Best Inflatable Pool Slides in 2022

Inflatable pool slides are an excellent addition to your pool if you have kids. They also make perfect birthday presents for kids who love swimming. These slides are ideal for summers, which increase the need for swimming due to the heat. When looking for inflatable pool slides, it is essential to know what type will be suitable for your kid. Since there are many types of these products in the market, you will find many counterfeits. For this reason, you must be very careful when looking for these slides. Our team reviewed many inflatable pool slides from many brands for you.

Are you in a hurry?

We have reviewed some of the best inflatable pool slides that make lounging on the pool fun. The leak-proof materials used to make them are UV-resistant. They also have a smooth and non-irritant surface that you can slide on comfortably in your birthday suit. All you need is water.

Best Overall

Little Tikes Slam' n Curve Slide, Inflatable Pool Slide

Little Tikes Slam' n Curve Slide, Inflatable Pool Slide

Little Tikes Slam' n Curve Slide is a comfortable size for most children ages 5-10 years. The bounce area measures around 85x71x46-inches and has a smooth structure that does not irritate kids. It is also puncture-proof and comes with a heavy-duty blower that inflates it in minutes. A basketball hoop adds to the fun of using this product pool-size. You can see all action from afar on its open design.

Smart Pick

Intex Gator Inflatable Pool Slide (for Ages 2+)

Intex Gator Inflatable Pool Slide (for Ages 2+)

Designed to support up to 120 pounds, Intex Gator is a heavy-duty inflatable pool slide that can fit three babies or more. It has a multi-functional design that consists of five main parts – a waterslide, gator, mushroom shade, fishing bucket, and a baby duck. These provide a soothing and fun play experience outdoors, which kids love. You will need 42gallons of water to fill it. You can also fix it to a garden hose to activate a unique watering feature on it.

Budget Pick

Bounceland Jump and Splash Inflatable Pool Slide

Bounceland Jump and Splash Inflatable Pool Slide

Bounceland Jump and Splash is a 6.5-foot-tall inflatable pool slide that can support up to 100 pounds. It has a durable and multi-functional design that makes playtime fun without straining the pockets of parents. With each pack, you get a slide, basketball hoop, ground stakes for support, a water hose, and a blower. You also get a repair kit and a carrying bag for moving it around. The puncture-proof design of Bounceland is kid-safe and long lasting.

Buying Guide for Inflatable Pool Slides

The new year has come with a lot of changes and lifestyle adjustments. Your kids might no longer have the laxity of joining their peers for swimming or pool splashing. But they can still enjoy their extracurricular activities while getting some valuable vitamin D in the safety of their homestead. Investing in an Inflatable Pool Slide in the backyard would come in handy. This is because of their ease of assembly, inflate, and store after use. Besides, they don't take much space in your compound.

Seeing that there are tons of options and designs of Inflatable Pool Slide in the market, getting one that fits within your preference and helps you turn your backyard into a wild water park can be an uphill task. Putting into consideration the factors outlined below in this buying guide will make it possible for you to buy the best Inflatable Pool Slides for your kids and you as well.

Safety: The safety of your kids should be your number one priority when looking for an inflatable pool slide. Always ensure that your purchase complies with the consumer product safety commission. This will give you the assurance that your choice of pool slide is tested and verified for safe use.

Size: Getting the right size of an inflatable pool slide is essential. This will save you the pain of buying many pool slides if you have a large family and kids of different age groups. Also, ensure that the size will perfectly fit within the available space in your yard.

Material: The material used should be durable, resistant to corrosion, rust, chemicals, and impact. Pool slides made of PVC with UV resistant coating will not easily get damaged when exposed to the sun and various elements, and it will serve you much longer.

Top 5 Inflatable Pools Slides in the Market this Year

We have a selection of the best inflatable pool slides for your boy or girls. They are kid-safe and resistant to abuse.

1. Little Tikes Slam' n Curve Slide, Inflatable Pool Slide

If you want to surprise your child during his/her birthday, this inflatable pool slide is a perfect choice. It features a challenging rock wall that leads to a slippery slide. The slide has a gentle curve at the end, which offers a fun ride into the pool. This slide’s design ensures all the parents see all the actions and keep an eye on their kids. It includes a basketball hoop in the splash pool area that adds extra fun to the whole inflatable. It also comes with stakes that support the bouncer firmly to keep it stable while the kids are playing. Finally, the heavy-duty blower ensures the inflatable slide gets continuous airflow and maintains its shape.

This pool features a heavy-duty vinyl construction that is resistant to puncture. This ensures optimal safety for the kids as they play on the inflatable.

  • The Little Tikes Slam' n Curve Slide is relatively easy to assemble.
  • It does not take up much storage space after use.
  • Its open design makes it easy to supervise and see all the kids at the same time.
  • The pool slide is not ideal for children over 10years.
Our Verdict:

This inflatable pool slide is the best gift for your child as it can keep them busy during weekends or after school. It will help your child cope with the hot summer months as well. The challenging rock wall makes the child stronger as they will develop motor and cognitive skills.

2. Intex Gator Inflatable Pool Slide (for Ages 2+)

If you have young kids, keeping them safe and happy is essential. That is why you must invest in a safe pool slide. This Intex Gator Inflatable Pool Slide is an excellent choice for kids because of its fun and safe design.

It comes with everything that will keep your child happy and occupied. It includes a waterslide, one mushroom shade gator, one baby duck, and one fishing bucket. Your kid will, therefore, have a great time using this pool. This inflatable slide also has a water mat for extra padding when landing and a sprayer connected to the garden hose to keep the kids cool during the hot summer months.

  • The inflatable pool slide includes a landing mat for easy and extra padding
  • Its maximum weight capacity is up to 120lbs, making it ideal for kids over two years.
  • Also included in its design is a water sprayer that is attached to a garden hose.
  • Pool Slide is not ideal for children over five years.
Our Verdict:

This inflatable pool slide comes with all the accessories you need to keep your child happy and occupied. It holds a capacity of 42 gallons of water and supports a maximum weight of 120lbs. Also, the water sprayer included ensures your kids stay cool under the scorching sun.

3. Bounceland Jump and Splash Inflatable Pool Slide

If you are looking for a multipurpose inflatable pool slide, this one is the best to buy. It features a jumping area, foot slide, pool area, basketball hoop, climbing wall, bounce house, blower, stakes, carrying bag, repair kit, and a water hose. It also includes instructions to help you set it up without a hassle. This inflatable pool slide is easy to set up, and it inflates in seconds. So, it can be up within a few minutes, which makes it very convenient. It is also easy to take down and store when not in use. You can use this pool indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

This inflatable makes the perfect gift for your kids because of its many features. It keeps the kits fit and active as they interact with their friends. It also replaces screen time and increases the social and motor skills of kids.

  • It has a water park and a bounce house for maximum fun activities.
  • It comes with an extra repair kit for easy and faster fixing of leakage or punctures.
  • Setting it up is a walk in the park. It inflates in less than a minute, thanks to its strong UL blower.
  • The Splash pool area seems to be relatively small for older kids.
Our Verdict:

This inflatable pool slide is an excellent choice to replace screen time for your kids. It keeps them active and fit and increases motor, social, and cognitive skills. It features a robust design that ensures the safety of your kids around the clock.

4. Banzai Inflatable Giant Water Slide Inflatable Pool Slide

If you have bigger kids, you can also make them active, happy, and cool during the hot summer months. This inflatable giant water slide features a climb, slide, and splash around. It also includes a basketball hoop, overhead sprinkler, and water spraying wave in the water park.

With all these features, there is no way your kids will stay bored during the holidays. If you can buy your child a caster board too, he will be the happiest kid on the block.

This pool slide is over 14 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8 feet tall, thus the name giant pool slide. Therefore, it supports older kids without difficulties, making it an excellent buy for the holidays. It features heavy-duty construction that makes it last for a long time and keep your kids safe as they jump up and down. It is also straightforward to install and takes a few minutes to assemble and inflate.

  • The pool slide is made of heavy-duty and super-strong materials for maximum durability.
  • It has a large splash pool at the bottom that is ideal for toddlers and small kids.
  • It comes with basketball, soccer, and water polo areas with hoops and nets.
  • The pool slide is too large for smaller spaces.
Our Verdict:

If you are planning to buy an inflatable pool slide for your big kids, this one is the best to pick. Its super-strong materials make it safe and durable, thus ensuring extended use. It is also straightforward to install, and you can buy it online at the convenience of your home.

5. RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide, Inflatable Pool Slide (10 ft)

This commercial-grade reinforced pontoon slide is a perfect choice for your kids as it will keep them cool and active. You can also use it with your family members and have endless fun in the water. It comes with a high-pressure pump with 12V to inflate and deflate the slide. It takes about five minutes to inflate completely, making it ideal for your water games. More so, it is easy to store because of its collapsible nature once you deflate it. This inflatable slide fits most pontoons, and you can easily attach it to your pontoon sides using the straps.

Rave sport Pontoon comes with instructions to guide you during the installation, so you will have an easy time installing and attaching it to the pontoon. Floating water mats and three-wheel bikes are equally fun to use.

  • The RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide deflates and compacts pretty well.
  • It is made of superior and durable quality commercial grade reinforced material.
  • It has a ten-foot sliding surface for maximum fun pool sliding.
  • There's no storage bag.
Our Verdict:

This Rave Sports Pontoon slide will give you hours of fun and play during hot weather. It inflates in five minutes and folds flat for convenient storage. It is easy to set up using the instructions provided, and it is available online at a fair cost.

Final Thoughts

Our selection of inflatable pool slides keeps kids engaged for long. They are durable and have multiple playing items including slides and basketball hoops. All are kid-safe.