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Key Tips to Make Your Home Kitchen Look Spacious

Amongst all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is one place that you spend most of your time.  You are either cooking for yourself, family or guests a meal or fixing a hot drink. Because it experiences the highest traffic in the home, this special area deserves a better layout of appliances and fixtures.  A spacious kitchen will accommodate all your needs while offering ultimate comfort and convenience. If your home kitchen space is too squeezed, old school, or poorly laid out, there are easy tips you may apply to make it feel spacious and luxurious.

Triangle Floor Planning

Proper layout of your kitchen is the number one tip you can never ignore, no matter how large or open the kitchen is. The most promising design all over the world is the famous triangle layout. This concept puts the cooktop, refrigerator, and sinks in an imaginary triangular formation for easier access and use. If you have metal dining chairs or a hot dog roller at home, you can also position it to conform with the orientation to improve the functionality of your kitchen. The design is very convenient for people who love preparing fresh meals at home as it allows for easy movement. Moreover, access to products such as waffle makers and glass rack is easier, which makes food preparation seamless for most people.

Enhancing the Counter Space

Enough space on your kitchen countertops is advantageous because you will be able to prepare ingredients and cook seamlessly at home. In our kitchen remodeling tips for beginners, we champion creating as much free space as possible without compromising the functionality of your kitchen. A larger counter creates a multipurpose space for food preparation at home, which can also double as an eating area or an area for storing your groceries and appliances, et cetera. Therefore, while real estate developers consider counter space a luxury, it is a basic necessity for your kitchen. You can do the following to create a functional space that you will enjoy with family and friends. First, utilize the area under cabinets. You can hand a wine glass rack under there to create a hidden yet functional space for your wine glasses. Adding shelving on walls can free up counter space, while islands add a whole new functional space.

Have some Shelves Open

Many people prefer having closed shelves in their kitchen because of their privacy. However, it pays to have some open shelves in your kitchen to open up the space and add charm to the overall look of your kitchen. Talking about open shelves, what we mean is installing kitchen shelves that do not have swing doors, which often require extra space when opening and closing. The open shelf design enables you to display kitchenware such as stainless steel silverware and Corelle dinnerware sets. They also enable easier retrieval of kitchenware and can improve the curb appeal of your kitchen and home, in general. If you implement this tip as directed, your kitchen will feel less cramped and more spacious, especially if you use a reflective or bright backsplash material.

Find other invaluable tips in this video:

Install Adequate Lighting

Ideally, your kitchen should have access to at least one external wall to install large windows that can bring in more sunlight and fresh air. However, if there are constraints to having natural lighting in your space, your kitchen may appear darker and smaller than it is. It then becomes very difficult to locate and retrieve items from shelves or cabinets. You can also have a difficult time cutting ingredients, which can be a safety hazard when handling sharp knives. to improve the lighting and therefore functionality of your kitchen, you should avoid painting walls with dark colors. Also, you should consider installing a new set of electric lighting that illuminate your working spaces. Under-cabinet lights have grown in popularity of late due to their low coat, soothing ambiance, and ease of installation. They add charm to kitchens.

No home can be complete without a large and functional kitchen. It is the source of nourishment and wellness for your family and guest. It also provides a central area where you can host family meetings on demand. Being the heart of your home, the kitchen is also one of the most frequently visited areas. As such, if not spacious enough, there will be inconveniences. With our tips, you can magically expand the space.

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