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Best Dog Urine Detectors in 2023

Everyone dislikes the annoying smell of dried dog urine around the home. Even though you might not see it, you’ll know that it’s somewhere immediately the sun rises. Luckily, with the help of dog urine detectors, you’re sure to eliminate these smells and maintain a clean home. Urine detectors will identify where dogs urinate, which helps eliminate bad odor.

There’s no denying the fact that urine detectors are essential accessories for pet owners. Dog often urinate on wooden floors, carpet, or sofa. As such, you should look for effective ways to detect smells and maintain a clean environment.

Are you in a hurry?

If you have a dog or cat at home, one of your main frustrations might be how to take care of pet urine. The piss everywhere, including carpets, sofas, dog beds. Left uncleaned, this can lead to odor build-up at home and a dip in the quality of life of the occupants. If you can afford a urine detector, you can detect such messes and clean the affected areas to keep the home smelling fresh. Here are some top brands that you might like.

Best Overall

Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light Dog Urine Detectors

Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light Dog Urine Detectors

Vansky is a handheld dog urine detector that uses black UV light to find pet stains. It works on rugs and other upholstery such as couches and curtains. If you have a dog bed mat or a dog bed liner at home, you can use it on such items as well. The flashlight weighs 6.7 ounces, making it easy to use. It has a battery-powered system with 51 5-watt LED bulbs that do not burn out over time. The flashlight has a long-lasting plastic frame. The handle is long and has non-slip grips for stability.

High-End Pick

GLOSSDAY UV Black Light Dog Urine Detectors

GLOSSDAY UV Black Light Dog Urine Detectors

Made from aluminum alloy, GLOSSDAY is a long-lasting dog urine detector that uses back LED light. The low-watt LEDs (5 watts) have a 10,000-hour runtime, making them long lasting. They number around 100, making GLOSSDAY one of the most powerful LED bulbs on our list. Finally, the product has both dust protection and an IP44 waterproof design. As such, you can use one in most environments without major structural damage. Each pack has a 1-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

Budget Pick

Vansky Black Light UV Dog Urine Detectors (2021 Upgraded 51 LED)

Vansky Black Light UV Dog Urine Detectors

Do not let your tight budget deter you from having a clean home. Vansky is a cost-effective urine detector formulated as a flashlight. It uses 51 LED lights (black) to detect a large area, saving you both effort and time. The lights are durable, 30% brighter than standard LED bulbs, and are cool-running. Because the product is dust and water-resistant, you can use it anywhere without structural damage. The handle is long and non-slip making it easy to use. LEDs can last up to 12 years.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Urine Detectors

The unfamiliar smell of dried dog urine can be so annoying. Untrained or incontinent dogs cause this. Knowing where the spot is so that you can get rid of them can be overwhelming. The best way to find them out is by using a dog urine detector. Once you spot the stain, you can get rid of the smell quickly.

To get the best dog urine detector available in the market, here are few factors to consider.

Intensity: You need a dog urine detector with solid UV light to spot even the smallest of the stains. For the best lighting, choose a backlight with several LED bulbs and a high battery capacity.

Wavelength: The best wavelength for detecting a dog's urine is 365 – 385 nm. These wavelengths have lots of backlights that are suitable for dog and cat urine detection.

Portability: Dog's urine stains are usually hidden. You will therefore need a portable kit to maneuver and locate them quickly.

1. Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light Dog Urine Detectors

The Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector is a great consideration for any pet owner. To start with, the urine detector boasts a strong construction, thanks to the durable materials. In addition, the UV flashlight will identify invisible stains on clothes, rugs, as well as carpets. Other than that, the unit comes with 51 tenacious UV LEDs for better functionality. The lights are durable and come with an impressive lifespan of 15 years. That’s not all; the detector comes in an ultra-compact design for easy carrying in the car when traveling.

Also, this unit guarantees versatile use. Apart from detecting dog urine, you can confidently use this detector to authenticate official documents, such as driver's licenses and currency. Still, it will help identify whitening agents in cosmetics.

  • The kit has Strong and intense UV light.
  • It is made of durable construction.
  • The device has a compact, handheld, portable design.
  • The device has a 3-volt battery that isn't suitable for extended use.
Our Verdict:

The Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector is a functional and reliable tool to purchase. The model is versatile and will serve you well when detecting dog urine, authenticating currency, and validating driver licenses. Besides, you’ll love the ultra-compact design and 51 UV lights LEDs.

2. GLOSSDAY UV Black Light Dog Urine Detectors

Enhance your life with the TaoTronics TT-FL002 51 LEDs Flashlights Detector. The unit will effectively find invisible dog stains that you can’t see with the naked eye. Additionally, it’s reliable to detect stains on different surfaces, including carpets, clothes, and rugs. Moreover, the TaoTronics TT-FL002 is durable and guarantees 15 years of optimal service.

The 51 LEDs will effectively illuminate areas and ensure no stain remains undetected. Besides, it helps authenticate official ID cards, passports, and driver licenses.

  • The urine detector kit is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and ultra-intensity LEDs.
  • It is equipped with professional-grade ultra-intensity 18W power and 395 nm wavelength.
  • It is versatile; it can be used as a portable dog urine detector light, scorpion flashlight blacklight finder, fluorescent detector, currency, license, and passport authenticating.
  • It barely affects even "white color", which usually turns purplish under blacklight.
Our Verdict:

This urine detector comes in a pocket-size design. As such, you can conveniently carry it around while traveling with your furry friend. What’s more, the package includes other essential items like 3 AA batteries and UV safety glasses.

3. Vansky Black Light UV Dog Urine Detectors (2021 Upgraded 51 LED)

Vansky is a top brand, so you expect nothing short of excellence and reliability. The 2020 Upgraded LED Pet Urine Detector will find any urine stain, which guarantees a clean environment. Boasting 51 LEDs, these lights are 30% brighter as compared to most lights in the market.

The detector is durable with heavy-duty aluminium alloy. It will serve you for an extended period of up to 12 years. Besides, this detector is effective at identifying stains that people can’t notice with naked eyes. It will help spot dry dog, rodent, and cat stains that could cause irritating smells.

Versatility is another strong point for this urine detector. Apart from detecting urine, this model will authenticate currency, official ID cards, as well as passports. Better still, you get a complete package with batteries and a UV flashlight.

  • It is ideal for revealing dry dog, cat, and rodent stains and unfavorable spots that couldn't see with the naked eye.
  • This UV flashlight has 51 UV LEDs which is 30% Brighter than other lights, and it covers a larger area without weakening the light.
  • The device easily spots scorpions, authenticate currency, driver's license, official identification cards, and passports.
  • It isn't water-resistant, therefore, not the best for outdoor use.
Our Verdict:

The Vansky 2020 Upgraded 51 LED Pet Urine Detector is a durable and reliable option to purchase. It boasts 51 top-quality LEDs that will help identify stains. Also, it’s a versatile tool for authenticating currency and official IDs.

4. Renook 21 LEDs Mini UV Black Dog Urine Detectors

The RENOOK 21 LEDs Mini Flashlight Detector is a must-have for any dog owner. The model will effectively detect dog urine and other stains in the house, which leaves you with a good-smelling room. Besides, it works well on different surfaces, such as furniture, carpets, rugs, and other floor types.

Additionally, this accessory is lightweight, so pet owners will get a portable unit to carry around easily. You’ll also get 2 flashlights with this package, which guarantees value for money. Better yet, it’s versatile, and you can use the model to detect cracks, fluorescent agents, and other stains.

This detector comes in handy when you go camping with your dog. It will help users to spot insects while spending time outdoors. The detector will identify insects, such as scorpions and bed bugs that could be potentially harmful to your pet.

  • The device easily detects your furry friends' urine and stains on your rugs, carpets, floor, etc.
  • It can spot small insects that are not easy to see in the garden or outdoors. It works well on spotting bed bugs and scorpions.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The beam on this kit is tiny.
Our Verdict:

The RENOOK 21 LEDs Mini Flashlight Detector suits any dog owner. The model helps detect a wide range of items, including stains, insects, and validating documents. Also, it’s portable and an ideal option for those who like camping.

5. BRIONAC Black Light Dog Urine Detectors (128 LED 395nm Wavelength)

Here’s another reliable and functional dog urine detector. The BRIONAC UV Black Light Pet Urine Detector will reveal different types of stains, including dry dog urine and rodent stains. Furthermore, this accessory will help to authenticate driver’s licenses and spot scorpions. That’s not all, the pet accessory is versatile, and you can conveniently use it as a nail dryer. The powerful tool is 80% brighter than most flashlights, which ensures you spot every stain. With the 385-395 nm wavelength and 128 LEDs, you’re sure to identify everything.

The BRIONAC UV Black Light Pet Urine Detector features a strong aluminum build for longevity. Still, it boasts an IP65 rating, meaning it will resist weather elements. Also, the detector works with 6 AA batteries that will ensure long-term performance. Overall, if you want a quality dog urine detector that will guarantee an odor-free house, this is the right accessory to purchase.

  • It is made of professional military aluminum alloy, wear-resistant surface, with non-slip texture grip.
  • The device has 128 top led black light (385-395nm wavelength).
  • Compared with black light, BRIONAC Dog Urine Detectors is broader and brighter, and it provides the perfect amount of light for all kinds of daily life.
  • It isn't water-resistant. Therefore, it's not ideal for outdoor use.
Our Verdict:

The BRIONAC UV Black Light Pet Urine Detector is a great accessory with 128 LEDs. The model is easy to carry and works perfectly using 6 AA batteries. Besides, dog owners will love the durable aluminum build and powerful practicality.

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