Best Floating Water Mats in 2022

Floating water mats are portable beach accessories that also work on lakes and swimming pools. They have a soft core made from water-resistant foam. This stays buoyant on the water for long, enabling you and your friends to have a fun day outdoors.

You can roll one into a small package for quick and easy transport or clean it with a water hose after use to prevent algae growth or wash off chemicals that might lower its structural integrity over time. Thus, while planning a camping trip, an air mattress or camping cot will provide and comfortable sleeping area. However, you will also need a floating water mat if you love the water.

Are you in a hurry?

Floating water mats come in a range of designs that differ by size, material, and quality. They are of different weights and have varied load capacities, which you should keep in mind the next time you are shopping for one. If you are shopping in a hurry, for instance, do not buy on impulse.

Compare the features and quality of three or more brands to find a product that will work best for you. If you travel long distances, a lightweight brand will be ideal. If you travel as a group, you will need a product with a high load capacity. Check out what we have identified and reviewed.

Best Overall

Goplus Floating Water Pad

Goplus Floating Water Pad

Goplus is an 18 x 6 x 1.5-inch floating water pad for relaxing and recreating on lakes, pools, and other water bodies. It weighs 12 pounds and has a long-lasting three-layer design with a weight capacity of 1210 pounds.  Thus, more than five adults weighing over 200 pounds can lounge and entertain on it without sinking. The product contains XPE foam, a buoyant and tear-proof material that is also bouncy, comfortable to walk on, and ecofriendly.  Its rolled sleeper design boosts head support. Use its 4.9-foot bungee tethers to secure it to a boat to stop drifting.

Smart Pick

MarKnig Floating Water Mat

MarKnig Floating Water Mat

MarKnig is a quality-assured 1.5-inch-thick floating water mat made from eco-friendly XPE foam. The material is odorless, non-irritant, elastic, and weighs around 24.9 pounds, making it portable. It also has a soft and bouncy structure that supports up to 880 pounds, equivalent to 4-6 fully grown adults. MarKnig comes in exciting fade-proof colors. It also has a 12-inch bungee cord for securing it during transportation and a highly visible finish for safety. Roll it evenly on the water to boost stability and performance.

Budget Pick

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

The Floating Oasis is a USA-made floating lake pad made from hand washable Polyethylene foam. This closed-cell foam is not only waterproof but also comfortable and eco-friendly. Thus, if you want a fun-to-use lake pad that does not harm the environment, it is one of the best. This mat is tear and puncture-resistant. It measures 180 x 72 inches and has a 1.5-inch-thick structure that can support over 1000 pounds. Thus, it not only fits 4-6 adults but also supports their weight on the water without sacrificing safety.

Buying Guide for Floating Water Mats

Your mind and body need relaxation to boost productivity. Taking a day out on an island or safe water body will is fun and relaxes your body and mind. Canoes, yachts, and/or boats can take you around the water body but will cost you some money. If you need to tour the water body without spending too much, get yourself a floating water mat.

We have provided essential guidelines in this buying guide to enable you to buy the best floating mat.

Carrying Capacity: different floating water mats are designed to accommodate different weight capacities. It is advisable to buy a mat that will comfortably carry your weight. Remember, if your weight is too much for the mat, you will cause it to sink which can lead to drowning.

Material: A floating water mat should float on water. It should therefore have a light material. The material should also be water-resistant. If your water mat absorbs water, it will add weight that will cause it to sink.

Portability: A floating water mat is reusable for as long as it is in the right working condition. Once you buy a floating water mat, therefore, you can use it during your various hikes. It is thus essential to buy an easy-to-carry mat, with a compact size and lightweight structure.

Top 5 Floating Water Mats in the Market this Year

Floating water mats provide a fun experience on the water. They are safe to use and have portable designs that can fit more than 4 adults. Thus, they are perfect for socializing on the water, making them perfect for people who do not own yachts. If you are looking for one, here are the best

1. Goplus Floating Water Pad

Key attributes that you should look for in a floating water mat are longevity, comfort, and portability. The Goplus Floating Water Pad excels in all, making it a suitable floating pad for people of all cadres. The core is an XPE foam material (closed cell) in three layers. As such, it is resistant to tears. It stays buoyant for long and has a plush and odorless surface that does not pollute water sources. Apart from pools, you can use it on lakes with marine life worry-free.

Goplus around 12 pounds but has a spacious design (18 x 6 x 1.5-inches) that fits 3-5 adults weighing up to 1210 pounds. Therefore, it is suitable for people who love the water and enjoy camping and/or traveling in groups. To transport the mat, roll and secure it with the strap that comes built-in. Use the 4.9-foot bungee to stop it from drifting.

Because of its exciting design, Goplus makes a perfect gift for children and parents alike. It works on the sea, lake, and beaches and comes in radiant colors (yellow and blue) that are easy to see on the water. This boosts your safety.

  • It has a three-layer XPE foam, to resist tear and last longer.
  • Waterproof material keeps you dry and remains light.
  • A smooth surface encourages more time on water thanks to the comfort it provides.
  • The tie-down ropes are too short to tie the mat down into a small, portable size.
Our Verdict:

The three-layer XPE foam used to make this floating mat is durable, safe, and comfortable to sit or walk on. It has tie-down straps for safe storage and a tear/waterproof design.

2. MarKnig Floating Water Mat

MarKnig is a 1.5-inch floating water mat made from and UV and tear-resistant XPE foam. The material has a durable 3-layer design that you can recycle many times without it developing structural issues. It is odorless and has a stable yet elastic design that does not add harsh chemicals or elements to marine water. Thus, it is safe to use on lakes.

The MarKnig water mat comes in visible and stylish colors, including blue and yellow. It also comes in multiple sizes (9x6 feet to 12x6 feet) and has a robust 24.9-pound design that can support up to 880 pounds. For those that travel in groups, 4-6 adults can lounge and entertain on it without its ripping, becoming unstable, and/or sinking.

Transporting this floating pool pad is easy. Because of its flexible design, it is easy to roll into a compact package for safe storage or transport. Once rolled, use the 12-inch bungee cord that comes built in to secure it into place. This stops it from unraveling in transit, which can be unsafe.

MarKnig Floating Water Mat has a washable design that you can recycle a few times issue-free. Wash it by hand to retain its structural integrity for longer. Apart from regular camping items such as camping screen houses and folding camping tables, buy MarKnig too for the best experience.

  • The 12-inch bungee cord ties the mat down for easy storage and transit.
  • It is available in a bright, eye-catching color, making it easily visible from afar.
  • High, 24.9-pound weight capacity allows you to carry your family and friends into the water safely.
  • It does not have a rolling pillow, limiting comfort and relaxation.
Our Verdict:

This is one of the few floating mats with a rolling pillow for head supports. Other key strengths include its triple foam core and light design (24.9 pounds) that is easy to carry.

3. Floating Oasis Lake Pad

This hand-wash-only lake pad has a luxurious USA-made design measuring 15 feet long and 6 feet wide. It can fit up to six people weighing up to 1500 pounds comfortably, making it one of the most robust floating pads in the market. Its buoyant design spreads the weight evenly to boost stability.

The robust design of this Floating Oasis Lake Pad makes it a top choice for entertaining on the water. It has a laminated triple foam core that is leakproof. The foam has a closed-cell architecture that keeps water out and stops it from sinking under load. It is also resistant to punctures and tearing and has an innovative Floatation iQ system that boosts the strength and buoyancy of the pad even further.

Proudly made in the USA, you can trust the materials and quality of construction of this floating pad. The company uses the finest materials. It also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the pad, which attests to its high quality.

The package has multiple add-ons including a D-ring and a bungee cord for preventing it from drifting. It also has Velcro straps for safe storage and a safety sheet with the recommended maintenance protocol/routine for the pad.

  • The multi-layered polyethylene foam enhances buoyancy and tear resistance.
  • It has two Velcro straps and one bungee cord to allow easy tie-down, transit, and storage.
  • The material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and will not harm your skin.
  • It is unideal for teens and adults since it has a low weight-bearing capacity.
Our Verdict:

Floating Oasis Lake Pad is a non-toxic USA-made product with a leak-proof triple foam core. Its on most water bodies and provide a soft/ comfortable play area for 3-4 adults.

4. Outroad Water Floating Mat

Measuring 12x6-feet, the Outroad Water Floating Mat is a comfortable size for three to adults. It supports up to 800 pounds and has a robust XPE foam core that stands out in many ways. The close cell foam prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. As such, you can recycle it many times without putting the environment or friends at risk. XPE foam also has a waterproof design with a bouncy, soft, and thus comfortable surface. You can lay on it bare-chested.

Even though huge, the Outroad Water Floating Mat is a portable product. The polyethylene foam used to make it has a light and flexible design that you can fold into a small pack for safe transport. Once rolled, secure it with a theater (provides) to prevent it from unraveling while in storage or during transportation. Most users love this. You should always clean it with water and soap before storage.

  • 800lbs carrying capacity enables it to hold 3-5 children.
  • The XPE foam is non-toxic, buoyant, and inhibits bacteria growth, thus holds up for a long time.
  • It is easy to fold and roll up to allow easy transit and storage.
  • It is only suitable for children as it will not accommodate an adult’s weight.
Our Verdict:

The non-toxic XPE foam used to make this mat is not only durable but also safe for the environment. it supports 800 pounds and rolls into a compact package for safe storage.

5. SOWKT Floating Water Mat

SOWKT is the largest floating water mat on our list at 18x 6 feet. It can accommodate up to eight adults or 20 kids on a plus XPE foam pad that supports 1320 pounds. The design is light (28 pounds) yet durable. It is also resistant to tears and punctures, making it safe to use on deep waters. The mat comes in three colors (green, black, and orange) with a reflective finish that is visible from afar.

This is a foldable mat. While its 1.5-inch three-layer foam core is thick, you can roll it into a small pack (<21 inches) for safe storage and transport. Use the heavy-duty carabiner and long touch fastener straps to secure it in place. You get a one-year warranty for this floating water mat. T also has a bungee tether leash for stopping it from drifting.

  • It has a large 18*6 feet space and 1320lbs weight capacity, to accommodate multiple people.
  • 1.3-inch thickness and high-quality XPE foam enhance tear resistance and longevity.
  • Bright colors enhance its visibility from a distance, for increased safety.
  • The material is not scratch-resistant, making the mat unsuitable for your pets.
Our Verdict:

SOWKT is a large foam-based floating pad that provides a comfortable lounging area for up to eight adults. It is tear-proof, scratch-resistant, and works on most water bodies.