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Best Fuel Transfer Pumps in 2023

Transferring fuel from one place to another is not an easy process, which is the reason you need fuel transfer pumps specifically designed for that purpose. They come in different styles and brands, including electric-powered or hydraulic models; battery-powered, and manual pumps. If you are looking for the Best Fuel Transfer Pumps, our list below will help you narrow down your options.

Are you in a hurry?

Fuel transfer pumps enable people to transfer fuel and other liquids from reservoirs to cars, boats, or planes. Most use high-pressure hydraulic systems. However, manual, battery-powered, and electric models are also available, each with its pros and cons. In this article, we review the best brands for personal and professional use.

Best Overall

Fill-Rite FR1210H Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite FR1210H Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite FR1210H is an electricity-powered fuel transfer pump that offers exemplary results due to its superior construction. The main pump is steel, which is durable and resistant to rust. It also has a high-pressure hose (0.25 horsepower) with a flow capacity of 15 gallons per minute (GPM), a delivery hose (12 feet), a manual release pipe, and a suction pipe. The system can pump anything from kerosene and R-15 gasoline to B20 diesel and has a 34-pound design that takes up 17x11x17 inches of space.

Smart Pick

Fill-Rite FR1614 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite FR1614 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Optimized for pumping diesel, Fill-Rite FR1614 is an efficient transfer pump with a 10 GPM system. The product has a cash iron pump that is resistant to fuel and the elements. It delivers over 50 liters of diesel per minute via a ¾-inch nozzle and needs only 12 volts to work. Thus, you can hook it up to a car battery and use it to fuel cars or trucks on the road issue-free. You get battery cables and clips in the package. You also get a pick-up strainer, an 8 ¾-inch hose, a ¾ – inch nozzle.

Budget Pick

Fuelworks Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuelworks Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuelworks is a 12-volt diesel fuel transfer pump that uses DC power to pump diesel. It has a flow rate of around 10 gallons per minute and has a long-lasting cast-iron design that is resistant to oils and water, to name a few. The product has a 13-foot delivery hose and a 12.6 x 12.6 x 7.9-inch design that takes up little space. Also, because it weighs 17 pounds, you can fold it into a small pack and travel with it wherever you need. Before buying, remember that the Fuelworks pump only pumps diesel.

Buying Guide for Fuel Transfer pumps

A fuel transfer pump is an essential prepper tool that you must have in your garage. You will need it when you encounter an issue that requires you to draw fuel from your vehicle’s tank. Such issues include filling your tank with the wrong fuel. In such cases, you will need to siphon the fuel and not damage your vehicle. A fuel transfer pump is also essential in a gas station. It enables you to fill fuel tanks effortlessly and mess-free. We have prepared this buying guide to direct you on the features to look out for when buying a fuel transfer pump.

Compatibility: You will waste money and suffer from frustrations if you buy a fuel transfer pump incompatible with your vehicle. It will not be useful whenever you need it and will force you to find an alternative pump. It is thus advisable to inquire about the compatibility of a pump with your vehicle before buying it.

Durability: You do not want to keep replacing your fuel transfer pump every other time. You, therefore, need to get a sturdy pump that will stand frequent use. A durable fuel transfer pump is made of robust materials that do not break, bend or wear out easily.

Mechanics: The ideal fuel transfer pump should be capable of pumping fuels from deep storage tanks. It should also have a powerful motor that will stand frequent use. Thermal overload protection is also necessary to protect the pump from overheating.

Top 5 Fuel Transfer Pumps in the Market this Year

These fuel pumps have durable and efficient systems for pumping kerosene and diesel, et cetera. They are portable, compact, and ideal for professional/personal use.

1. Fill-Rite FR1210H Fuel Transfer Pump

The Fill-Rite FR1210H is a 12-volt DC-powered fuel transfer pump that comes with exemplary performance and long-lasting construction. It has a 0.25 horsepower rating of 15 GPM flow capacity, a 12-foot wire delivery hose, a suction pipe, and a manual release pipe.

These features make the product suitable for various fuel transfer applications that include anything from B20 diesel to R-15 gasoline and even kerosene.

Furthermore, the transfer flow pump promotes proper suction and transmission of sufficient flow out of the inner chamber made possible by its continuous positive displacement design. Additionally, the pump is lightweight, as it weighs only 34 pounds making it easily portable. Moreover, the unit measures 17x11x17 inches when fully assembled, which makes it fit into the trunk of your car perfectly. Finally, it comes with an automatic nozzle and an 18-foot power cord, thermal protection for enhanced safety, and it features a 30-minute cycle.

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  • It has a robust cast iron housing that withstands long, rough use.
  • The powerful motor can pump fluid from a depth of up to 8 inches.
  • A switch lever with a rugged design endures heavy abuse.
  • The wire has an inadequate length and does not reach batteries situated on the left side.
Our Verdict:

Fill-Rite FR1210H is pricey, but it is a workhorse and does a great job making it worth its cost. It comes with an easy installation and features that make fuel transfer faster than what you would get from a gas station pump.

2. Fill-Rite FR1614 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite is a reputable company that you can always trust for quality products, which you get with this FR1614 12V 10 GPM Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump. The first thing you will like about the fuel transfer pump is its durable cast iron construction, which will provide you long-lasting service.

The 12-volt transfer pump has a flow capacity of 10 GPM to deliver over 50 liters of fuel per minute. Furthermore, it comes with rust and corrosion-free PVC suction and discharge hoses, with each measuring 8 feet for the perfect linger reach. Other additional features include a battery cable and clips, and 8 ¾-inch hose, a ¾ – inch nozzle, and a pickup- strainer.

Fill-Rite FR1614 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump is suitable for machinery and small vehicle and only transfers diesel and antifreeze. It has a lightweight design that makes it easily portable, and it is easy to install and use.

  • It includes a free battery and clips, saving you money.
  • An 8-feet hose reaches your battery with no strain.
  • It is compatible with diesel and antifreeze and can serve you in multiple situations.
  • The hoses retain smells and harden after using them for a short time.
Our Verdict:

The speed at which this transfer pump works is impressive. Besides the speed, it has energy-saving abilities and comes with features that make using it easy and a worthy investment.

3. Fuelworks Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

10304010A Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit by Fuelworks is another contender for the best transfer pumps on the market and all with good reason. It features durable and long-lasting construction with a 12-volt capacity that runs on a DC power and a flow rate of 10 GPM.

Furthermore, it features a 13-foot delivery hose and a nozzle compartment for mounting and locking the transfer pump when not in use.

Moreover, it features a non-continuous flow capacity and a positive displacement that operates on a rotary vane to suction and transmit fuel from the inner chamber. The whole unit measures 12.6 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches after assembling, and it weighs only 17 pounds making it highly portable and easy to store. Besides, the outlet portal of the unit allows you to thread it up to a ¾ diameter and adjust the hub elbow to 90-degrees as needed. The kit only runs with diesel fuel transfers.

  • A compact and lightweight structure allows for easy transportation.
  • A robust shroud shields the pump from impact and damage during transit and rough use.
  • The thermal protection feature shields it from overheating upon prolonged use.
  • It is compatible with diesel-only pumps and not usable with gasoline
Our Verdict:

The only fuel transfer you can carry on with this unit is diesel, but you will love its transfer speed. It is slightly expensive but a worthy investment.

4. Ontel Liquid Transfer Pump (TUPU-MC6)

If you are looking for a simple and affordable yet efficient fuel transfer pump, you can do well with the automatic Turbo Ontel TUPU-MC6 pump. Besides its super-efficiency, the turbo pump is also cordless, Lightweight, and highly portable. You can take it everywhere with you without inconveniences. Furthermore, it is versatile, and you can use it to siphon liquid in your boat, car, generator, mower, and other small machines.

Made with high-quality turbo siphon technology, it can pump up to 2.5 gallons of liquid per minute, making it one of the fastest on the market. Besides, it comes with a hands-free clip that you switch on to start the liquid transfer making it one of the most straightforward products to use. When you get a full tank, the turbo pump detects that and activates the auto-stop sensor with a stop and a beep preventing any spillovers.

  • You get to maintain a mess-free working environment thanks to its cordless design.
  • It is light and compact thus easy to carry around.
  • A powerful suction impeller suctions fuel at a high speed of up to 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • It has a short service life and will not serve you for a long time.
Our Verdict:

You do not have to worry about using any electricity with this product, making it an energy saver. However, you will need 3 AAA to power it, but you will love its efficiency.

5. GasTapper Gasoline Transfer Pump

Another efficient fuel transfer pump is the 12-volt GasTapper Transfer Pump with an excellent flow rate of 30 GPM. Furthermore, it has a durable and long-lasting construction of airplane-grade steel and a 30-minute duty cycle. It also comes in a weather-resistant and air-proof storage case that protects the suction pipe, nozzle, and the whole unit. The extremely high flow rate and a 16-foot delivery hose provide the pump with the fastest liquid transfer you will find on the market.

The same features allow the pump to transfer different fuel types that include aircraft fuel, blended alcohol, regular diesel, and biodiesel, which is why it is a favorite with sea-fairing and aviation enthusiasts. After assembling, the unit measures 11.5 x 9.5 x 4 inches and weighs only 4.4 pounds making it easy to carry around and store. Moreover, it includes circuit protection that threads easily into the tank area when the unit is not in use.

  • A weather-resistant housing keeps the pump in good condition for a long time.
  • The case is airtight and will not allow air bubbles and moisture into the fuel.
  • The built-in filter sieves particles, keeping them from contaminating your fuel.
  • It does not support 110V AC-DC converters.
Our Verdict:

If you want quality, you cannot do better than this GasTapper 12-volt fuel transfer pump. It has excellent features that include high quality and durable construction, making it one of our highly recommended models.

Final Thoughts

Do you need a fuel transfer pump for your farm or a mini fuel station in your locality? Our top picks are durable, high-pressure devices that handle most liquids well. They are durable, portable, and have everything for setting up a robust pumping system in any setting. Check them out.

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