Best GoPro Accessories in 2022

You need several GoPro accessories to get the most out of a GoPro. These include helmet mounts, protective housing, balance for the camera, and an external microphone to capture great-sounding audio. If you have a GoPro and wondering what accessories to buy to maximize its use, do not worry, as we will help you with that. The following is a roundup of the best GoPro accessories you must have.

Are you in a hurry?

The GoPro is one of the most dependable camera systems due to its advanced engine and size. It also has a point-to-shoot interface that is easy to use at home, at the beach, or while on hiking and camping trips. However, you can add to the value of your GoPro with multiple innovative add-ons available online. Waterproof cases add a layer of protection to the camera. Helmets enable you to shoot hands-free, while mounts enable you to use one on cars and bikes, et cetera. Finally, waterproof selfie sticks enable you to shoot clear panoramic images of groups of people or landscapes when needed. Which are the best for everyday Joes and Janes? Read on for an analysis of the best GoPro accessories this year.

Best Overall

UBeesize 54-inch Selfie Stick Tripod Stand

UBeesize 54-inch Selfie Stick Tripod Stand

All GoPro owners can benefit from a sturdy selfie stick such as Ubeesize. It has a 54-inch, fully extendable shaft made from aluminum alloy. The material is not only durable but also water-resistant. You can use it in a wet area without it rusting or staining. Folded, it only measures 17.4-inches, making it a travel-friendly item. You get a remote for snapping photos handsfree, a screw mount (1/4-inch) for phones, and a GoPro adapter. You also get a Bluetooth remote shutter, 24-hour customer service, and 1-year warranty.

Smart Pick

Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for GoPro

Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for GoPro

Lifelimit Accessories is a mounting kit for the GoPro that makes its operation effortless. Even though formulated as a starter kit, you get multiple innovative accessories, key among them being a chest strap. The chest strap fits all GoPro cameras and has a comfortable and fully adjustable design that fits most women and men. While in use, that strap frees your hand, thus enabling you to ski or cycle while filming. You also get a headband mount, a bike clip that fits all 19 - 35mm semi-round and round tubes, and a handlebar clamp.

Budget Pick

GoPro Media Mod for Hero 8

GoPro Media Mod for Hero 8

The GoPro Media Mods work specifically with the GoPro Hero camera system. It has a compact wrap-around that fits the phone accurately. On the top, you get two shoe mounts for attaching LCD screens, microphones, and lights for your different shooting scenarios. A bi-directional microphone neutralizes ambient noise and wind to provide clear audio. Finally, you get HDMI output, a microphone port (3.5mm) for enhanced audio, and a wraparound design weighing 2.19 ounces. It boosts the functionality of the GoPro without adding a lot of weight.

Shopping Guide for the Best GoPro Accessories

The GoPro is one of the most popular camera systems in the market this year. It shoots clear pictures and has a portable and waterproof design that works on land and underwater. It is also popular due to the plethora of add-ons that you can use to upgrade its system. Follow this guide to find the best.

Functionality: It is a good idea to check what a GoPro add-on does to know whether it will be beneficial to you or not. Is it a self-stick, a protective, case, or a bike or helmet mount for the GoPro? Align the product that you buy to your needs. If you are a cyclist or like to ski, a GoPro chest or helmet strap will come to your aid. Selfie sticks, on the other hand, provide panoramic views while you are shooting.

Compatibility: The GoPro brand is diverse with many products under its belt. Therefore, while shopping for Gopro accessories, look for a product that is compatible with your system. Check its size and cutouts (if it is a case or cover) and make sure it is suitable for your model before buying.

Materials: The materials used to make your preferred item dictate the experience you will have with them. While heavy materials such as stainless steel are robust, opt for a light yet reliable ones such as aluminum and plastic. They add value to the GoPro and can boost its performance even further.

The best strategy is to compare the available products and choose one that you will enjoy using. Unbiased product reviews such as the one shared herein can also be of help.

Top 5 Best GoPro Accessories in the Market this Year

The GoPro is a very dependable and well-built camera system for professionals and hobbyists. You can boost its functionality further, though, with items reviewed herein.

1. UBeesize 54-inch Selfie Stick Tripod Stand

This detachable Selfie stick and tripod stand combination is handy with your GoPro camera. It is especially ideal if you are a Selfie and vlogging enthusiast as it will allow you to take beautiful group selfies and professional-grade videos. Therefore, to have an enjoyable outdoor experience during your vacation, this is the best accessory to buy for your GoPro. It is durable, affordable, and effortless to use.

If you want to capture a large view, this Selfie stick is extendable up to 54 inches. You can, thus, take the best aesthetic photos and capture your entire family without a hassle. Besides, it features robust construction that includes aluminum alloy material and non-skid rubber feet that make it strong and highly effective. It has a compact design that makes it portable and suitable for traveling and outdoor adventures. This Selfie stick comes with Bluetooth for an effortless connection with your GoPro.

It is easy to install, and it does not need fancy tools as it comes with a ¼-inch screw mount for installation.

  • The wand is a long-lasting aluminum alloy.
  • It has a comfortable size for most people (17-54 inches).
  • It has a remote shutter system (Bluetooth enabled).
  • Its somewhat flimsy connections do not withstand the test of time.
Our Verdict:

This Selfie stick will make a great accessory to your GoPro camera, as it will allow you to capture the best moments with your friends and family. It is also suitable for taking professional-quality video and audio and is readily available at a fair price on the internet.

2. Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for GoPro

If you want to buy all the essential accessories at a go, this Lifelimit Accessories Kit for GoPro is an ideal choice. It has several items that will be useful with your camera.

The chest strap allows you to wear a GoPro camera on your chest comfortably for exclusive and hassle-free shooting. The strap is adjustable and can fit a wide range of people, and lets you capture everything that interests you quickly.

You get a fully adjustable headband that fits most people, which is ideal for keeping your footage clear while shredding. A bicycle clip allows you to mount your camera securely to your bike when you are biking. This kit also includes a handlebar-mounting clamp and a three-way adjustable pivot arm to position your camera effectively.

  • You get a chest strap, handlebar clamp, and a head strap made from durable materials.
  • The all-in-one starter kit works with most GoPro cameras.
  • You get a compact storage case for safe storage or transportation.
  • Some parts have very brittle plastic, which is a bummer.
Our Verdict:

This accessories kit is the best pick as it is cost-efficient. Since you are getting many accessories at once, the price is significantly lower than when you buy them separately. Therefore, for people looking for budget-friendly accessories, this kit is the best to buy. Read about our recommended backpack coolers here.

3. GoPro Media Mod for Hero 8

This media Mod turns your GoPro camera into a production powerhouse in seconds. It is mountable and features a high-grade built-in short gun microphone and a 3.5mm microphone port ideal for your favorite external Microphones. This gives you clear and crispy audio as the Mod reduces both wind and ambient noise.

It features two cold-shoe mounts that allow you to attach your favorite lights, LCD screens, and Microphones. Therefore, you can have an exclusive experience by attaching anything you like. This Mod is compact, and its wraparound design makes it highly portable.

Therefore, you can carry it in tiny places such as your pockets and accessories bag. The Mod is also expandable, which makes mounting straightforward.

  • It has universal cold shoe mounts (two) that fit LCD screens, lights, and microphones.
  • The product is light (2.1 ounces) and comfortable to use.
  • Its wraparound design fits and works well with most Hero 8 cameras.
  • Specially designed for the Hero 8 (not very versatile).
Our Verdict:

This Mod is here to offer you the opportunity to take your shooting to the next level. It is expandable for easy installation to your camera, and its compact design makes it portable. More so, it comes with a 3.5mm Mic port that allows you to attach your favorite external mic.

4. Move GB-U70 Underwater Diving ring for GoPro hero

This underwater camera rig provides a solid camera rig for your GoPro. It features a strong aluminum allow tray construction that is resistant to corrosion and rust. It will enable you to shoot stable videos on underwater dives and works perfectly fine on regular land shooting.

This rig features multiple mounting options, including two cold mounting shoes ideal for LED GoPro light, monitor, microphone, and other gear. It also has an adjustable wrist wrap that attaches to the compact rig cage for additional safety and prevents the camera from dropping.

We have also reviewed car battery jump starters and solar panels that are beneficial on the road.

  • Two cold shoe mounts for lights, microphones, and monitors provided.
  • The solid camera rig enables you to shoot stable videos.
  • Its corrosion-resistant design works well underwater.
  • You have to be close to objects to shoot great photos.
Our Verdict:

This underwater camera rig is one of those GoPro accessories you should buy for your camera as it will give you extremely stable shooting in water and on land. It is strong, and corrosion-resistant build makes it durable and an excellent purchase for your camera.

5. Amazon Basics Carrying Case for you GoPro and Accessories

If you struggle to carry your GoPro and its accessories in one place, this small case is an excellent choice. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and provides enough room for holding the camera and your favorite accessories.

This case is safe and therefore, will protect and organize your camera’s accessories on the road. Therefore, instead of placing the items in your backpack, this case offers you a centralized place that is very safe and effective.

It features foam padding with pre-cut slots to keep all your gear in place. Every slot fits specific equipment hence making the case attractive and appealing. It also features a high-quality EV interior and durable zipper construction.

  • It has a foam-padded design with pre-cut slots for camera accessories.
  • You get a free and secure case for storing your items.
  • Provides enough room for the camera and other items.
  • You cannot customize the orientation of the foam.
Our Verdict:

This case has come to offer you an excellent place to keep your GoPro camera and accessories safe and organized at all times. Its durable zipper ensures the gear stays inside while the carry handle offers easy and comfortable carrying.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a selfie stick, a clamp, or a chest strap for your GoPro, we have reviewed the best herein. They are compatible with most models of the GoPro and have novel systems that add value to cameras by boosting functionality.