Five Tips to Keep Your Home Kitchen Granite Countertop in Good Condition

Picture this – your kitchen makeover is over and it is as perfect as you wanted. You have installed a new and shiny granite countertop and all other fittings that bring the best out of kitchens. Most kitchen fittings will never be as good as they were after installation due to poor maintenance. We spill drinks on them that leave unsightly stains over time. We also use hot tea kettles or electric woks on them, which can degrade the look and structure of your countertop further. However, with good care and attention, your granite will remain new and stunning for years.  The following tips will help you to keep its beauty and value.

Avoid Placing Heavy Items

By nature, granite is a strong and long-lasting material. It can carry considerable weight and appliances of all shapes and sizes without structural damage. But putting heavy items or objects with a bang on the countertop can easily cause it to crack. They can also chip or scratch the granite and compromise the look that attracted it to you in the first place. Other forms of abuse common in homes include sitting on the edge of countertops to reach for items in your cabinet. If you want your countertop to last for long, avoid such bad behavior at all costs. Do not drop heavy items on your countertop to lower the risk of breakage or damage. Also, do not use your countertop as a step ladder or side on a hanging edge while conversing. You reserve its structure this way.

Don’t Use it as Your Cutting Board

Besides being able to withstand high temperatures, your granite countertop can also withstand knife cuts. Once in a while, you can use it to chop light vegetables when you cannot locate your chopping board. However, do not make this a daily habit. Exposing your granite countertops to abrasives such as bread knives can scratch or nick the surface. Water can then collect in the scratches and stain your countertops. You can also create stress points that predispose it to breakage the next time you sit on it or place a heavy item on it. For the best results, use a cutting board while chopping vegetables or fruits. Use an electric meat slicer to slice meats at home quickly and safely. Whenever you are slicing bread, you should as a bread slicer instead.

Choose Right your Cleaning Tools

You will have to clean your countertop occasionally to maintain a clean and radiant look. However, do not go all ham on it and use any product that you come across to clean the countertop in your kitchen. For the best results, always use a soft cloth and sponge when wiping spills or cleaning granite counter to avoid scratches associated with the use of abrasive materials. Scoring pads and steel wool should never be used to clean your granite as such will make your countertop fade.

Use Mild Cleaning Detergents

As for the detergent to use, just go for mild liquid soaps that are less acidic or have no bleaching ingredients in them. Since granite has natural pores that can predispose its core to damage, use a mixture of water and dish soap in a spray bottle rather than applying soap directly. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a separate clean, soft cloth.

Clean your Granite Every Day

Besides using the right cleaning materials, you should make it a habit to clean your granite countertop daily. Many people ignore this for some time, thereby predisposing their countertops to stains and damage, et cetera. Daily cleaning prevents bacteria and staining due to acidic foodstuff. Wiping liquids from the countertop at all times will also prevent moisture from penetrating the seal into the natural pores.

This video covers how to clean a granite countertop in detail.

Your new home kitchen granite countertop is a durable choice and will withstand regular wear and tear. It’s can also be vulnerable if not well maintained or when mishandled. After costing you some money, your granite countertop should survive to fully serve its purpose. This is only possible if you take personal responsibility to keep it in good condition. Use high-quality tools and solvents to clean the countertop at least once a day. Do not sit or rest on hanging edges and avoid using sharp tools such as knives on your countertop. A little bit of care can go a long way.