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Best Electric Grease Guns in 2023

Every heavy machine operator needs to lubricate the moving parts to work correctly at all times. Manual application of grease tends to be labor-intensive and failing to apply grease to your moving parts regularly accelerates their wear and tear. Thus, you should find a better way of lubricating your heavy-duty machines. An electric grease gun is an excellent alternative to the manual application of grease. However, without proper knowledge about these guns, you may not select a high-quality one. To help you find the best electric machine gun, we have reviewed several firearms, and the following are the ten best options you will find in the market. Read on for more information.

Are you in a hurry?

If you operate heavy machinery at home or work, you probably have to oil moving parts often. This minimizes friction between moving parts, thus lowering the risk of damage. It also boosts the efficacy of machines, thereby enabling you to work for longer problem-free. Oiling a large machine manually is a chore that you can avoid by making a smart shopping decision today. We have reviewed some of the best electric grease guns to do a quicker and better job always.

Best Overall

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber Electric Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber Electric Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber is a battery-powered electric grease gun with a flow rate of around 3.5 ounces of grease per minute. This makes it one of the fastest on our list, making it good for commercial use. Fully charged, the battery can fill up to five cartridges with grease. It also has a portable design with a chrome-plated barrel that is less prone to corroding and rusting. The handle has a comfortable grip, making it fun to use. It does not strain the wrist and/or palm.

Smart Pick

MILWAUKEE'S 2446-21XC M12 Electric Grease Gun

MILWAUKEE'S 2446-21XC M12 Electric Grease Gun

Do you need a portable electric grease gun that you can use on the road issue-free? MILWAUKEE'S 2446-21XC M12 is a portable 7.2-pound model that uses a rechargeable CRDLS lithium-ion battery pack. Even though some people bash its “made in China” tag, it is a popular choice because of its high operating pressure. A 12-volt motor delivers 8000 PSI maximum pressure, which enables you to oil stuff quicker. The system has a long and comfortable handle (14-inches) and a fuel gauge (LED) that tells you when power is full or running low.

Budget Pick

Ryobi 18V Volt Electric Grease Gun

Ryobi 18V Volt Electric Grease Gun

Ranked among the largest grease guns in the market this year, Ryobi has a powerful, 18-volt system that delivers. The flow rate is approximately 7.5 ounces per minute at a maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI. As such, like the MILWAUKEE'S 2446-21XC model that we have reviewed herein, it is perfect for handling heavy oiling jobs. You get a comfortable handle with a trigger for discharging grease. The tube, on the other hand, is solid steel, which lasts. Ryobi weights ‎8.48 pounds, making it a portable and travel-friendly accessory.

Buying Guides for Best Electric Grease Guns

Electric grease guns are ideal for preventing user fatigue and are suitable for large volume greasing and lubricating the joints of cars, machines, or surfaces. The guns are also ideal for DIYers, home mechanics, or people who go through a lot of maintenance work. Choosing electric grease guns that perform well is easy if you know what things to look for. But for beginners who don't know what to look for and which one t buy. Check it out to see what we have for you.

Hose Length: You should consider the hose length if you are applying grease in a machine with tight spaces and small corners. Most electric grease guns have a flexible 18-inch hose that allows for easy application of lubricant. Only a few models will come with longer hose lengths of 27 inches or even 42 inches.

Pressure Rating: The pressure rating will determine the speed and ease that the grease will ooze from the gun. High pressure will therefore help you work with perfection and with ease. Not all electric grease guns have the same pressure rating. In some cases, a higher rating is always better.

Cartridge Capacity: A large cartridge capacity will ensure that you do not have to refill the grease gun again and again. Most electric grease guns listed below have a 14 oz cartridge size, which should be enough for most users.

The Best Electric Grease guns in the Market this Year

An electric grease gun will make your job easier whenever you are maintaining household and commercial tools. They are quick, easier to use, and made from robust materials that last for years. Find the best brands this year below.

1. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber Electric Grease Gun

Are you looking for a high-quality electric grease gun to apply grease to your motor parts and other heavy machinery? This battery-powered grease gun will make an excellent choice. It is battery-powered, and it can efficiently deliver up to five cartridges of grease when fully charged. This makes it convenient and useful for home or commercial use.

This device has 12V and a high flow rate of 3.5 ounces per minute. It also delivers a pressure of 7000 PSI, which makes it highly effective and fast. This grease gun features a chrome-plated barrel that ensures maximum protection from rust and corrosion. More so, the barrel protects the grease from pollutants like air and moisture. The gun is easy to use and features a comfortable non-slip grip. This makes it easy to work with, as it will not slip from your hand.

  • The device has a lightweight and durable construction.
  • When it's fully charged, it delivers up to 5 cartridges of grease.
  • Its chrome-plated barrel is ideal for maximum protection against corrosion.
  • The device emits noise while in use.
Our Verdict:

This grease gun is an excellent pick because it assures you of longevity. Its chrome-plated barrel protects it from corrosion and prevents pollutants from reaching the grease. More so, it is comfortable to use due to its non-slip grip.

2. MILWAUKEE'S 2446-21XC M12 Electric Grease Gun

This cordless lithium-ion Milwaukee grease gun will make your work easier and ensure that your heavy machinery lasts for a long time.

It is handy as it comes with a 12V powerful motor that delivers over 8000 Psi maximum operating pressure. When fully charged, it dispenses up to seven cartridges per charge. This gives you enough time to grease several parts before recharging. It features an ergonomic handle that offers balance, and it does not slip. This gives you total control over the gun, thus, dispensing grease without a hassle. It has hose storage for easy access and convenience. More so, it has an LED gauge that shows you the grease level, thus offering less downtime.

  • This device offers 2 speeds to the user. You can select between max pressure and max flow rate of grease.
  • Its Powerful 12-volt motor delivers over 8,000 PSI max operating pressure.
  • The device is the best-in-class run time, and it dispenses up to seven cartridges per charge.
  • The charger and battery do not come with the gun.
Our Verdict:

If you want an efficient and durable electric grease gun, this is the best to buy. It has a high max pressure of 8000 PSI and a 12V motor that powers it. It is also easy to use, and you can buy it from the web at affordable costs.

3. Ryobi 18V Volt Electric Grease Gun

Here is another powerful electric grease gun that features an 18V motor. The motor can deliver up to 10,000 PSI and 7.5 ounces per minute flow rate. This provides maximum efficiency and makes this gun highly effective.

Ryobi 18V Volt Electric Grease Gun features a steel grease tube that offers optimal durability and protects grease from pollutants. More so, the material used to design the barrel is strong and durable for maximum protection.

This grease gun is the World’s largest 18V tool system that effectively helps lubricate auto parts and other metal parts that may wear out fast. It is easy to use, and the non-slipping handle makes it very convenient to use.

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  • The gun has a steel grease tube for most excellent durability.
  • It features a 10,000 PSI and 7.5 Oz per minute flow rate for the topmost efficiency.
  • It has suitable run time reinforcement 19 grease cartridges per charge using p108 lithium.
  • The device Pumps out the grease at a fast rate.
Our Verdict:

With this electric gun, you will not worry about your machinery and equipment. It will deliver grease excellently and make the equipment last longer. In addition, the gun will serve you for a long time due to its high-quality steel tube.

4. Ingersoll Rand LUB5130 20V Lithium-Ion Cordless Grease Gun

This Ingersoll electric grease gun will add lubricant to your machinery and other tools without a hassle. The operating pressure and battery help you to get more work done within a few minutes. This grease gun has a very powerful motor of 20V that delivers high pressure and flow rate per minute.

This ensures you work faster and without difficulties at all times.

Ingersoll Rand LUB5130 is lightweight and weighs only 7.2lbs, making it effortless to use for an extended period. In addition, it comes with an ergonomic handle with a molded grip that helps reduce vibration and offers comfort while using this equipment. It includes an optional shoulder strap hook for added flexibility and support while using the equipment.

  • The device provides greater comfort and less fatigue thanks to its lightweight 7.2 lbs design.
  • It has an ergonomic handle with an over-molded grip that reduces vibration for extended use.
  • The gun has an optional shoulder strap hook to add users' flexibility and support.
  • This device works slowly for most users.
Our Verdict:

This gun offers you extended durability due to its robust metal construction. It is straightforward to use due to its lightweight nature and ergonomic handle. In addition, you can use a shoulder strap for flexibility and more support.

5. Lincoln Industrial 18V Battery Operated Grease Gun

This electric grease gun comes with an 18V battery with a high capacity and delivers up to 10 cartridges per charge. It also features two-speed transmissions that provide a high volume and high-pressure output. It features a robust composite body and casting that makes it highly durable and functional.

Therefore, it delivers flawless service for a long time.

If you have any machinery and equipment that you need to lubricated within a short time, this gun will be handy. Its new heavy-duty high-torque motor delivers superior performance every time you use it.

  • This gadget has an 18-volt high-capacity battery that delivers up to 10 grease cartridges.
  • Its 2-speed transmission provides high-volume or high-pressure output.
  • Its high-strength composite body and casting provide outstanding durability without the weight penalty.
  • The battery and charger are not included in the package.
Our Verdict:

Whether you plan to apply grease to your steel doors, cars, or heavy machinery, this 18V powerful motor will be of great help. It has ten cartridges that will help you to finish your work in a short time. This electric gun is available on the internet at very affordable prices.

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