you’ll play with your dog while keeping the treats and other essentials secure. That said, here are the top five best dog treats pouches in 2023.

Are you in a hurry?

Most pet owners use dog treats to reinforce good behavior. Others use them to supplement their dog’s wet food and dry foods or for training purposes at home or in pet care facilities. No matter what you use them for, you need a secure storage area to store food and dog treat pouches are ideal. They are portable and therefore suitable for traveling. They also make access to treats effortless via zippered pockets that keep off dust, debris, and water. Here are some of the best this year.

Best Overall

LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch

LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch

LANNEY is a spacious dog treat bag that also comes with a scoop and a free dog collar. The 600D oxford cloth used to make it is durable and food-safe. It is resistant to tears and has a heavy-duty nylon liner that catches crumbs for quick and easy cleaning. The liner also makes this treat bag easy to clean. You can wipe it with a wet towel to pick crumbs or remove and clean it when soiled with wet food. The main compartment has large zippered access for safety. It has an adjustable strap for easier transport and a padded back panel.

High-End Pick

Kurgo Dog Training Treat Pouch

Kurgo Dog Training Treat Pouch

The Kurgo is a simple treat bag with a fiery red theme and a drawstring closure that stops treats from spilling out. It measures 5.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches. It is also super light (2.12 ounces) and has a carabiner clip for securing it to trousers, dog bicycle carrier carts, or dog carrier slings. The wide-mouthed opening makes loading and accessing dog treats effortless. Also, because it has a reflective finish, it can improve the visibility of users at dusk or dawn. Kurgo is suitable for pets of all ages and has secure storage for personal items such as cash and ID cards.

Budget Pick

Molarun Dog Treat Pouch

Molarun Dog Treat Pouch

Considered among the best low-cost dog treat pouches in stores this year, Molarun is a durable pouch with many amazing features. It has a spacious 6.7x3.9x3.9-inch design that can accommodate most dry dog foods. The outer fabric is thick nylon that creates a waterproof seal. It also has a removable inner liner that makes clean-up effortless whenever food spills in it. You get a long waist belt for securing it to your weight while traveling or training a pet. A large drawstring closure makes storage and access to dog treat effortless.

Buying Guide for Dog Treat Pouches

Since dogs are human's favorite pets, they deserve the best training treat pouches that allow taking what you need for your training and daily routines. Apart from carrying treats, you can also use them to bring some of your items such as phones and keys.

For you to buy dog treat pouches that best suits your needs and that of your dog, you have to do an extensive market study and a clear understanding of both your needs.

To help you choose the best, we have highlighted a few factors that you need to consider.

Capacity: Consider the amount of treat you want to carry and what else can be stored in the pouch. The capacity of the pouch will also depend on the size and appetite of your dog, as well as the number of dogs you have.

Carrying and Attachment Options: You will need to evaluate the carrying and attachment options based on your preference. Decide whether you want to hang the pouch on your belt or hang it on your shoulder.

Ease of Use: Some pouches come with zippers, while others use drawstrings or hinge mechanisms. Consider how you will easily access the treats in the bag without much hassle.

The Best Dog Treat Pouches in the Market this Year

Every dog owner needs a spacious and secure treat bag for use at home or on the road. Unlike dog food storage that is heavy, these portable accessories are suitable for traveling. They come in eye-catching designs, a majority with add-on storage space for personal items such as phones and cash. We have reviewed some of the best brands that offer these pros.

1. LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch

Made with double stitching to ensure durability, the LANNEY dog treat pouch is resistant to tears. It is ideal for anyone raining their dog because it has a waist belt. Furthermore, a poop dispenser also helps you to keep the bags.

In addition, this pouch has a big zipper tag so anyone can hold it easily, and the drawstrings are adjustable to make access quicker. Moreover, you can use the closure to completely close the bag and keep the dog from stealing treats.

With the multiple ways to wear it, this bag favors anyone, and you can wear it with any clothing. Also, it has a large capacity with several pockets so that you will be able to keep all your treats, poop bags, mobile phones, and others.

  • It is easy to clean, quick to access, and has two zippered pockets for storing cell phones, silver, or keys.
  • The dog treat pouch is perfect for taking on a walk.
  • It is versatile and can be used in three ways; adjusted to your waist, hanging on your shoulder, or hooked with a metal clip.
  • The dog treat pouch is too large and it’s not suitable for someone looking for a portable pouch.
Our Verdict:

With this dog treat pouch, you will not need to carry any other bag when you go for a walk with your dog. It is comfortable to wear, and you can comfortably jog or do any activity with your pet.

2. Kurgo Dog Training Treat Pouch

Simple with a functional design, the Kurgo dog treat pouch makes it easy for you to carry treats and train your dog. The unit includes a clip so you can use it hands-free, and the mouth opens wide, so it is easy to get the treat whenever you want one.

Besides, a drawstring closure makes this bag easy to open and close and keeps the treats fresh all the time. Furthermore, you can adjust the closure to fit your hand and keep the dog’s nose away when you are done using it.

When using it at night, the reflective ability helps make you and the bag visible so you can train your dog anytime. In addition, a zippered pocket helps you to store small items like keys, mobile phones, cash, and anything you may need.

  • The dog treat pouch can be used hands-free, and it's ideal for training your dog.
  • It's easy to clip it to your waist with the included carabiner.
  • The pouch features a wide mouth opening and drawstring closure.
  • The carabiner clip hangs too low, and the pouch swings so much that the treats will fall out.
Our Verdict:

It is now easy for you to train or walk your dog anytime, day or night, with this pouch. You will have enough space for treats and other small items while the reflective material makes it visible.

3. Molarun Dog Treat Pouch

This high-quality dog treat pouch is made using waterproof nylon fabric. Consequently, it will give you years of use before you need to replace it with another. The zippers are also reinforced not to come off quickly and are easy to open and close.

Furthermore, two built-in pockets make it easy for you to keep other essentials like phones, keys, and waste bags so you can clean up after your dog quickly. Furthermore, the pouch has a belt so you can fit it perfectly around the waist.

Besides, this dog treat pouch is easy to clean and dries fast to use all the time. The waistband is removable if you want to keep it in your car or carry it in a more oversized bag. Moreover, the drawstring closure allows your hand to go in smoothly.

  • The dog treat pouch is made of durable waterproof nylon fabric material.
  • It has a built-in 2 pocket design perfect for holding your essentials and poop waste bags.
  • This dog treat pouch has an adjustable waist belt, and it's ideal for a waistline from 24- 44 inches.
  • The clip is very narrow, and the bag hangs below it, so it moves around a lot while walking.
Our Verdict:

This is a versatile bag that you can use alone or with other bags because it is stylish and functional. Comfortably tie it around your waist when training the dog or remove the band and use it in your car or home.

4. Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Pouch

The easy-to-carry Paw Lifestyles dog treat pouch is convenient, but it is also stylish so that you can wear it with any of your clothing. It is best for training your dog in a park or anywhere you want because the waistband is adjustable.

Also, a shoulder strap is included in the design to make it easy for you to carry the bag in any position comfortable for you. Furthermore, you can grab the training clicker from two convenient d-rings making it easy to train your pup.

When you use this pouch, you do not need another bag because it has pockets you can use to keep other important stuff. Consequently, you will be able to train your dog hands-free and also do any of your favorite activities.

  • The pouch is easy to access and collect the waste.
  • It is made with lightweight and durable nylon to keep your food dry during walks.
  • It is also ideal for storing cell phones, silver, or keys thanks to its two zippered pockets.
  • The dog treat pouch is too large and it’s not suitable for someone looking for a portable pouch.
Our Verdict:

This dog treat pouch is convenient and allows you to choose the most comfortable way you would like to carry it. You can use it for a large dog or if you have more than one dog because it is large enough to carry enough treats for them.

5. Leashboss PackUp Pouch Dog Treat pouch

If you like fanny packs, this is the ideal pouch for you because it is the same and is comfortable to wear all day. It is not only easy to wear, but it is also unisex so that men and women can both use it comfortably, and it is not designed for leash attachment.

Other than that, the slim fit design makes the pouch comfortable and ensures that it will not make you look bulkier. Furthermore, it also has pockets you can use for other small items so that you do not have to carry two bags when you walk.

Besides, a reflective strip ensures increased visibility while you walk with your pet at night. In addition to that, you will get two washable drawstring bags to help you carry any waste so that you can keep the park, or anywhere you walk clean.

  • The pouch has a convenient compartment for carrying messy dog items.
  • The Slim fit and sleek design have 4 pockets ideal for holding all of the essentials.
  • It features a reflective strip for added visibility during night walks.
  • It is not recommended for heavy dog training usage and heavy dog containment feeding.
Our Verdict:

If you shy away from wearing a dog treat pouch because they look bulky around the waist, this is the pouch for you. It is a stylish and slim fit so that you can carry the treats comfortably and other items at any time.

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