Best Household Laundry Sorters in 2022

Due to the busy schedules most people have, there never seems to be enough time to do their laundry. However, there is a way to make this household task easier and simpler. With a laundry sorter, you can keep your clothes in different compartments according to their color, fabric, and type. Laundry sorters are becoming an essential household item for many homes. They have different features, so you can select the one that interests you. Some have wheels for portability and ease of movement, while others do not.

Differentiating between quality laundry sorters the generic ones may be daunting. However, we have made your work easier by selecting the ten best household laundry sorters for you. Check the list below and decide which household laundry sorter will be the most convenient for you.

Are you in a hurry?

Household laundry sorters play two key roles in the home. They ease the management of dirty clothes, thus eliminating clutter from the home. In addition, because you can separate colored clothes and white, the risk of cross-contamination or color bleeding into white clothes is low. In this article, we provide detailed information on laundry sorters that we recommend you read to the end before going out to shop. If you do not have time to read through or are shopping in a hurry, we also have a snapshot of bestsellers that not only work well at home but also in commercial settings. Read on below to find some of the best laundry sorters for the home.

Best Overall

STORAGE MANIAC 4 Section Laundry Sorter

STORAGE MANIAC 4 Section Laundry Sorter

The STORAGE MANIAC is a four-section laundry sorter that measures 39.37 x 16.93 x 31.50-inches. Each laundry bag measures 14.76 x 8.66 x 21.65-inches and can hold up to 25 pounds of clothes. In total, you can store up to 100 pounds in it without structural damage. Each bag also has a waterproof design with wipeable lining, making them easy to clean. STORAGE MANIAC has a robust metal frame with wheels for easy transport. These enable you to push dirty clothes into your laundry room without breaking your back.

Smart Pick

Simple Houseware Heavy-duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter

Simple Houseware Heavy-duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter

Simple Houseware is a 29.5 x 17.5 x 33-inch laundry sorter bag with a solid bronze finished frame. Its robust design has six bars for structural support. It also has four lockable caster wheels that roll smoothly on floors without marking or scratching. Its three bags measure 23 x 15.5 x 8.5-inches each and can support 15 pounds, translating to a total load limit of 39 gallons. Even though smaller than STORAGE MANIAC, it is a top pick for people with small homes. You can remove the waterproof bags and clean them when dirty.

Budget Pick

Household Essentials 6786-1 Collapsible Laundry Sorter

Household Essentials 6786-1 Collapsible Laundry Sorter

Household Essentials 6786-1 is a collapsible 30 x 17 x 30-inch laundry bag with a tool-free design. You do not need tools to set it up, unlike some models. The wood frame has a warm and classic design that looks stunning in homes. Its sorters (two), on the other hand, are large and made from durable polycotton fabric. You can remove both and clean them when dirty without them stretching out of shape. Both also have removable liners (waterproof) that contain dirt or color to prevent cross-contamination. It weighs about 4.15 pounds.

Buying Guide for Household Laundry Sorters

While foot massagers and bike baskets are popular in homes, many ignore laundry sorters even though they play a critical role. With one, you will have better control of dirty laundry. You can separate colored and white ones, for instance, to prevent contamination. Moving clothes to and from laundry rooms is also very easy as these sorters are highly portable. We have a buying guide that can help you to order the best.

Capacity: Household laundry sorters come in different sizes that can support different loads. While shopping for a new one, check this and make sure that you are getting a product that can satisfy your needs. If you have a large household, a large one will work well and vice versa. You can also buy several smaller laundry bags for all bedrooms in your home.

Frame: Does your laundry sorter of choice have a frame or not? If yes, what is the design or structure of its frame? Framed laundry sorters are better as they can support more loads and often have wheels for transportation. However, they can be expensive than non-frames ones and are bulky. Decide on the one you want before heading out to shop.

Materials: While shopping, people look for robust products that can withstand the test of time. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the materials of your preferred product and make sure you are getting your money’s worth. If you need a framed sorter, the material should be steel or aluminum. Baskets should be Oxford, polycotton, or any other heavy fabric.

Top 5 Household Laundry Sorters in the Market this Year

You need a household laundry sorter at home to improve how you manage dirty clothes. They come in multiple sizes for different homes. All are waterproof and have two or more compartments for separating dark and light clothes. We have identified some of the best brands for you.

1. STORAGE MANIAC 4 Section Laundry Sorter

If you have been having trouble separating laundry, this laundry sorter will make things easier for you. You can keep your dark, light, delicate, and linens separate using this sorter. It is ideal for household or commercial use, and its durable nature makes it long lasting.

STORAGE MANIAC Laundry Sorter has a large capacity. It can hold up to 25lbs comfortably. It features four removable bags that have a waterproof and easy-to-clean lining. You can remove each bag from the sorter by lifting it using the two metal handles. These portable laundry bags are eco-friendly and feature a polyester canvas construction with a waterproof inner coating. This laundry sorter has four heavy-duty rolling wheels for portability.

In addition, the heavy-duty metal frame supports the laundry sorter and prevents the bags from sagging.

  • The laundry sorter has a long-lasting metal frame.
  • Its heavy-duty rolling wheels enable you to move heavy stuff easily.
  • The bags have a removable, waterproof, and washable design.
  • Its cloth bags are on flimsy hooks that dislodge easily.
Our Verdict:

It is time you started keeping your laundry neat and separate for manageability. With STORAGE MANIAC Laundry Sorter, you will no longer have trouble separating your laundry. You will also have an easier time cleaning your laundry if you sort it out effectively using this laundry sorter.

2. Simple Houseware Heavy-duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter

This sturdy free-roaming laundry sorter will make your laundry cleaning days more fun. It features a durable bronze finish steel and has an extra horizontal behind the bar, making it extremely stable. The durable bronze bags will give you timeless service. Each bag can hold 13-gallon clothes without sagging. The bags are easy to clean and manage. This laundry sorter has heavy-duty casters. Two of these casters have a brake system for stability and stopping whenever you want. Constructed from premium quality materials, this laundry sorter ensures your laundry.

  • The sorter has three premium bags that support 13 pounds each.
  • Its steel frame has a premium bronze finish that looks good and prevents rusting.
  • You get heavy-duty caster wheels for transporting your clothes.
  • Moisture build-up in the sorter bags can lead to the growth of mold.
Our Verdict:

If you want a solid laundry sorter for home use, this Simple Houseware 3-Bag Laundry Sorter is an excellent choice. It will separate your laundry accordingly and ensure all types of clothes are in their place. Also, with the rolling wheels, you can maneuver from room to room collecting laundry.

3. Household Essentials 6786-1 Collapsible Laundry Sorter

This double X-frame collapsible laundry sorter from Household Essentials is the next best thing you ought to buy. It is very convenient and has removable liners for all types of clothes. In addition, its design makes it suitable for small spaces. This laundry sorter comes with two sizeable and removable laundry bags constructed with durable polycotton. These bags are washable and air-dryable.

The sturdy unfinished double X collapsible frame supports the clothes sorter and allows for easy storage. This sorter is easy to set up without the need for tools. If you like diversity, you can paint or stain the fabric to customize it.

  • It has removable, washable, and air dryable bags that last for long.
  • Its collapsible X frame design takes up little floor space.
  • Each bag has a removable liner (waterproof).
  • Its system does not have caster wheels, which boost portability.
Our Verdict:

If you have a small space and need a laundry sorter, consider this space-saving sorter from Household Essentials. It is collapsible, so you can stash it away when not in use. In addition, the wooden frame makes it strong and beautiful.

4. Household Essentials 5622-1 Double hamper Laundry Sorter

This double hamper laundry sorter features a magnetic lid to keep your laundry enclosed. This keeps dirty clothes dry and prevents them from developing unpleasant odors. Constructed with 100% 1100d exterior linen and 100% 150d polyester liner, this clothes sorter is durable and reliable. It has two compartments with a lid to keep clothes dry.

This freestanding sorter with a detachable lid also features grommet handles for easy transport after sorting your clothes. Assembling this equipment is straightforward. You do not need any tools for the assembly. In addition, this sorter folds flat for easy storage when not in use. This laundry basket is durable because of the durable polyester fabric.

  • It has a tool-free design that requires little effort to set up.
  • The compartments are heavy-duty polyester fabric. You can remove and clean them.
  • You get two compartments for sorting your clothes.
  • Some people think the factory has way overpriced the sorter.
Our Verdict:

This unique and beautiful-looking laundry sorter will separate your laundry and make the room appealing. Its durable design ensures timeless service as you continue enjoying its benefits. With this simple clothes sorter, your floors and bed will no longer be awash with dirty clothes.

5. MDesign Portable Laundry Sorter

MDesign Portable Laundry Sorter is a great way to sort and keep dirty laundry in place. This laundry sorter will help you to organize clothes and keep your house clean at all times.

It comes with three spacious bags that offer enough space for all your dirty clothes. This stylish large capacity laundry hamper can therefore hold your entire laundry before cleaning. This functional laundry hamper also features hanging bars for hanging clothes and preventing them from developing wrinkles. It is ideal for closets, bathrooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, or kid’s rooms.

MDesign Portable Laundry Sorter has four-wheel casters that offer 360-degree maneuverability. This makes it easy to move the clothes sorter from one place to another without lifting.

  • It has four caster wheels that boost its maneuverability.
  • The metal frame has a durable design with a stylish mesh finish.
  • It has a stylish three bag design with a hanging bar.
  • The bags have slight imperfections that lower structural integrity.
Our Verdict:

Make your laundry cleaning days easier with mDesign Portable Laundry Sorter. This multifunctional sorter will keep your clothes in different compartments. In addition, you can protect your shirts from developing wrinkles using the clothes sorter’s hanging bar.

Final Thoughts

Most homes have electric woks and propane gas grills for cooking and pressure washers for cleaning. However, you will also need a laundry sorter to improve how you manage laundry. Our top picks are durable and designed to secure large batches of dirty clothes for easier cleaning. They have waterproof inserts and portable designs with either metal, wood, or no frame. You will love having a new one at home.