Best Household Stand Mixers in 2023

Baking enthusiasts know that only a few kitchen accessories can beat the best household stand mixers. Even though it’s possible to bread dough and mix batter by hand, it’s more efficient to accomplish these tasks using stand mixers. These functional kitchen accessories can cream sugar into a fluffy batter, beat egg whites, and whip cream easily, on-demand.

Apart from steel silverware sets and electronic meat slicers, household stand mixers rank among the most exciting additions to kitchens. They have many attachments for food processing, grinding meat, pasta making, and several others. However, since this is an important investment, it’s essential to carry out background and purchase a quality model. In this regard, here are the top-rated household stand mixers.

Are you in a hurry?

You probably know and appreciate the value a household stand mixer can add to your home. However, you might be having a hard time sifting through the available options to find the best product for your home. We can help you with this. If you are shopping in a hurry, check these standout brands.

Best Overall

Kuccu Stand Mixer, 8.5 Qt 660W

Kuccu Stand Mixer, 8.5 Qt 660W

Kuccu is a 660-watt stand mixer for the home with an 8.5-quart stainless steel bowl. The material is durable, food-grade, and has a cool-looking chrome finish that does not stain. The motor has six adjustable speeds for different recipes for bread, cakes, and muffins. You get a pouring shield, a flat beater, dough hook with this mixer stand, each manufactured using durable and food-grade materials.

Smart Pick

Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QT 660W

Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QT 660W

The Aucma Stand Mixer is smaller than the Kuccu Stand Mixer at 6.5 ounces. Therefore, if you make large batches of batter or creams for different recipes often, it might not be the best for you. The system uses a 600-watt electric motor and a wire whisk that you can remove and clean after use. Its motor is quiet ( ≤ 76dB sound level) and has six adjustable speeds that you can set via a side-mounted control knob. The steel base is sturdy and has rubber suction cups for stability.

Budget Pick

Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50BK is a compact household stand mixer that supports the quick preparation of batter and whips. It uses a 12-speed 500-watt motor that supports most cooking methods. Its bowl measures 5.5 quarts and has a secure handle that comes in handy while dumping contents. The frame, on the other hand, is die-cast steel, while its rounded base has rubber cups that prevent slipping. You can remove and clean its steel whisk after use. It also has a splash guard and a paddle.

Buying Guide for Household Stand Mixers

In the past, people had to exert a lot of effort with wire whisks to prepare batter and mixes. Household stand mixers offer better results as they are quicker and easier to use. You can adjust their speed to deliver professional results and use them in most areas as they take little counter space. Follow this buyer’s guide to find the best brand for your kitchen.

Power: The power of your stand mixture of choice is a reflection of the type and quality of the pastry you can make. If you make thick batter often, for instance, you will need a very powerful stand mixer and vice versa. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the power of your stand mixer of choice before reaching for your pocket. What is its wattage? A product that can deliver at least 500 watts can satisfy the needs of most people. Also, check if the motor has an adjustable speed. Such items not only handle most recipes well but also ingredients.

Capacity: The capacity of your household stand mixer depicts the amount of battery you can make per session. Check this and make sure that your product of choice can satisfy your needs. Is the product you are planning to buy large or small? If you have a large family and cook fresh meals often, you will need a larger bowl to make large batches of food. Smaller ones take up little table space.

Materials: Before spending your money on a household stand mixer, make sure it is durable by checking the quality of its material. Stainless steel is the best as it is durable, food-grade, and less prone to scratching or breaking. Die-cast steel and aluminum are also good with or without a chrome finish.

Ease of Use: Buy a product that you will have an easy time using at home. The parts should be durable and easy to set up. Controls, on the other hand, should be large and easy to access and use. This way, you can fire it up at will and use it easily.

Top 5 Household Stand Mixers in the Market this Year

Like dinnerware sets, hot dog rollers, and meat slicers are, household stand mixers are invaluable in homes where people love fresh food. Here are the best for home use.

1. Kuccu Stand Mixer, 8.5 Qt 660W

Kuccu is an icon in the culinary industry, and this stand mixer proves that. The Kuccu Stand Mixer boasts an impressive 8.5-quart capacity, so it’ll serve most households. Besides, it has a 600-Watt motor that delivers great performance.

Other than that, this unit features a tilt head and a non-slip design for stability. Therefore, you won’t deal with an unnecessary bounce as you make your favorite dishes. With the 6-speed rotation, you’re free to choose your preferred setting, ranging from slow stirs to faster mixes.

Furthermore, the included bowl has handles for comfortable and easy handling. The company also includes all the necessary tools, including a flat beater, pouring shield, and a dough hook. As such, you can prepare several foods, such as muffins, bread, and cakes.

  • Its versatile parts include a flat beater, pouring shield, and a dough hook.
  • The head tilts back to ease access to its contents.
  • Its long-lasting steel parts are also BPA-free.
  • A few plastic parts ruin its longevity and overall value.
Our Verdict:

The Kuccu Stand Mixer is a multifunctional kitchen accessory worth every penny. Boasting unique features like LED lights and 6-speed control, this tool will simplify your baking jobs. Also, you’ll like the anti-slip suction cups and splash guard.

2. Kuccu Stand Mixer, 6 Qt 660W

For those looking for a powerful household stand mixer at an affordable price, consider the Kuccu Stand Mixer, 6 Qt 660W. The model features a big 6-quart mixing bowl that can serve medium families. Besides, the stainless-steel build ensures longevity, so the mixer will last for a long period.

Adding to that, the paddle and dough hook on this stand mixer feature metal construction. The design makes it a durable kitchen tool, and it can withstand different working conditions. There’s more; the mixer boasts of a 6-speed controller that gives you excellent results.

The inclusion of 6 suction cups offers anti-slip properties, so no worries about moving as you bake. Still, the tilt head will give users better functionality as you bake thick batters, waffles, and cookies. Furthermore, you’ll like the easy cleanup process.

  • The base has non-slip suction cups that boost its stability.
  • Its 600-watt motor has a 6-speed controller that most people find easy to use.
  • The mixing bowl (stainless steel) offers 6-quarts of space.
  • Looks good, works great, but some parts are not durable.
Our Verdict:

The Kuccu Stand Mixer, 6 Qt 660W makes an excellent purchase. The unit helps prepare cakes, muffins, pastry, and other treats. The 6-speed controller, coupled with the high-performance motor, proves you get a valuable kitchen tool.

3. Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer

Do you want a robust workhorse of a household stand mixer? Well, your needs are catered for with the Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer. The model delivers both power and performance, thanks to the 500W motor. With 12 speeds, this stand mixer will help you prepare several treats.

In addition, it has a 5.5-quart bowl that’s large enough for most family gatherings. The stainless-steel material used on the bowl ensures resistance to wear and tear. The die-cast metal construction on this mixer helps to enhance durability and gives you a long-lasting kitchen accessory.

Other than that, the manufacturer includes a splash guard that eliminates messes and ensures you have a clean countertop. Other useful accessories that you get with this package are a mixing paddle, chef’s whisk, and a dough hook. Better yet, you have the freedom to pick from the available color options, including onyx, silver lining, and ruby red.

  • Has multiple accessories including a mixing paddle, chef’s whisk, and a dough hook.
  • The 5.5-quart bowl is large and made from stainless steel.
  • It has a robust 500-watt motor with 12 adjustable speeds.
  • Throws butter all over the bowl while in use.
Our Verdict:

Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer is a revolutionary kitchen accessory. The performance matches the brand’s reputation. With the 12 speeds, metal construction, and 5.5-quart capacity, you’ll certainly appreciate what this tool delivers.

4. Cuisinart SM-50 5.5 – Quart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart continues to prove it’s a reliable brand with this mixer stand. The Cuisinart SM-50 features an impressive 5.5-quart capacity. Besides, the stainless-steel bowl can withstand regular use, and this device is sure to deliver good results for a long time. When you add the die-cast aluminum body, you can relax knowing you have a sturdy mixer.

The mixer has a 500W motor that’s powerful enough for faster results. The tilt-back head design on this device makes it access the bowl as the need arises. Still, there’s an ergonomic handle that will give you a great grip as you bake.

Also, you’ll enjoy 12 speeds that ensure users get precision mixing when baking different foods. With extra attachments, you have everything that you’d like from a top-of-the-line kitchen accessory. There’s more; the splash guard on this stand mixer will prevent spattering.

  • The 12 speed 500-watt motor in the mixer is powerful.
  • Its tilt-back head design on this device makes it access the bowl.
  • Made from die-cast aluminum, the product is durable and food grade.
  • The instruction guide is not beginner-friendly. It is frustrating to use.
Our Verdict:

The Cuisinart SM-50 5.5 – Quart Stand Mixer promises and delivers excellent results. The 12-speed motor guarantees unmatched performance. Also, it’s a durable and multifunctional stand mixer that makes an excellent investment.

5. Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT 660W

If you want stunning layer cakes or fluffy dinner rolls, go for the Aucma Stand Mixer. It’s a versatile and reliable stand mixer for experienced and novice chefs. The model comes with a powerful 600W motor that ensures efficient mixing.

The mixer boasts of a 6.5-quart bowl, which is large enough for most homesteads. In addition, it’s a quiet accessory that produces low noise levels. With the  ≤ 76dB sound level, this unit won’t distract other people at home.

Aucma stand mixer is a versatile kitchen item for preparing pieces of bread, muffins, and pastry. With the included dual handles, this model is easy to hold. Better yet, it features 4 anti-slip suction cups to offer stability while in use.

  • The base has anti-slip cups for stability and safety.
  • This versatile kitchen item can make dough for bread, muffins, and other pastry.
  • The mixer has a 6.5-quart bowl, which is large enough for most people.
  • Its electric power cord is not compatible with some electrical outlets.
Our Verdict:

The Aucma Stand Mixer is a great kitchen accessory. The 6.5-quart capacity is enough to serve most medium families. You’ll also appreciate other useful functions like the 660W motor and the tilt-head design.

Final Thoughts

While buying kitchen items such as wine glass racks and metal dining chairs, do not forget to buy household stand mixers as well. Their powerful designs prepare batter and creams easily. They are also durable and food-grade. The five brands reviewed herein offer these benefits and more.