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How to Take Care of Your Electronics

Caring for your electronic gadgets such as electric woks and electric charging stations should be a priority. You should keep them clean, use them well, and store them in the right place. If you take care of them properly, they will not only keep them working well but for long. So, how best can you maintain your kitchen or living room electronics to serve you better? We have shared a few invaluable tips below that can help you.

Power Cables Management

Most electronic gadgets have plug-in designs with long power cables that send electricity to components. Unfortunately, the same cords can be a safety and health threat if you do not manage them well. For instance, power cables left to hang or crisscross on the floor pose a tripping hazard to residents. You can trip, fall and break a bone. Whenever you trip on a power cable, you can also dislodge or knock down the electronics or cause a short circuit that damages them permanently. Proper cabling is effective for preventing such common accidents. Use wall strips to hide them out of view. Cable ties also work.

Protection from Power Surges

A power surge is one of the main causes of electric fires and damages to electronics. To prevent such issues, the first rule in electronic usage should be to only plug and turn them on when in use. It is to keep them unplugged, especially when you are away and/or overnight when you are asleep in bed.

However, if you use devices such as a refrigerator that needs power throughout, this strategy might be impossible to implement. You should install surge protection power strips or a whole-home surge protection system to prevent damage. The choice is yours, but either must be from a reliable brand and a model that can support your devices effectively. Check its power output. It is compatible with your device? An incompatible strip might fail to work when needed the most.

Overall, if you use many electronic devices at home that use power consistently and thus need power surge protection, the most efficient way is to install whole-home surge protection. Power strips are cheaper but support one device at a time.

Careful Cleaning

Experts recommend that you should clean your electronics often, especially vent holes to improve air circulation. However, you need to be careful while handling electricity with water to prevent permanent damage. Contact between electricity and water is hazardous to you and your devices. It can short circuits and electrocute you, which is not fun. This includes sprays from cleaning detergents. When cleaning the device, it’s safer to follow the cleaning instructions on the manual.

For general safe cleaning of most standard electronics, use a slim dusting wand or barely damp microfiber cloth to pick dust and debris. Avoid using paper towels and other rough material that will create scratches on the outer casing and screens and lower the aesthetic value and functionality of your electronics.

Careful Handling

While using delicate electronics such as meat slicers and electric woks, prevention is always better than cure. Work on how you handle your devices at home to lower the risk of long-term damage to their mechanical or electrical systems. The best electronics have very delicate components, such as circuits and chips. Dropping them on hard surfaces can thus impair their functionality or damage them completely. Thus, while moving one from one corner to another, you must be prepared to carry it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that the right side is up and that you use handles all the time for safety. In addition, you should avoid placing items on sensitive electronics as too much pressure may break them.

Most current electronic models are not resilient enough to pressure. Some aren’t even easy to maintain or move around the house as they may be physically damaged. Hence extreme care is not an option when it comes to your electronic items. If you own some expensive electronics, it’s only wise that you do all possible to protect that investment by doing the following. Use a surge protector while using a delicate device such as a television.  Clean them following the manufacturer’s instructions and handle them carefully while moving them.

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