Best Electric String Trimmers in 2022

To groom an unkempt garden or perimeters around your home and get rid of insects and other harmful animals, you will need Electric String Trimmers. It also portrays an image of uncleanliness and lack of love and cares for the environment. For you to get rid of a bushy yard quickly, you need a good electric string trimmer. This tool works by spinning a spool of strings at high speed to trim your yard.

String trimmers are often confused with edgers, although some work as edgers. You will need to adjust the setup to create a tidy and clean trim along the edges of your garden. Also, some models have a trimmer and an edger to make your work easier. Electric string trimmers are easy to use, lightweight, and easy to maintain. This is because you will not need to store up gasoline, mix fuel or charge its battery to get it working. Due to their many advantages, electric string trimmers are popular.

Are you in a hurry?

Grooming your lawn with traditional tools such as slashers can be a challenge. It takes a bit of effort and time, which most people lack. They also do a fairly subpar job, which is equally frustrating to most people. To overcome such issues, you will need a lawnmower or an electric string trimmer. The latter is cheaper and easier to use. Most models have interchangeable parts that can also edge lawns, making them valuable products. We have reviewed some of the best brands for routine use.

Best Overall

Greenworks 13-inch 4 Amp Electric Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 13-inch 4 Amp Electric Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks is a 7-pound electric string trimmer with a corded design that does not run out of “juice.” It has a 13-inch cutting head and lightweight aluminum construction that is beneficial in many ways. It does not strain the hands nor back while in use, enabling you to trim your lawn for longer. The material is resistant to rust and has a cool-looking silver, green, and black theme that does not fade over time. Greenworks has a comfortable handle with a non-slip grip. It has a three-year warranty, a telescoping handle, and a cord lock that boosts safety.

Smart Pick

Black+Decker String Trimmer

Black+Decker String Trimmer

Black+Decker is a high-powered string trimmer with a 6.5-ampere motor and a robust Powerdrive transmission. The system works quietly and smoothly. It also features a robust feed spool (automated) that can trim and edge at the same time. The system also eliminates bumping and supports hassle-free line feeding, which was a challenge with traditional string trimmers. Black+Decker has a lightweight design with an adjustable handle that is sturdy and comfortable to use at all heights. It reaches 8000 RPM and cuts a 14-inch-wide path to help you work quicker.

Budget Pick

Greenworks 10 Amp 18-inch Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 10 Amp 18-inch Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks cuts an 18-inch-wide path that enables you to work quicker and get the job done faster. It has a corded design that never runs out of power and a 10-amp electrical system with a .080 dual line bump feed system. The straight shaft design of this string trimmer boosts the reach of users. You can adjust its height. In addition, you get a molded plastic handle on the end and a bale handle for structural support. The head has a quick connect adapter system that allows for quick attachment changes.

Buying Guide for Best Electric String Trimmers

Are you struggling to keep your yard clean and short? Grabbing one of the best electric string trimmers available online is a perfect solution for your problem. Besides grooming your weeds and grass, this kit is fast, easy to use, and durable with an indistinct sound.

Handling sizable areas of the property will save time and energy. Here are a few examples to guide on the best tool. First, look at what to countercheck before you can shop for one today.

Storage Space: Consider the storage space if you have a small property area. Most of these items have standard sizes and weight; hence, arrange for ample space before buying one.

Item Type: Before buying an electric trimmer, figure the type as one vital factor. Several designs and models are flooding the market. Hence, ensure you land the correct item with heavy-duty performance, low noise, durable, long cord to reach far ends.

Line Type: Electric trimmers use lines, unlike other pieces that use blades to cut grass or weeds. Pick a lasting product from the manual, bump, and automatic line type.

Top Five Electric String Trimmers in the Market this Year

Are you looking for a new electric string trimmer for doing personal or commercial yard work? Here is a selection of the best in stores this year.

1. Greenworks 13-inch 4 Amp Electric Corded String Trimmer

Make your garden clean and neat without straining or spending much time with the Greenworks 13-inch Electric string trimmer. The device features an adjustable telescopic handgrip and a twist-edge-flip-out edge guide, convenient for trimming your garden with ease

Made with a premium grade, lightweight design, and .065 double line automatic feed, the electric string trimmer will guarantee you excellent performance with a long-lasting result. The device does not release any carbon emissions into the air while operating it.

Besides, this is an excellent purchase product worth the price and an excellent choice for electric string trimmers. While using this device, always wear garden shoes to protect your free from critters and injuries.

  • Your order comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It is an adjustable, convenient, simple to use tool.
  • The product has high quality and durable materials.
  • Your shipment comes without the power cord.
Our Verdict:

GreenWorks 13″ 4 Amp Electric String Trimmer will offer a competitive alternative to gas-powered trimmers. Its powerful four Amps motor will easily bring down the most stringent range of weeds in your backyard in a short time. Besides, it also has an adjustable telescopic handle that will perfectly fit any height.

2. Black+Decker String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Electric String Trimmer is a beast trimmer that will take on tough weeds, grass, and overgrowth without fear. Featuring unique and easy-to-use edging wheels, it comes in handy to help you put a perfect finish on the edges of your lawn, along the sidewalks, flowerbeds, and driveways. Its Automatic feed spool technology will easily get rid of bumping, while its cord retention system will help prevent accidental falls and disconnection.

The machine is well known for its powerful 6.5-amp motor. It is also known to give high spin transmission that will bring down even the most challenging yards and overgrowths within a short time.

Moreover, its lightweight design with an adjustable handle will give you the comfort needed when trimming and edging. Other garden accessories that can help you to maintain a clean and charming lawn include garden weasels, garden carts, and garden hoses.

  • The 8000-rpm speed is fast and reliable on small to medium lawn.
  • You can cut tough grass and weeds without hassle.
  • The flexible handles ensure comfort and efficiency.
  • The 7-pound item takes up more storage and transportation space.
Our Verdict:

BLACK+DECKER is an excellent brand, more so with this 6.5-Amp, 14-Inch (BESTA510). These features ensure that it delivers high performance and you do not get tired while using it. Furthermore, its excellent power supply and extendable handle guarantee you long hours of work without straining your back.

3. Greenworks 10 Amp 18-inch Corded String Trimmer

This is one of the best environmentally-friendly electric string trimmers with a straight shaft split boom. It accepts most attachments from other brands such as TrimmerPlus, Yardworks, Ryobi, and many more. It features variable trigger speed and operates on a 10-Amps motor with an 18-inch diameter line to level all the overgrowth in your yard.

Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Electric String Trimmer is safe to use, performance-oriented, and dependable, given top preference in its design. It weighs 5.2 lbs., making it lightweight and easy to use.

Besides, starting it is simple and easy, which makes it convenient and hassle-free to use. What is more, the equipment is available in operators’ choice depending on the size of your yard.

  • It has a large path to quicken the trimming process.
  • The handle has a cushion for easy grip and comfort during operation.
  • It has a four-year warranty.
  • Shipment takes over one month to deliver.
Our Verdict:

For an excellent and well-maintained yard, Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Electric String Trimmer will be an excellent choice. Made with a unique design and incredible features such as the adjustable cutting width and adjustable shaft, you will stay comfortable while trimming, weeding, and edging your lawn.

4. Greenworks 5.5 Amp 15-inch Corded String Trimmer

Have you been struggling to give your yard a good makeover? Or maybe want to spend little time with no strain trimming the overgrowths in your garden? A good electric string trimmer will save you time and hassle. This Greenworks 15-Inch 5.5 Amp Electric String Trimmer will make your trimming work enjoyable and less cumbersome.

It is convenient to use thanks to its lightweight design that makes it easy and comfortable to move it from one place to another for a flawless trim. Moreover, it is ideal for people with less physical capabilities.

With its 5.5-amps motor, this machine will provide you with a tremendous amount of power to clear down even the toughest weeds. Besides, it also has an ergonomic straight-shaft design that makes it easy to reach further objects and allows users to stand straight while trimming. The rotating cutting head comes in handy when you want to edge.

  • It trims 1500 inches wide.
  • You can trim edges well with the 15- inch cut path.
  • It is perfect for small and medium-size grasses.
  • The trimmer head is not replaceable once damaged.
Our Verdict:

The simple design of this Greenworks 15-Inch 5.5 Amp Electric String Trimmer is ideal for small or medium-sized yards. It is noiseless, energy sufficient, environmentally friendly, affordable, and budget-friendly.

5. Black+Decker String Trimmer

This is another powerful two-in-one tool perfect for trimming and edging. The BLACK+DECKER Electric String Trimmer will make your trimming and edging work on overgrowth, grass, and weeds simple and easy. The design allows you to switch between trimmers to a wheeled edger in a snap easily and gives you full control of your lawn, backyard, or sidewalk. Besides, its adjustable height handle has a superior micro-texture grip that will give you a firm grip on the machine while working.

With its 5-amps power drive motor transmission and 13-inch string trimmer, you will have more power in your hands with better torque and cutting power at the string. Its automatic spool feed technology will allow automatic feeds on lines when you need it with no bumping.

It also has an inbuilt edger guide that gives precise and straight edging so you can give your lawn and grass a clean finish.

Furthermore, its built-in cord-retention system will come in handy to prevent accidental disconnection while you work.

  • The sound is low, but the speed is fast.
  • It has adjustable height handles for comfort and easy maneuver.
  • It can trim a wide area of 13-inch radius.
  • You have to screw to assemble.
Our Verdict:

This electric string trimmer /edger has the power needed to cut through the toughest overgrown weeds and grass. It is lightweight, eco-friendly, and maintenance-free, making it easy for all your trimming and edging works. Besides, its automatic feed spool line will eliminate the bumping and abrupt stops when working. Learn more about other vital gardening accessories, including garden carts and electric pressure washers.