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Hair Accessory You May Need

To achieve the coveted lustrous look for your hair, it requires a lot of tender love and care. Most women focus on using shampoos to cleanse their hair and serums or oils to nourish it for growth during their grooming routine. Although this is helpful, it's equally important to use the appropriate hair accessories to transform your ordinary look into a spectacular one. Hair accessories are inexpensive, user-friendly, and gentle on the hair, and you can find a vast range of options online to enhance the appearance of your hair, regardless of the hair type you have. Hair clips and hairbands are popular choices, but there's also a wide selection of hairpins, bandanas, and scarfs that go well with different hairstyles and looks. We've curated a list of the best hair accessories for women.

Buying Guide for the Best Hair Clamps

Hair clamps are popular hair accessories for holding or styling hair. They come in many sizes/ designs for women with long, short, curly, or oily hair. If you have messy hair or want to experiment with buns and updos and do not know how to approach it, these also work great. Follow this guide to find a product that offers value for cash and works great.

Material: While sieving through the tons of hair clamps available online, you will come across different types made from different materials. Metal ones last for long, but might not be suitable for women with thin hair because of their abrasive nature. Plastic is lighter but can have a cheap feel if you buy a low-cost brand. Eco-friendly materials such as acetate are the best. They combine the strength of metal and the lightness/ look of plastic to offer the best results.

Size: It is good practice to check the size of the available hair care accessories before reaching for your pocket. Medium size to large hair clips is suitable for women with thick hair that need a lot of support. However, they might weigh down or break thin hair. A smaller and lighter clip will work in this instance. Order a multi-size package for the best experience.

Design: While evaluating the design of your preferred hair clamp, look not only at its design but also color or patterns. These should complement your dressing style or preferred look. Neutral colors such as black are good for formal events.

Other hair Accessories You May Need


While some women, especially older ones find hair bows basic and for kids, this is further from the truth. They are a great way to add charm to your hairstyle without breaking the bank. They have been in use for years and come in charming designs with button-up or Velcro closure systems, which are easy to use. All you do is bunch the hair into a ponytail and use a bow to secure the hair in place. For the best results, experiment with different colors until you find one that works the best for you. Natural colors such as black are the commonest because they blend with all hair types and skin types. However, radiant ones in red or blue can create a dramatic look for parties, while white bows are ideal for formal occasions such as weddings. Buy the best.


To pull out of your face and showcase your clean or radiant skin, add headbands to your selection of hair care products. Like bows, there is a misconception that hairbands are kid’s products. This is not the case as many premium brands for women and men are available online or in brick-and-mortar outlets. As such, if you are sprucing up your makeup cabinet with new hair care accessories, throw in a few high-quality hairbands for good measure. You can use one to control unruly hair while preparing for school or work. They are also ideal for women who want to draw attention to their hair during dress occasions or social occasions such as parties. You can find flower embellished ones that create a playful and youthful look. Sophisticated leather bands have a formal look for business executives and office workers.

You will come across two main types of hairbands online. Solid bands are good for controlling the hair. They have a rigid structure, which drapes over the head to prevent the hair from shifting as you go about your day-to-day activities. They come in many sizes that complement most hairstyles and last for a long time. Elastic bands have a flexible design, often made from premium fabrics such as silk and leather. While they do not offer a lot of structural support, they are best for embellishing the hair due to their stunning designs.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are among the most used hair accessories all over the world due to their versatility and stunning designs. They add sass to most hairdos and come in a variety of designs such as flat clips, barrettes, duckbill clips, and banana clips. Most barrettes are metal. However, cool-looking wood and acetate ones in small, medium, and large are also common.

Hair Pins

While hair bows, hair bands, and hair clips work great, some women cannot withstand their elaborate designs. They are either too large or elaborate for some women, especially those who work in corporate environments. If you are one of them and do not want to sacrifice hair support, you will have better results with hairpins. Even though small, they are suitable for spicing up formal hairstyles without creating a lot of drama. They also look great and provide incredible supports, which we do not get from hair bows and barrettes for one key reason. Rather than clamp down the hair, hairpins slide into the hair to secure portions of it for decoration and styling. Most come encrusted with jewels to improve their outlook and are metal or thick plastic.


In the Victorian era, hats were popular hair accessories due to their comfortable design and added benefits. They can protect the skin and face from the sun and can complement most outfits – both casual and formal. If you have a bold character and therefore are willing to experiment with new stuff, try hats. Classic and modern-styled hats for weddings and parties are available online. Try one with a veil to create an enigmatic look or wear a broad-brimmed hat to add mystery to your ensemble/ look. You have limitless options.


Like hats, scarfs are multi-use accessories that you can use to enhance both your look and safety while outdoors. They protect the hair and scalp from heat, frost, and rain. They also come in many stunning colors that you can use to add oomph to your look without breaking the bank. Make sure that you select the correct size. Buying a very large or small one might be counterintuitive. In addition, the colors you select should match your skin tone and sense of style.

Ponytail Holders

During the lockdown period, many women decided to grow their hair. This has seen an increase in the demand for ponytail holders globally. If you are one of them, do not use rubber bands to secure your hair. These create a tight bond that can break or damage hair in the end. Often made from a flexible spiral fabric, ponytail holders deliver the best experience as they are much more comfortable and safer for the hair and user. They also come in stylish modern and traditional designs that complement most clothing. Even if you will not use a holder often, it is good to have around.

We have reviewed six of the best hair accessories that all women should own to look good and protect their hair from damage. Whether you have messy buns or updos that you are struggling to control or want to secure hair for styling, these products work great. The premium berretta claws from LYSS work great on all hair types and are cool-looking too. Use hair pins to get a minimalist casual look or wear a classic hat to had a mystery to an ensemble during parties.

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