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Essential Tools for DIY Enthusiasts

The development of low-cost tools has seen an increase in the number of DIY enthusiasts in homes. We use tools such as drills and saws to assemble kitchens. Many people can also now use lawn mowers and/or chainsaws to spruce up their gardens or homes instead of hiring professionals. If you are planning to join this bandwagon, we have a selection of tools that all DIY enthusiasts should have at home. These are readily available online and in brick-and-mortar stores. They are safe to use and are suitable for professionals and hobbyists.

Drill and Impact Combo

At some point in your life, you will have to hang photos at home or drill holes for hanging stuff in your garage. To handle such jobs by yourself like a professional, you will need a drill or an impact to make homes and or drive screws. Consider buying both because of their versatility. While both tools look alike, they differ in terms of rotation action and power. Impact drivers are small than drills but deliver more power. As such, apart from drilling into wood or concrete, they are suitable for driving nails as well. They cost slightly more money, though, and are not suitable for drilling holes. This is where drills come in. They have adjustable chucks that fit most drill heads. Therefore, with one, you can make small and large holes on soft or hard materials such as wood and rocks without motors overheating. Buy a combination pack to have a better all-around experience.


Lawn care forms parts of the day-to-day routines of millions of people all over the world. We have to trim lawns, plant flower beds, and shovel snow in winter to clear paths. As such, while drills and impact drivers are invaluable, you will need a lawn mower as well to maintain a clean and eye-catching lawn. They are of many times. Battery-powered mowers use a lithium-ion battery to spin a motor, which in turn spins a blade that cuts grass. They can cover a relatively large range if you can keep the battery-powered. Corded models have a limited range but are more powerful than battery-powered one. Also, you never worry about losing power while working. Gas-powered ones are loud and pollutant but generate the most power. All require a lawn mower cover, though, to protect them from the elements.

String Trimmers

Lawnmowers have retained the top spot among the must-have lawn care tools for DIY enthusiasts. However, string trimmers are quickly taking over due to their low-cost designs and their versatility. Unlike lawn mowers that primarily mow grass, they have flexible heads that can accommodate edgers and brush cutters as well. Apart from trimming lawns, you can use one to define the boundaries of your lawn as well as to create a clean look. Electric string trimmers use a rechargeable battery. These are relatively quiet but do a decent job while cutting grass. Gas-powered models are heavier and louder but generate more power. These are suitable for cutting thick grass and shrubs.

Jack Stands

If you own a car or motorcycle, you will probably be changing tires or oil or at some point.  You will also diagnose mechanical and electrical problems – jobs that require you to lift the car off the ground. If you are staring up, you should arm yourself with a set of jack stands as well. While tools such as motorcycle lift jacks or transmission jacks are great, they can fail without warning. Jack stands will keep you safe when this happens.  Often made from steel, they can support a lot of weight without failing. They also have an adjustable height that fits most cars.

Here are some quick tips on how to maximize safety while using jack stands at home.

Power Washers

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so they say. If you are a homeowner and subscribe to this way of thinking they you will need a power washer at home. this plays many roles. You can use it to blast off dirt and grime from floors, walls, and gutters. If you have a walkway at home, you can also make quick work of cleaning jobs without straining your back/joints.

In this article, we have talked about five tools that can improve how DIY enthusiasts clean, build or repair stuff at home. They are available online at a decent price and do not require a lot of effort to use at home. Visit your store and buy one for yourself.

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