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Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2023

One of the best ways for optimizing the performance of home and commercial office spaces is by installing dual monitor stands. These stands will provide extra monitor space to work. Amazingly, these dual monitor stands can hold a maximum of four different monitors in different configurations. Since they come in various sizes and shapes, it’s easy for you to get the one which suits you best. Also, they will transform your working space into a beautiful working area. Therefore, don’t be left out! Read on for more information.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you have an office desk with two monitors that clutter space? Instead of adding another office desk to your workspace, consider buying a dual monitor stand instead. Often made from steel, they can support up to two monitors without toppling over. They are easy to mount on wood desks and support most monitor types and sizes, which is a plus. If you need one, check out these top-rated brands.

Best Overall

VIVO Dual Monitor Stand-STAND-V002

VIVO Dual Monitor Stand-STAND-V002

VIVO STAND-V002 is a heavy-duty dual monitor stand, best-loved for its versatility. The two arms swivel up to 180 degrees to improve the viewing angle. They fit up to 27-inch screens each weighing 22 pounds and can pan to the front and back as well for ergonomic viewing. If you spend a lot of time behind a desk, the product will save you valuable space. You will also be able to work comfortably every day.

Smart Pick

Dual Monitor Stand by Huanuo

Dual Monitor Stand by Huanuo

Huanuo has a freestanding dual-arm design that enables you to use up to two monitors at a time. It has an adjustable height that accommodates most people. The steel frame, on the other hand, has a heavy-duty design with versatile VESA arms and a base that boosts its stability. A black finish not only boosts its style but also protects it from corrosion and rust. Each arm can secure monitors measuring 13-32 inches and weighing up to 17.6 pounds. They also swivel (up to 90 degrees) and rotate (up to 180 degrees) to provide a comfortable viewing angle.

Budget Pick

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

The HUANUO dual monitor stand can swivel up to 90 degrees and tilt up to 180 degrees to provide a comfortable viewing angle. The universal VESA mounts can fit and secure two monitors, while its steel frame is durable, rust-proof, and has a charming black theme. You can fit up to 21-inch monitors on this mount. Moreover, a USB port comes built-in, which you can use to charge devices on the fly.

Buying Guide for Dual Monitor Stands

A monitor stand is essential to keep your monitor secure and free from falls. Securing your monitor on a stand also saves you from having to purchase additional furniture to hold your monitor. A dual monitor stand accommodates two screens, eliminating the need to congest your workspace with separate stands for your separate monitors. In this buying guide, there are well-elucidated must-follow factors that you need to consider when buying dual monitor stands.

Brackets: Check the size of brackets on a monitor stand to ensure that they are a fit for your monitor. The brackets should hold your monitor snuggly to keep it from moving and falling. They should also allow easy setup and removal without damaging your monitor.

Articulation: The ideal dual monitor stand should allow you to set your monitor up in a comfortable orientation. It should support portrait and landscape orientation to suit your preference. An adjustable stand will allow different users with different heights to use it comfortably.

Stability: It is advisable to consider the safety of your monitor when buying a stand. The best stand should not only hold your monitor but also keep it from falling. Therefore, it should have a heavier base that your monitor to stand its weight.  

Top 5 Dual Monitor Stands in the Market this Year

Are you planning to install a dual monitor stand in your office to save space or boost comfort while working? Our top five picks deliver the following benefits and more in most settings. Made from heavy-duty steel, they last for long. They support up to 21-inch monitors and can pan, tilt, and swivel to improve your viewing angle while working.

1. VIVO Dual Monitor Stand-STAND-V002

The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor stand comes with everything you need to have a good working desk. In addition, it has great versatility when it comes to screen placement options. Also, this monitor stand encourages ergonomic viewing, thus minimizing fatigue and strain around your neck, eyes, and shoulder as you work.

With its stylish design, you’ll be able to clear up your desk space by removing all the unwanted clutter. Moreover, it’s suitable for those who intend to expand their office or their gaming setup. This stand can accommodate a maximum of 2 screens of 27 inches each.

Furthermore, this VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk stand comes with adjustable handles that make it easy to use. It swivels over 180 degrees, thus making it easy for you to place your two monitors. Lastly, it has two arms, and each supports a maximum weight of 22 pounds.

  • It has an adjustable height to accommodate different users and circumstances.
  • You can mount your monitor in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Integrated cable management feature declutters your workspace by keeping your cables organized.
  • Cheap welded steel construction that easily falls apart.
Our Verdict:

When it comes to durability, this VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk stand is the best. It comes with two strong arms with the ability to support two monitors; 22 pounds each. The clamp-on design is very durable and easy to install.

2. Dual Monitor Stand by Huanuo

If you’re looking for an excellent free-standing monitor stand with a dual option, look no more. The Dual Monitor Stand by HUANUO is here to ensure you meet all your needs. It provides you with 2 standing options that firmly hold your monitor.

With this Dual Monitor Stand m by HUANUO, there is no need to drill holes during mounting. Additionally, this stand saves you from the hassle of having to sit with two monitors on your desk. It allows you to adjust the monitor height to suit your needs.

In addition, it comes with tools and cable management clips that ensure that your desk remains in a clean and organized manner. Also, when using this stand, it’s easy to install as it comes with a detailed installation manual. The adjustment of your monitor level is made easy by the removable VESA plate.

  • The free-standing base eliminates the need for a counter in your workspace.
  • It has an adjustable monitor riser that allows you to set it to a manageable height.
  • Cable clips allow cable management to free your workspace from untidy cables.
  • You will require an extra hand during installation to stabilize it as you mount your monitors.
Our Verdict:

This Dual Monitor Stand m by HUANUO is a high-quality and robust stand due to its construction. It features premium steel material and a heavy-duty base that makes it more robust and stable.

3. HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Buy this HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand and be able to enjoy the increased monitor stability. It comes with a built-in spring plus large arms, which stably and securely hold your monitors. The stand has long and higher arms, thus suitable for deeper and larger desktops.

The dual monitor stand can rise to 21 inches to provide you with comfortable height adjustment. Also, there is a gas spring that allows your monitors to swivel from -90°to +90°. With this stand, you’re sure to enjoy increased comfort and productivity at all times.

In addition, the HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand has an enlarged base that makes it extremely stable. With its sturdy construction, you get a long time of service when you buy it. There is also a USB port, which allows you to charge your USB devices.

  • In-built upgraded gas spring enhances its stability, keeping your monitor safe.
  • Long, high arms make it ideal for deeper and larger monitors.
  • Full motion adjustments allow you to swivel and use your monitor from any direction.
  • The arms extend backward, thus unideal for wall-facing workspaces
Our Verdict:

With this stand, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple screen combinations. It comes with articulating arms, which allow you to rotate, tilt, and swivel your monitors. This model is simply one of the best monitor stands.

4. WALI Dual LCD Monitor

This WALI Free Standing stand is among the few dual monitor stand that fits most monitors and LED flat-screen TVs of up to 27 inches. Furthermore, it comes with a free-standing V-shaped base that enhances its stability. The stand provides you with the best way to double your productivity and efficiency while in the office.

Also, it has adjustable arms that can be tilted, changed, or retracted based on your needs. With its ergonomic design, you’ll be able to avoid fatigue and neck, eyes, and back strains. The stand is strong and extremely stable due to its high-grade construction material.

In addition, this dual monitor is many people’s favorite as it provides a high-quality mounting solution. With its elegant design, you’ll be able to transform your working space to give it a beautiful look. It’s easy to attach its VESA plates to the monitors.

You will need a paper shredder to dispose of sensitive documents well.

  • It has wide compatibility, making it usable with various sizes and monitor models.
  • High-grade material allows long-term, frequent, and heavy use.
  • The arms retract and extend to allow comfortable use across different distances in your workspace.
  • The provided screws are too short to hold thick monitors securely over a long period.
Our Verdict:

With this WALI Free Standing stand, you’ll be able to increase your working efficiency and productivity. It gives you a chance to work in a relaxed and comfortable position due to its various adaptive positions.

5. Evoo Dual Monitor Stand

Are you looking for the best way to transform your office desk? If so, buy this Dual Monitor Stand and enjoy a beautiful working environment. This stand helps minimize congestion on your office desk and ensures everything remains in a clean and organized manner.

Moreover, the stand helps you cut on all unnecessary clutter and increases your valuable space. Amazingly, this monitor stands id compatible with VESA-compatible screens. It can support two monitors of 32 inches each, with a maximum weight of 18.5 pounds.

Also, the Dual Monitor Stand comes with 2 locking systems, which ensure that the monitors are locked in place. It has adjustable arms; thus, you can adjust the height to get your preferred height.

Unlike other stands, it’s very easy to set-up, since it comes with an installation manual. Collapsible storage racks are perfect for storing books and other office items. They are good for decluttering space too.

  • It has wide compatibility and ideal for all VESA-compatible monitors.
  • You can tilt the stand, allowing you to use your monitor from all directions.
  • Easy-to-install design allows you to set the stand up within no time.
  • The arm is loosely attached exposing your monitor to the possibility of falling off.
Our Verdict:

When it comes to the most stylish dual monitor stand, this Dual Monitor Stand carries the day. It features an aluminum frame that is robust with stylish black color. The beautiful design will give an elegant and clean look to your office desk. We have some office chair covers as well that you can use to brighten up your office space.

Final Thoughts

The best dual monitor stands can tidy up your office area and improve its functionality without costing you a lot of money. They are easy to set up and improve the viewing angle and users as well, which is good.

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