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Best Eye Shadows in 2023

As a beauty lover, one thing that you cannot afford to miss is eye shadow. Boasting multiple finishes and shades, eye shadows offer the chance to create several enticing looks. The quality of the product that you use matters a lot though. Avoid low-grade brands that might irritate your skin or fade or flake a few minutes after application. Quality brands such as the ones we reviewed offer the best results.

Are you in a hurry?

Eye shadows add depth and dimension to the eyes to create an alluring illusion. They come in liquid or powdered form and blend well without makeup, including mascara and eyeliners. If you need one in a hurry, we have identified some of the best brands for all skin types. You can read more about them below to know if they will work for you.

Best Overall

GlideShadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow

GlideShadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow

GlideShadow stick is a premium eyeshadow with 12 shades in a package. It creates an eye-catching smokey look on the eyes, bringing them forward and improving the outlook of wearers. It also leaves a smooth and even look on the skin without powdery buildup or the residues found in some brands. The product is rich in vitamin E, C, and ceramides that soothe and nourish eyelids. Each one weighs about one pound and lacks additives such as gluten and fragrance.

Smart Pick

Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault

Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault

The Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault is a retro gold eye shadow in a pack of 12. You get premium colors and hues that work on all skin types. It weighs 1.55 pounds and provides a sparkling or shimmer look that lasts for long. Because the finish is waterproof, for instance, you can wear it when it is raining issue-free. You can also wear them alone or over other colors without clumping or smudging.

Budget Pick



The Glam Attack from Haus Laboratory is a pigmented liquid eyeshadow that comes in bold, shimmer, and metallic shades. It works as blendable eye makeup. Also, it is one of the safest for women and men as its 100% vegan formula is preservative-free and cruelty-free. You get six shades per pack, each in a screw-on container with a brush for even application. The multi-dimensional formula is smear-proof and fallout-free. It comes ophthalmologist approved for daily use.

Buying Guide for Eye Shadows

While shopping for eyeshadows, you will come across many brands that will end up confusing you. To identify the best, you should compare available brands and buy a product that will look good on your skin without harming you. This guide evaluates a few features to check while doing this.

Palettes: Eye shadows come in a range of colors that look different on different types of skin. As such, while a pallet might look stunning on white skin, it might not necessarily have the same effect on dark or brown skin. For the best results, look for a product that matches your skin type. Research online and seek referrals from friends to know what might work the best for you before heading to a store.

Ingredients: Most manufacturers do their best to use natural extracts or ingredients in the products of cosmetics such as eye shadows. However, a few shady ones still use chemicals or additives that might harm the skin in the end. Watch out for such products. Check the ingredient(s) of your preferred brand to make sure that it can not only provide your desired effect but also is safe for your skin types. Additives such as gluten, for instance, often do more harm than good. Vegan and organic products are the best.

Type: Are you receiving powdered or gel-based mascara? Both are ideal, but gel-based formulae are easier to use. They do not cake or flake as much as powdered ones do but cost slightly more cash. Also, powder-based formulae come in bulky containers that require more storage space.

Ease of Use: You do not want to spend hours preparing for a party or work. Thus, it is a good practice to order a product that requires less effort to use. It should be ready to use. Also, brands with add-ons such as brushes are ideal because you get everything you need to apply makeup.

Top 5 Eye Shadows in the Market this Year

Many brands claim to produce high-quality products that deliver good results in all skin types. This is not always the case. Our picks of the best vegan eye shadows are suitable, though, as they are not only safe to use but also provide long lasting, professional-grade results on all skin types.

1. GlideShadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow

The GlideShadow Eyeshadow is a perfect addition to any makeup bag. The cream-to-powder formulation comes in 11 shades, so you can’t miss out on what suits you. Also, you’ll get both satin and matte finishes to choose from.

With a unique Vitamin C and Vitamin E composition, the eyeshadow will nourish and rejuvenate the skin, giving you that much-desired skin tone. Furthermore, the available textures allow users to create unique combinations, thus helping them unleash inner makeup artistry skills.

Being a versatile product, you can use GlideShadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow as an eyeliner or highlighter, which gives you value for money. Moreover, this model is easy to use, so you don’t require a professional for basic application. What else could you ask from this brand?

  • Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which nourish and rejuvenate the skin.
  • The 12-shade collection is suitable for most women.
  • Their portable all-in-one design is very easy to use.
  • None that we can think about.
Our Verdict:

Xtreme Lashes continues to prove its name as a top seller by delivering the GlideShadow Long Lasting Eyeshadow. With an array of functional features like proprietary vitamins, easy application, and guaranteed safety, it’s a highly recommended product for any beauty enthusiast. Use a lighted vanity mirror to ease eye shadow application.

2. Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault

If you want a long-wearing eye shadow, then go for the Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault. Boasting a perfect combination of glitter and pearl, the eyeshadow does an exceptional job of transforming your look. In addition, it will dry down smoothly, guaranteeing lavish eyes.

Moreover, the water-infused texture guarantees a glitter that most women desire. It comes in 12 shades, which is impressive compared to most models in the market. The unit also assures minimal fallout, so you get long-lasting results.

Other than that, the eyeshadow is lightweight and easy to apply. Simply apply it to the lid, use a brush or fingers to blend it, and apply. As such, you shouldn’t struggle to look for makeup artists when you want to use this product.

  • You get 12 shades of a professional-grade eyeshadow brand.
  • Its water-infused texture has minimal fallout and does not smudge during application.
  • You get a combination of glitter and pearl themes for women of all cadres.
  • None that we can think about.
Our Verdict:

The Stila Liquid Eye Shadow Vault is a perfect choice for beauty lovers. With 12 shades, an ultra-sparkle finish, and several other useful features, the unit delivers dazzling eyes. Overall, it’s a great eye shadow for most women.


Well, if you follow Lady Gaga, then you should know that she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creative makeup. The HAUS LABORATORIES By Lady Gaga: EYESHADOW SET reflects her style. You get six blendable shades. Moreover, the eyeshadow guarantees a long-wearing payoff, so you’re assured of getting value for your investment. With the highly pigmented liquids, the eyeshadow will certainly enhance your look. Furthermore, it offers several colors, giving you the depth required by beauty enthusiasts.

The smear-proof and fallout-free eyeshadow will last for the whole day while giving you a vibrant look. The product is ophthalmologist tested, meaning it’s safe for application on any skin type. Still, it’s cruelty-free, further proving it’s safe for use. Eyebrow colors, scar gel, and blackhead removers can also improve your outlook naturally. We have reviewed some of the best brands in other articles.

  • The six blendable shades look stunning on most skin types.
  • You get a dermatologist-approved product that is safe to use on most skin types.
  • The cruelty-free formula does not smudge, cake, fade, nor chips after application.
  • It has somewhat neutral colors which might not create a dramatic look on the face.
Our Verdict:

Lady Gaga brings you one of the most reliable celebrity makeup brands. This eyeshadow offers long-wearing results that will impress any woman. Overall, if you want a silky formula that works well, don’t hesitate to purchase the HAUS LABORATORIES by Lady Gaga: EYESHADOW SET.

4. NEW Xtreme Lashes Glideshadow Eyeshadow Collection

Xtreme Lashes continues to deliver high-quality beauty products with this amazing eyeshadow. The NEW Xtreme Lashes Glideshadow Eyeshadow Collection offers 11 shades in Onyx, Chocolate, Nude, and Sienna. You can, therefore, blend the unique shades and colors to get smokey eyes.

Additionally, the product features Vitamin C and E for soothing and nourishment of the eyelids. Additionally, you shouldn’t worry about the fallout on lashes when using this eyeshadow. Better yet, the eyeshadow lasts for long.

Also, this eyeshadow is dermatologist-tested, so you can use it without worrying about potential side effects. Like other beauty products by Xtreme Lashes, this eyeshadow is easy to apply. It clears imperfections to improve the looks.

  • Nourishes the eyelids to retains their elasticity and youth.
  • The dermatologist-approved formula is not only effective but also safe to use on the skin.
  • You receive 11 shades, each with a radiant, vitamin C and E-rich formula.
  • Takes a bit of time to dry after application.
Our Verdict:

The NEW Xtreme Lashes Glideshadow Eyeshadow Collection is a long-lasting product that will deliver excellent results. It comes in 11 popular shades, giving you the freedom to pick what suits you the best. Also, the finishes are excellent, which include pink, brown, and purple. Thus, you’re to get value for money with this eyeshadow.

5. Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit

For those looking for a functional line of mineral makeup, consider the Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit. To start with, this product enhances any woman’s appearance, giving you the much-desired beauty lift. It features natural ingredients, consisting of botanicals that benefit the skin.

To add to that, this eyeshadow contains silica, ensuring you get crease-resistant wear. Also, the blend of the mineral makes the eyeshadow perfect for use on different skin types. You also get 5 dazzling color options for that gorgeous look.

The eyeshadow features a convenient travel-compact design, so you can rely on its functionality when you’re on the go. Thus, don’t compromise on your beauty while traveling when you can purchase this highly functional eyeshadow.

  • The crease-resistant formula does not crease nor fades for hours after its application.
  • You get five dazzling color options that look stunning on most skin types.
  • It has a compact, travel-size design that is very easy to transport.
  • The product comes steeply-priced according to most people.
Our Verdict:

The Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit offers different shades for beauty lovers. The handy product is compact for travel and features unique shades that deliver a stunning look. All in all, the eyeshadow boasts an array of useful features that will impress any lady looking for that dazzling look.

Final Thoughts

We provide some of the best eye shadows that can help you to draw attention to your eyes and thus look good. The dermatologist-approved products are safe to use on most skin types. Whether you like smokey eyes or want to add definition to your face via your eyes, this is the best item to use. Our top picks offer these benefits and more.

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