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10 Best Leather Reclining Sofas in 2023

Reclining leather sofas provide a comfortable and classic lounging area that you will enjoy with family members. They cost slightly more money than fabric sofas but offer value for money, making them a good buy. Leather, for instance, is not only eye-catching but also durable. If you wax and polish it often and keeps sharp items off it, the material lasts for long.

These sofas also have a reclining backrest that positions the body of users comfortably. As such, while watching movies, irritation and/or back pain will be non-issues for you. You will also enjoy lounging in one after a long day at work because of their soft padding. We have reviewed the best ones for you.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you looking for a new reclining leather sofa in a hurry? While these are among the best sofas you can find online today, you need to research in-depth and choose a product that you will enjoy using at home. The sofa should be comfortable and made from premium materials that will serve you for long. Also, buy a recliner sofa that blends well with your home and does not require a lot of effort to set up or maintain at home. Our top picks offer these benefits.

Best Overall

Betsy Furniture 3PC Bonded Leather Recliner Seat

Betsy Furniture 3PC Bonded Leather Recliner Seat

Betsy is a novel brand with many versatile leather recliner seats in its arsenal. This 3-piece 8018 model, for instance, has a cool-looking design (grey) made from bonded leather. The material not only has a clean look but also provides a comfortable lounging area. It is less noisy than cheap leather and has a wipeable design that is easy to clean. All three seats have a split-back design that reclines from 90 degrees to 160 degrees. You can recline each section separately for a custom experience at home. Each also seat has a footrest that reclines (90-160b degrees) to offer full-body relaxation.

Smart Pick

The Seatcraft Republic Home Theatre Seating

The Seatcraft Republic Home Theatre Seating

The Seatcraft Republic is a theatre-style seat made from hand-crafted leather (top grain). The material is popular for its longevity. It does not crack nor rip under abuse if you care for it well. Clean and wax it occasionally to retain its cool look and pliability for long. It also has a deep brown look with contrast stitches that add to its look. The Seatcraft Republic has a powered recline system that makes the adjustment of its backrest effortless. The beefy arms have lighted cup holders for your drinks and AC/USB ports for charging phones or laptops. These seats are 84-inch wide and 43 inches high.

Budget Pick

Signature Design Box Faux Leather Reclining Sofa

Signature Design by Ashley Owner's Box Faux Leather Power Reclining Sofa

The Signature Design sofa by Ashley Owner's sofa has a stylish 3-piece design made from faux leather. The material is not only soft and durable but also has a cool look that does not fade over time. The back reclines (electric), while its sports car-inspired seat cradles the body while in use. It features a deep seat (35.5-inches) that is also wide (82.63-inches) and tall (44.75 inches). It also has a heavy-duty, UL-approved design with a docking station and cup holder. Therefore, you can charge a phone and hold a drink while watching a movie.

Buying Guide for the Best Leather Reclining Sofas

We like leather reclining sofas for many reasons. They are stylish, very comfortable, and blends with and work in most areas. They are also durable than standard sofas but cost significantly more cash. What should you look for in one? If you have decided to spruce up your living area with a set of leather chairs, do not buy the first cheap one you come across. Check the following attributes to find the best one:


The hallmark of leather reclining seats is the quality of the materials used to make them. Leather is an integral part, which you should pay keen attention to while ordering one. Which is the type and quality of the leather used to make it? Faux leather is one of the best types due to its strength and comfort. The material is super comfortable and comes in a plethora of exciting colors that suit different tastes. Finally, it is easy to clean. Cowhide leather is the toughest. However, it is not as comfortable as faux leather - keep this in mind.


You will come across different sets of leather reclining sofas in different online and brick-and-mortar stores. Single or dual seat sofas work well in small spaces. However, you might have a hard time providing adequate seating space whenever visitors come knocking. Three, four, and five sets are other popular options. Check your space and buy a set that works.


A leather sofa that has a solid frame will serve you well for long. They do not creak over time and can support heavy loads without breaking. Check this and make sure that you are getting a product that provides value for cash. Check the material used to make its frame. Is it wood or metal? Wood is warmer, cheaper, lighter, and therefore the most preferred. Hardwood is the best because it withstands abuse for long. Metal frames last the longest but will cost you more money.


Recliners are of two types, manual and electric. Manual ones require a bit of effort to set up as you have to manipulate the system manually. They are cheaper, though, and therefore are among the most common in homes. Electric recliners are more convenient. With the touch of a button, you can tilt the backrest back and form into a comfortable position. These sofas are easier to use but you pay more to own a new one.

Top Five Leather Reclining Chairs in the Market this Year

We have shared snapshots of premium reclining leather chairs for the home in other sections. In this section, we go in-depth. The five products that we have reviewed herein are among the best in stores to date. if you need one for a living room, game room, or movie room, read on for more information.

1. Betsy Furniture 3PC Bonded Leather Recliner Set

Betsy Furniture is a three-piece set of leather reclining sofas that provide luxury and comfort in the home. The bonded leather used to make it is one of its centerpieces due to its design and the quality offered. It is durable and has a cool-looking grey theme that does not fade over time. Moreover, although soft, the material withstands daily abuse well. It rarely cracks if you clean and wax it as required. Stitching is durable while its beefy armrests cradle its users comfortably.

The cushioned seat has a pocket spring coil system that plays many roles. First, the system boosts the stability of the seat. The system enables the sofa to support heavy users without collapsing. Pocket spring coils also create a somewhat bouncy feel, which boosts the comfort of users.

All of the Betsy Furniture sofas in this pack have a split-back design. Asa such, you can recline the seats separately from 90-160 degrees without compromising its structural integrity. You also get a reclining footrest that offers added support.

  • The sofas have a long-lasting bonded leather cover.
  • Pocket spring coils boost structural support and comfort.
  • You get a three-piece set that fits and works in most areas.
  • The steel brackets can rust over time.
Our Verdict:

The manufacturer should improve the cheap brackets on this set of leather reclining sofa. However, they are a decent size for most spaces, look good, and are very comfortable.

2. Seatcraft Republic Home Theatre Seating

The brown Seatcraft Republic sofa is one of the best theatre rooms and entertainment areas. It has three seats, each with an independently reclining backrest for comfort. It has a grade 7000 leather upholstery that does not fade or crack over time. Its frame, on the other hand, supports up to 350 pounds, which is amazing for its size. Two fully grown adults can sit/lounge it in for hours problem-free. Fold the middle backrest to reveal a pair of cup holders and power outlets.

The Seatcraft Republic home seat scores high in terms of comfort. Its top-grain leather upholstery has a soft and comfortable feel. Its bolstered seats and armrests, and the reclining backrests of this seat boost the comfort of users further. Fully reclined, the sofa measures 65 inches. It is 84 inches wide, 43-inches high, and 37 inches high when upright.

We have also talked about carpet cleaning machines, folding step ladders, and storage shelves for the home in other articles. These can boost the functionality of your space too.

  • It has a comfortable design with bolstered and reclining backrests.
  • You get a set of cup holders and an AC outlet for charging smart devices.
  • Fully reclines to 65-inches to maximize comfort while in use.
  • Its electrical recline system can fail without warning.
Our Verdict:

The Seatcraft Republic is a plush sofa with an electrical reclines system. The backrest reclines to 64 inches. Both the seat and backrest have thick padding that cradle users comfortably while resting or watching movies. The top grain leather used to make its upholstery is stylish and durable.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Owner's Box Reclining Sofa

The Signature Design by Ashley Owner's sofa by Ashley Owners has a powerful reclining design. It has a stylish brown theme with dual-sided power recliners for adjusting its backrest. The system is easy to use as all you do is press a button and let it do its thing. Its upholstery is faux leather, which has several pros. Apart from its stunning outlook, the material has a soft and comfortable design that is easy to clean. Wipe it with a damp towel and wax it to retain its looks.

This sofa has multiple add-ons that will make your life fun. Its one-touch power controls, for instance, are convenient. You do not struggle with levers to get the backrest to recline. You also get padded armrests, dual cup holders, and a hidden storage area for personals such as blankets, etc. The UL-listed recliner sofa measures 82.63 x 35.5 x 44.75 inches.

  • The sofa has responsive one-touch power buttons.
  • It has a soft and comfortable design with a faux leather upholstery.
  • You get add-ons such as cup holders and a UL listed power cord.
  • The delivery service for the sofa is lackluster.
Our Verdict:

The delivery service for this reclining sofa has attracted negative reviews. However, the sofa’s design is top-notch. It has a comfortable and low-maintenance faux leather cover. The recliner has easy-to-use one-touch power controls.

4. Signature Design by Ashley Catanzaro Leather 2 Seat

The Signature Design by Ashley Catanzaro makes a good love seat because of its unique design. The seat measures 92 x 38 x 42 inches and therefore can fit most minimum-width doorways in homes or offices. The backrest reclines up to three inches out, while its unique style (brown) can complement most modern décor found in the home.

The upholstery is 100% top grain leather, which not only looks stunning but also feels soft to the touch. Side-mounted power control buttons are easy to use, while its adjustable headrests create a comfortable rest area. They cradle and position the head comfortably, enabling you to watch television or a movie for long. It also has a wide (92 inches) and deep-set seat (42-inches) that fits most adults. As such, apart from using it in the living area, it works in movie/game rooms too.

  • It has a durable and comfortable leather upholstery.
  • It has a wide and comfortable seat that fits most adults.
  • The reclining backrests are comfortable and have a padded headrest.
  • The frame is not solid wood, which might be a bummer for some people.
Our Verdict:

While some parts of this sofa’s frame have OSB for support, it has a sturdy and dependable design. The leather upholstery (100% top grain) is durable, comfortable, and eye-catching, while its electrical recliner is easy to use. Press a button to recline its backrest up to 3-inch back. Each seat is wide and has a padded headrest for additional support.

5. Homelegance Greeley Manual Reclining Sofa

Homelegance Greeley is a three-seater low-budget sofa that measures around 79-inches wide. It has a classic rectangular shape and a luxurious upholstery produced from top-grain leather (grey). The fabric has a soft and durable design that is easy to maintain. Wipe it with water and soap to clean dirt and grime. You should also wax it often to restore its shine and to protect the leather from fading or cracking over time.

This seat uses manual recline technology. Compared to electrical systems, you will have to exert slightly more effort to use this one. It is efficient though and designed to recline the seat’s backrest fully (seated to prone) in one pull.

The Homelegance Greeley has overstuffed components. The arms and headrest, for instance, are wide and soft for comfort. The seat, on the other hand, has a boxed pocket coil design that can support heavy loads without sagging. This sofa requires light assembly. You will need a screwdriver to screw on a few parts following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • It has an overstuffed backrest and armrests that boost support and comfort.
  • The manual recline system is efficient and easy to use.
  • Its seat has a boxed pocket coil design that lasts for long.
  • It has a few loose stitches that might come off under heavy use.
Our Verdict:

Even though you do not get a power recline system with a Homelegance Greeley sofa, its manual system is equally effective. It reclines the chair fully with one pull. The arms and backrest have thick padding for comfort. The seat, on the other hand, has a sturdy boxed pocket design that lasts.

Final Thoughts

If you need a comfortable reclining leather sofa for our home, our top picks deliver. They are stylish, durable, and come pre-assembled. All have a solid frame and premium upholstery made from either top grain leather, bonded, or faux leather.

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