Best Folding Massage Tables in 2022

You are one massage away from a good mood. But this entails having the right massage table that will ensure your body relaxes during and after the therapy. Just like every professional will understand and appreciate their trade tools, so does a masseuse or masseur. An ideal massage table allows users to feel relaxed as they enjoy the benefits of the massage. Masseuse or masseurs who are always on the move need a portable folding massage table.

Folding massage tables are light and fold down for easy storage or transportation. However, the design needs to be sturdy and made from materials that can withstand all types of weather conditions. If you are a masseuse or masseur and need a foldable massage table, we have listed the 10 best folding massage tables. This review is based on their quality, design, price, weight, dimension, and customer satisfaction. Let us check them out.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you setting up a private massage area at home? You will need a few things, key among them being massage cushions, foot massagers, and folding massage tables. We have talked about the best massage cushions and foot massagers for professional and personal use in other articles. If you need a folding massage table, we have you covered. We have identified and reviewed the best brands that you will love having at home. Check them below.

Best Overall

EARTHLITE Portable Folding Massage Table

EARTHLITE Portable Folding Massage Table

EARTHLITE is a portable massage table with a comfortable full-size bed measuring 30x73 inches. This can fit most adults who need a quick and soothing massage. It also has an adjustable height (23-33-inches) and a hand upholstered dual-density cushion measuring 2-5 inches thick. This cradles the muscles and joints of users to stop irritation and injury. The top is a supple Nature’s Touch fabric that does not soak in oils, while its face cradle has a soft poly gel fill that adds more pleasure to massage. All EARTHLITE massage tables have a three-year warranty.

Smart Pick

Saloniture Folding Massage Table

Saloniture Folding Massage Table

The best folding massage table should be comfortable, durable, and provide enough space for occupants. Ranked among the best, Saloniture is a premium model crafted from hardwood. The design supports up to 450 pounds and has premium padding for comfort. The bed has a 2-inch-thick foam (high density) that cradles the joints and muscles. It also has a headrest with a 3-inch foam padding for comfort and a removable cover for hygiene. This table weighs just 37-pounds, making it portable. It is oil and waterproof and comes with a nylon bag for storing your stuff.

Budget Pick

Master Massage Montclair Folding Massage Table

Master Massage Montclair Folding Massage Table

With the Master Massage Montclair, you get a 31x84-inch massage table with a foldable design for safe storage. It has an adjustable height (24-34-inches) and a multi-layer foam padding measuring 3-inch thick. The table weighs 37 pounds, making it portable. The upholstered top is oil and water-resistant, while the mahogany frame can support 1500 pounds. Set up at home or in a spa, this table will not break any time soon. You get padded arm-rests and a face cushion for added comfort. It also comes with a carrying case for add-ons such as Reiki panels and Shiatsu cables.

Buying Guide for Best Folding Massage Table

A massage is essential because it helps you forget the sorrows and worries that you experience and relieve your body from all day's tiresome work. A good massage can bring you back to life in a matter of minutes. But again, laying on a good massage table will ensure your body relaxes during and after the therapy. Just like every professional will understand and appreciate the value of their tools of the trade, so does a masseuse or masseur. getting the right table that will allow your clients to feel relaxed as they enjoy the benefits of the massage can be an uphill task. We've discovered the best massage tables, but first, let us look at few factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for one.

Endplate: Endplates are important features to look out for when buying massage tables. They help allow you to slide your feet under the table where the client's head or feet are. They also come in handy whether you are doing Reiki, spa treatments, or tattooing.

Size: Even though it looks like an obvious consideration, it is essential to have it in mind. This is because you will be seeing clients of different sizes. The size will also determine your effectiveness, and well-being when providing the services.

Mobility: The weight of the portable massage table and its ability to be transported from one point to another is another decisive factor to consider. More so if you are a mobile therapist who travels from point to point. Consider a lighter table that folds up easily and is carried with a handle, like a large suitcase.

The Best Portable Massage Table in the Market this Year

While you can massage your body on your bed or couch, having a foldable massage bed is beneficial in many ways. They are resistant to oil and water and have padded designs that boost comfort. They fit women and men and have adjustable designs that you can customize to maximize comfort. Here are the best:

1. EARTHLITE Portable Folding Massage Table

EARTHLITE Portable Folding Massage Table is a multipurpose massage table that can serve different purposes. Featuring a foldable design, this massage table is easy to carry around in its nylon carry case.

It measures 30 by 73 inches with an adjustable height of 23 to 33 inches. The table also features a cloud fill poly-gel blended cushion head cradle that can also adjust for a comfortable headrest. What is more, the durable design has a full-length piano hinge for extra strength, non-slip hardwood legs, attractive dual maple outlets, ergonomic knobs, and Natursoft fabric that is comfortable and soft to touch. Besides, the Natursoft fabric does not cause any sweating, adding to your comfort.

  • The table has a comfortable design and dimensions that is fit for all.
  • It easily folds for storage and carrying around.
  • It is made of a heavy-duty design, and it's comfortable and soft to touch.
  • It is so delicate because of its lightweight.
Our Verdict:

This folding massage table features a durable and heavy-duty design. The design helps your body to relax during and after the therapy session. The therapist will also have an easy time massaging thanks to its adjustable height design. Read about standing desks mats for preventing foot injury.

2. Saloniture Folding Massage Table

The Saloniture Folding Massage Table has both the class and comfort you may be looking for in a massage table. Featuring a 2-inch-thick cushion made with high-density foam, the folding massage table will give you the needed comfort needed when getting a massage. In addition, it has a 3-inch-thick face pillow and a cover that is removable for washing.

Moreover, the folding massage table features a lightweight yet sturdy design. The premium-grade materials construction, which includes a hardwood frame and durable support cables, is strong enough to accommodate a weight of up to 450 pounds. The table legs have secure non-slip and non-marring feet, preventing the folding massage table from wobbling or sliding during a massage. Locking it up becomes easy, thanks to its two stylish chrome clasps and double handles. Besides, the product comes with a carry case convenient for storage and travel.

  • The table is made of hardwood frame and steel for stability.
  • It is affordable and ideal for those on a budget.
  • The table legs are non-slip and won't slide during use.
  • The durability and strength of the table are questionable for some long-time users.
Our Verdict:

The folding massage table has a carry case with additional side pockets for holding oils and other essentials, so you will not have to carry extra bags. Furthermore, the bag cover is a luxurious PU synthetic leather, durable, soft, and vegan-friendly. The comfortable and fold design makes it convenient for masseuses or masseurs.

3. Master Massage Montclair Folding Massage Table

Master Massage Montclair Folding Massage Table is another sturdy and well-made folding massage table. It is high-quality non-flammable, multi-layer small cell foam with 3-inch thickness, which offers excellent support and comfort. The foam’s thick layers ensure maximum body support.

Besides, the entire folding massage table has a duo-plane hinge that securely holds the tabletop brace in place as it ensures the stability and durability of the table frame. Unlike the normal piano-hinge, the duo-plane hinge has superior strength and puts minimal stress on the frame. This folding massage table has high-quality construction, thanks to the mahogany legs with a Dura seal protected finish, thick cushion, and duo-plane hinges. These features make it stand out as a top choice for professional massage therapists and at-home bodywork enthusiasts.

  • The table features Reiki Panels and Shiatsu Cable Release.
  • Its 3-inch-thick PU cushioning is suitable for extra comfort.
  • The design is easy to assemble and fold for storage.
  • Its weight can't hold up to 450lb capacity.
Our Verdict:

Master Massage Montclair features a sturdy and durable design that accommodates a weight of up to 750 pounds. Besides, the foldable design is convenient for storage and travel. It also has a carry case with additional pockets for keeping your essentials. These adjustable bed bases will make your nights enjoyable.

4. Uenjoy Folding Massage Table (84") Pink

Designed for both amateurs and professionals, this folding massage table has a removable and adjustable face cradle as well as a high-density foam armrest. It has a reinforced hardwood frame material that makes it sturdy and has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. Besides, its PVC covering material is water and oil-proof, soft to touch, and does not make you sweat when massaging.

The detachable headrest, armrest, and arm sling make the massage table easy to install and fold for storage after use. Moreover, the adjustable height of up to 33.5 inches makes it easy for the therapist to find their ideal fit for comfort. The package also includes a carry case for storage and transport.

  • It is made with a reinforced hardwood frame for stability.
  • The table has an adjustable face cradle and armrest for versatility in massages.
  • It is water and oil-resistant padding for better durability and ease of cleaning.
  • The design might be a bit narrow for wider clients.
Our Verdict:

For DIY’s who want a simple and easy-to-use folding massage table, Uenjoy Folding Massage Table is highly recommended. This massage table features an adjustable height that will give comfort both to the client and the therapist. The design comes at an affordable price, convenient for a wide range of users.

5. SierraComfort Folding Massage Table

SierraComfort Basic Folding Massage Table lives true to its name. This massage table gives you the basic but perfect solution to your massage therapy needs. It features a beech hardwood frame and 2-inch high-density foam, it guarantees you maximum stability, support, and comfort. It has double support wires and threaded support bars that add to its stability.

Featuring a 9-point adjustable design, the table easily adjusts up to 33.5 inches giving the therapist a convenient and comfortable height for working. Besides, it conveniently folds in half for easy mobility and storage. On the other hand, the durable deck made of a water-proof and oil resistant PU Leather material is easy to clean by simply wiping with a towel. This folding massage table is ideal for users looking for a durable, affordable, and lightweight folding massage table.

  • Includes a carry bag, bolster, sheets, storage pouches, art shelf, and towel hanger for a complete package.
  • Made with PU leather that's durable and resistant to water and oil.
  • It is made of beech hardwood for durability and has premium carrying handles.
  • The table makes a bit of noise and squeaks sometimes.
Our Verdict:

This folding massage table has a durable beech hardwood frame and 2-inch high-density foam, assuring you of its durability. The decks are waterproof and oil resistant PU Leather material, making them easy to clean. Moreover, the adjustable height is convenient for users and therapists with different heights.