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Home Improvement Checklist – Make Sure You’re Ready

Realizing that your home needs some improvement and budgeting for the same is quite okay. But do you think you have to prepare at all for it? What are you supposed to do your stuff? Should they be moved or remain intact? There is more to do before you can allow the contractor into your compound. And because you don’t want surprises, here is a quick checklist to ensure you are ready before your contractor arrives.

Secure your Valuables

Your photos, electronics, and other valuable decorations on the walls need to be kept in a safe place and out of the renovation zones. You will need all your items back in one piece when the works are over. Even though the agreement with the contractor includes safe custody, accidents do happen, and you do not want to lose some irreplaceable valuable like gifts and souvenirs. Wrap delicate items such as glasses in newspapers and store them in boxes of a cupboard. This stops damage. While organizing your valuables, do not forget about tools such as pressure washers, car battery jump starters, and electric string trimmers. If you will not be using it for the job, you should store it somewhere safe.

Remove Adjacent Plants

Your exterior may have bushes, shrubs, or flowers so close to the walls that you want to repair or paint. All these may hinder work progress and even result in poor workmanship while shielding the live plants. To do an excellent job, it is advisable that, where possible, temporarily remove the plants and transplant them elsewhere for the duration of the project and replant them back come the following spring. Where the bushes are too large, trimming them is also an alternative to give way. Buy a lawn mower or an electric string trimmer and cut them to size. Use a garden hose to water plants after transplanting to prevent damage.

Relocate your Pets

Interior work is at times messy with dust all over. Also, you most likely will be using chemical-laden products such as paint, which might be harmful to pets such as cats or dogs. If you have pets in the house, they are better off relocating with you, thus preventing injury or death. You can also contain them in one room of the home that will not be affected.

Agree on Work Schedule

Are you planning to renovate your home or your office during vacation or regular working days? Are you expecting guests and want the renovations to be over before they arrive? These questions will help you agree on when to begin the actual renovation works and end the works and which hours of the day to accommodate your work schedule. As such, you will be able to handle other matters stress-free as the renovation is going on. In addition, you do not inconvenience our guests or other visitors and therefore handle the process quickly and stress-free.

These tips can help you to create a good schedule for an upcoming job.

Notify Third Parties

Other parties will be affected by your planned home improvement works. They include your neighbors due to noises from vehicles and equipment. You may also require to get a construction permit or have power and water supply temporarily cutoff or secured to avoid hazards. To keep the peace with such stakeholders, it is a good practice to notify them of any impending renovation that you want to make to your home. This way, everybody is happy. You can also maximize work hours when they are not around to boost your cordial relationship even further. By notifying your city council, you also avoid immediate and long-term legal problems that might cost you a lot of money in legal fees, et cetera.

When costing and budgeting home improvement works, you need to keep several factors in mind. Otherwise, your renovations may remain on hold for a long time due to a small but essential prerequisite. Our checklist is by no means exhaustive, and your contractor should also highlight what needs to be done before the job kicks off. If you can secure personal items, develop a favorable work schedule, and notify other stakeholders, you will have a seamless home renovation experience.

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