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Best Electric Car Charging Stations in 2023

Smart cars require an electrical charge to drive. If you own one, buying an electric car charging station should be a priority for you. In this review article, we talk about the best brands this year. They can charge most cars and 100% safe to use indoors or outdoors.

Are you in a hurry?

This article provides valuable information about electric car charging stations. Consider reading it to the end to improve your know-how of this subject. However, if your car needs “juice” in a hurry, here are some of the best chargers in the market this year.

Best Overall

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger

ChargePoint Home Flex is a level two-vehicle charger with a Wi-Fi-enabled system that you can control via the ChargePoint app. The system provides up to nine times the charge capacity of traditional ones. It has two outlets (NEMA 6-50 and 14-50) and a 24-foot power cord that enables you to charge most cars from afar. You can also execute voice commands via Alexa. At full capacity (50 amps, it adds about 37 miles worth of charge to cars per hour.

Smart Pick

EVoCharge Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EVoCharge Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Via a standard NEMA 6-50 plug, the level 2 EVoCharge charging station can recharge most US and Canadian-made cars safely. It 7.68kW of charging, making it twice as powerful as standard level one chargers in the market. It achieves 35 miles per hour at full capacity (50 amps) has a 100% safe, UL and ETL certified design.

Budget Pick

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Indoor/Outdoor Car Charging Station

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Car Charging Station

While Grizzl-E Level 2 EV can only add 10-28 minutes of charge per hour of charging, it is ideal due to its low-cost design. Depending on the amperage (16-50A), you will need a 20A-50A circuit breaker to use it safely. It has an IP67-rated waterproof design that works indoors and outdoors. Safety systems (auto-shutoff and over current protection, et cetera) are top-notch, while its support for standard power outlets makes it good for homes.

Buying Guide for Electric Car Charging Stations

If you own a smart car that you ride to school or work, you will need an electric charging station at home. These not only charge such cars fast but are also safe and easy to use, especially if you buy an app-enabled one. Follow this guide to find the best brand.

Amperage: What is the amperage of the car charger you are planning to buy? This depicts the amount of charge it generates and therefore how fast it can charge different types of vehicles. If you have a small car, any charger that generates at least 16 amperes will serve you well. They add between 10-20 miles worth of charge per hour. Heavy-duty 40–50-amp models are suitable for charging larger cars but also need powerful circuit breakers.

Safety: Electric cars have a delicate system that you should handle with care while charging. Apart from doing regular maintenance, make sure that the electric charger you use is safe and designed for the car in your possession. UL-approved brands with short circuits, over current, and over-voltage protection are the best. It must be waterproof, as power and electricity do not mix.

Longevity: You probably will have to spend more than 500 bucks to own a premium car charger. This is a heft investment that you should make with a sober mind. Check the quality of the product on offer. Is it worth the price? Make sure that all components are durable. Add-ons such as apps also boost the value of chargers.

Top 5 Electric Car Charging Stations

You will need an electric charging station at home to keep your smart car running. Which are the best brands for charging sedans and SUVs? We have found five of the best brands that can deliver between 16-50 amperes. These are 100% safe to use at home. Smart car owners can also benefit from waterproof cargo bags and convertible car seats for kids. We have reviewed these too.

1. ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger

This electric car charging station from ChargePoint works well on all-electric car models, from Tesla to Chevrolet, Chrysler Pacifica, Jaguar, and more. The charging station has up to 9x faster charging speed than most wall outlets. It is Wi-Fi-enabled and available in two versions- NEMA 6-50 and 14-50 outlet. These versions feature a 23-feet cable, allowing you to charge your vehicle even from a far distance from the station. It also works well with the Alexa voice control, so you can easily control it remotely. On the other hand, the ChargePoint app is ideal for scheduling charging only when the electricity is cheapest.

This is a level 2 electric car charger and is set to charge between 16-50Amps, which adds up to 37 miles per hour for most electric cars. So, you can easily choose the amperage that works best for your home appliances. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which allows you to install it anywhere. Besides, the installation is easy and will not take much of your time.

  • Its versatile system charges at between 16 and 50 amperes.
  • It has a weatherproof design that works indoors and outdoors.
  • The 23-foot cable is long, while its support for Alexa and voice control is amazing.
  • Cost significantly more than other brands but is definitely worth the price.
Our Verdict:

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger works will all-electric car models, meaning if you decide to change your car from a Toyota Prius Prime to a Jaguar I-PACE, it will still serve you well. The charging station comes in two versions, hardwired and plug-in, allowing you to choose what works well for you.

2. EVoCharge Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EVoCharge Level 2 electric vehicle charging station has a robust 18-feet charging cable that is ideal for use in all-weather types. The charger is compatible with all plug-in hybrid and electric car brands sold in the US and Canada, including Toyota Prius, Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, and more.

The charger delivers 7.68kW, which means that it is eight times faster than a Level 1 charger. Each charge can go up to 35 miles per hour. It also comes with a universal mounting bracket, convenient for installing with a standard NEMA 6-50 plug. Furthermore, it is having met several set safety standards, such as UL and ETL, making it reliable and efficient.

The charger can withstand all weather types, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With adjustable amperage, it supports different circuit ratings from 20A to 40A. The slim design makes it portable, convenient for installing in different places.

  • Portable, durable, and designed to support circuit rating of 20-40 amperes (adjustable).
  • Its all-weather design is safe to use indoors and outdoors all year around.
  • Its system delivers up to 7.68kW of charge, which is eight times faster than a Level 1 electric car charger.
  • Its programming can conflict with the charging protocol of some cars causing charging problems.
Our Verdict:

This electric car charging station comes with everything you need. This includes a universal mounting bracket, NEMA 6-50 plug, charging unit, plug holster, 18 feet cable, and user manual. It is efficient and reliable. Besides, it is also fasting changing with adjustable amperages, which boosts its versatility further.

3. Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Indoor/Outdoor Car Charging Station

Grizzl-E is a level 2 NEMA car charger with a 24-foot cable that ensures quick and easy charging. It delivers 14-50 amperes (adjustable) via a standard household outlet. However, you will need a 50A circuit breaker for 40 Amps, 40 A for 32 Amps, 30A for 24 Amps, and 20 A for 16 Amps to charge any car safely.

This Canadian-made car charging station meets all the required safety ratings for electric car chargers. Its water-resistant design (IP67-rated), for instance, is safe to use outdoors in cold or normal weather. It is also fire resistant and has under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection for added security. These protect cars and homes from damage when the system is in use. It also has a self-monitoring and recovery technology that ensures it delivers the correct amperage always.

Grizzl-E has a UL-tested and approved design with a three-year warranty on defects. It can add 10-28 miles per hour depending on the charge rate and qualified for full customer support over its life. The manufacturer has you covered during setup and use.

  • It has adjustable amperage (16-50A) for charging different cars at different rates.
  • It has a UL tested and approved design with overcharge and over-current protection for safety.
  • The waterproof design is durable, portable, and has a three-year warranty that covers factory defects.
  • Some people hate that it does not have an app or a digital display.
Our Verdict:

Grizzl-E is a waterproof level two car charging station that supports quick charging of most smart cars at 16-50 amps. It adds 10-28 miles per hour and has a safe, UL-tested, and approved design with a three-year warranty. If you can live without an app or a digital display, it is a good pick for homes.

4. JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

With JuiceBox, expect a smart 7.7 kW EV charging station that delivers up to 40 amperes of charging power. The product has a 100% safe UL-listed design with a security lock and a cable rack built-in. You get a warranty as well that covers all structural and electrical issues it develops in a residential setting for three years.

JuiceBox supports remote monitoring via a JuiceNet application downloadable free from app stores. Thus, once connected to Wi-Fi, you can monitor or control its charge status remotely. You can also set it to notify you when the battery is full and when it needs a quick charge. This way, you can schedule charge times well, enjoy smart grid savings, and make the car cheaper to drive.

JuiceBox requires professional installation (hard-wiring) to work best. It qualifies for rebates that drive costs down even further.

  • It a smart app-enabled system for monitoring or scheduling charge times.
  • Its 7.7 kW system delivers 40 amperes at full capacity.
  • A three-year warranty covers structural and electrical issues.
  • Requires a professional hard-wired installation to work well.
Our Verdict:

While you pay more cash for a professional hardwire installation, this electric car charger is worth every cent. It delivers up to 40 amps of charge, which is enough for charging most smart cars. It also has a 3-year want and a smart system that you control via an app.

5. Home Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

If you are looking for a lightweight and ultra-slim electric car charging station, Home Level 2 is worth trying. The charger is compatible with all-electric and plug-in vehicles available in the market today, such as Tesla J1772, Ford Fusion, Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, and more. It includes an app that allows you to select the charging time, so you can schedule it to charge when the electricity charges are cheapest. Furthermore, you can also monitor the charge at your favorite comfort zone.

The charger comes with a 1-year warranty that assures you of free services if you encounter any challenges within the set period. It is a level 2 charger meaning that it charges up to 6 times faster than most standard chargers that come with electric cars. It is also easy to install and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • A dependable level 2 charger that charges most cars up to six times faster than level 1 chargers.
  • The weatherproof design is durable and easy to install indoors or outdoors.
  • A limited one-year warranty covers all factory defects.
  • You have to buy the wall plug separately, which adds to its astronomical cost.
Our Verdict:

Home Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger is compatible with all brands of electric cars that support two-level chargers and comes with a long cord, ideal for charging cars from up to 18 feet. The slim design is stylish and portable. Additionally, the charger is waterproof, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you had to drive to a petrol station to charge your smart car. Portable electric car charging stations have taken over this space. Our top five picks, for instance, are powerful household models that can deliver between 16 and 50 Amperes of charge. While some require hard wiring to work, all are durable, safe, and have car-safe systems backed by a limited warranty. Apart from the jump starter, car subwoofer, and  DVD player you are planning to buy for a car, buy a charger as well.

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