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Home Improvement Ideas for Beginners

Do you have a washed-up home that has lost its glory over the years? Are you struggling to improve the functionality of a home take over by clutter of unsightly shrubs? Unlike what some people think, you do not need deep pockets to boost the functionality of your home.  We have identified some of the most effective home improvement tips for you that will improve the functionality of your space. Read on for more.


If you have a few dollars to spend on your home, you should consider doing a major remodel of critical areas such as a kitchen or bathrooms. These are among the most used areas of the home. As such, a simple remodel can not only boost the functionality of your space but also create a space that homeowners will love using. Replacing an old static shower with a handheld showerhead is a cheap yet highly effective home renovation project that you can use to improve the functionality of your home. The process does not require a professional skill. All you do is screw off the old faucet and install the new one. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a kitchen island or a wine glass rack can be a good addition to your home. Our kitchen remodeling guide covers this in detail.

While remodeling, play around with colors to create new themes. Walls and tiles should also complement each other.


Your yard or lawn is one of the first things that people see in or around your home. Therefore, investing in a landscaping project can improve the look and value of your home. Do you have a gate or picket fence at home? If yes, how does it look?  Do you have a green space or lawn at home? If yes, it is a great idea to improve how it looks to add value to your home. Remove thatch, water the lawn, and fertilize it often to revitalize its growth. You should also buy a lawnmower or an electric string trimmer and give your lawn a quick haircut once in a while. Finally, edge walk paths and clean dirt and grime from walls and patios to refresh your outdoor living spaces. You will need an electric pressure washer to do this. Check out our winter landscaping tips for more information.

Lighting Fixture

While renovating homes, many people undervalue the role that lighting fixtures play. Do not be one of them. Once you have finished your kitchen and bathroom remodeling and work on your landscaping, choose the right lighting fixtures for your home. Up and downlights have been in demand of late due to the relaxing ambiance they create on lawns. You can use them to light up feature walls. If you have a fountain or gnome that you want to draw attention to, these lights also work well. Install string lights or a set of pool lights on pools to add a touch of class to your space especially at night.

Do not forget to work on the lighting of your interior spaces. You should install kitchen lights that not only illuminate your work/cooking areas but also improve the ambiance of your space. Under-cabinet light has attracted a lot of positive attention of late because of its versatility and uniqueness. Hanging a rustic pendant light over your newly remodeled kitchen island is also unique and thus highly recommended. Finally, shadow-free bulbs generate soft lighting, which makes them perfect for lighting bedrooms and living areas.

De-Cluttering Your Home

Decluttering the home is recommended yet less frequently implemented in homes. If you need a quick fix for your home, do not make the same mistake. Instead of strewing stuff all over the floor, install extra cabinets or shelves in your space and organize your stuff safely in it. Storage bins, decorative baskets, and decorative boxes also work great so look for a set of those in your favorite store as well. Such add-ons are suitable for storing clothes, magazines, and books in offices.

This video shares other tips for decluttering the home:

The home improvement ideas that we have shared herein will help you to maintain a clean and luxurious home. They are easy to implement at home and do not require a lot of money to do, which is a plus. Try them out today.

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