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Best Medicine Balls in 2023

A medicine ball typically looks like a beach ball, but it comes with more functionalities. It helps you to perform fitness exercises to boost your general bodily health, strength, and balance. Since there are many medicine balls, you will only get the desired results if you use the right ball. You can find many weight options, brands, and materials online. Below is a compilation of our top five best medicine balls of 2023. They come in different colors and shapes, so you will find a suitable ball for yourself. Continue reading for more information.

Are you in a hurry?

Medicine balls are excellent workout accessories that can help you to build endurance and improve your outlook naturally. Commonly, workout enthusiasts use them to improve core strength. However, if you have poor posture or poor balance, which you want to correct, medicine balls are great. They are cheaper than inversion tables and recumbent exercise bikes. They also provide a comparable effect to adjustable barbels, which cost significantly more cash as well. To spice your workout routines, we have identified the best brands for you.

Best Overall

SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

EARTHLITE is a portable massage table with a comfortable full-size bed measuring 30x73 inches. This can fit most adults who need a quick and soothing massage. It also has an adjustable height (23-33-inches) and a hand upholstered dual-density cushion measuring 2-5 inches thick. This cradles the muscles and joints of users to stop irritation and injury. The top is a supple Nature’s Touch fabric that does not soak in oils, while its face cradle has a soft poly gel fill that adds more pleasure to massage. All EARTHLITE massage tables have a three-year warranty.

Smart Pick

Yes4All Slam Balls

Yes4All Slam Balls

The best folding massage table should be comfortable, durable, and provide enough space for occupants. Ranked among the best, Saloniture is a premium model crafted from hardwood. The design supports up to 450 pounds and has premium padding for comfort. The bed has a 2-inch-thick foam (high density) that cradles the joints and muscles. It also has a headrest with a 3-inch foam padding for comfort and a removable cover for hygiene. This table weighs just 37-pounds, making it portable. It is oil and waterproof and comes with a nylon bag for storing your stuff.

Budget Pick

JFIT Wall Medicine Ball

JFIT Wall Medicine Ball

With the Master Massage Montclair, you get a 31x84-inch massage table with a foldable design for safe storage. It has an adjustable height (24-34-inches) and a multi-layer foam padding measuring 3-inch thick. The table weighs 37 pounds, making it portable. The upholstered top is oil and water-resistant, while the mahogany frame can support 1500 pounds. Set up at home or in a spa, this table will not break any time soon. You get padded arm-rests and a face cushion for added comfort. It also comes with a carrying case for add-ons such as Reiki panels and Shiatsu cables.

Buying Guide for Best Medicine Balls

It is critical and healthy to include medicine balls in your exercise routine. Besides being a muscle builder to cut down extra calories, they give strength to work out. Thus, if you desire to have the best kit, here are some exciting tips.


Do not rush to pick a heavy or light ball that will not help you achieve your goal. Focus on maintaining a pleasant form and reduce injury by finding what suits your activity. However, go with your experience level. For example, the heavier balls are for strength and lighter for core movements.


Ensure to get something durable, easy to clean, and protect the content with firm stitches. Whether you consider leather, PVC, or rubber, look buy a durable product.


Despite being unable to see the contents of the ball, you can still tell a fantastic product. The quick way is to roll it in a straight line. If it slides without going right or left, then boom, that is your catch.

Top Five Best Medicine Balls in the Market this Year

The benefits of medicine balls are diverse and well recognized by millions of people. However, you need a premium product that you will not only enjoy using but will also deliver your desired effect. Here are some of the best ones for you.

1. SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

Are you looking to take your exercise to the next level? This medicine ball is a great choice for rotational abdominal exercises, upper and lower body patterns, as well as locomotors drills. It will incredibly boost your health and strength within a few days of using it. It features a dual grip handle that makes it easy to hold and use.

The rubber grip design makes the ball safe to hold, as it will not cause burns or friction. It makes it easy to perform two handle-sport movement activities such as tennis strokes and swings. If you have never used a weighted ball before, do not worry because it comes with an instruction sheet. Therefore, you can learn how to use it and get going within a few minutes.

  • It is fit for CrossFit, strength training, core, and even Abs.
  • The PVC synthetic rubber material is easy to clean, non-rust, and waterproof.
  • Your order comes with a free exercise manual.
  • The weight depends on the activity; hence, it is a challenge to pick the best.
Our Verdict:

If you want to strengthen and build your core muscles without going to the gym, this medicine ball is the best to use. It comes with an instruction sheet that guides you on how to use it safely. More so, it includes two rubber grip handles for safe and effortless holding.

2. Yes4All Slam Balls

If you would like to buy a medicine ball to strengthen your muscles and improve your overall health, this one is a perfect choice. This ball is easy to use, and its grooved and textured PVC outer shell makes it easy to hold. More so, its non-slip design ensures you get a seamless experience when using it.

This ball features a sand-filled interior that keeps it in place. This makes it less bouncy, so it will not roll away during your training. Your training session will be smooth and fulfilling because you will not run after the ball each time you place it down.

This slam ball offers you durability because of its PVC shell and sand-filled interior. It can withstand extreme slamming during rigorous exercises and can withstand daily use. If you plan to use the ball daily, do not worry because it is strong enough to last for a long time.

  • Its PVC surface makes it sturdy to withstand falls and energy from excessive activities.
  • The polyester material is easy to clean, smooth on touch, and non-rust.
  • It is unisex with a variety of weights from 10 to 40 pounds.
  • The 30-pound weight is bulky during long and heavy exercises.
Our Verdict:

Buy this ball and add an extra challenge to your muscles every day. It contains a sand-filled interior that makes it weight and stable for a smooth performance. It is also impact-resistant and therefore will serve you for many seasons. With this ball, you will become stronger and healthier by the day.

3. JFIT Wall Medicine Ball

This medicine ball has come to change the way you do your exercise. It is very versatile and makes a great addition to your gym setting. You can use this ball for strength training as well as polymetric exercises. If you want to increase your mobility, this is the best equipment to use. JFIT Wall Medicine Ball helps you with stretching and rolling out your sore and numb muscles. Its durable construction makes it the best choice for daily use. It features a premium, heavy-duty, laser-cut, and double-stitched shell that lasts for many years.

This ball comes in different weights for different training levels. The least weight is 4 pounds, and the highest is 30 pounds. Therefore, you can select the weight you feel comfortable with, or you can start from the least going up gradually.

  • It is a great unisex kit for core strength, exercises, and cardio.
  • The vinyl material is sturdy and tough to resist wear during tossing.
  • Its large size of 14 inches boosts balance during action.
  • The disclaimer caution on any inherent risks or injury.
Our Verdict:

If you plan to add an extra challenge to your routine exercise, this weighted ball will make a great choice. It is available from four to 30 pounds, giving you the freedom to choose the one you want. In addition, its durable construction promises you many years of seamless service. We have also reviewed bike rollers and exercise mats that can elevate your workout routines at home.

4. Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls

Elevate your training routine with this Champion Sports Medicine Ball. This ball provides you an excellent way to increase your strength and attain your fitness goals every day. It is enjoyable to use and offers you the convenience you need for your daily training. This ball features a non-slip grip that ensures you have a seamless exercise experience. It does not slip due to its synthetic leather construction, which provides a supple texture. Therefore, you can easily hold it even with sweaty hands and continue with your exercise.

The professional-grade construction materials make this weighted ball a perfect choice for long-term use. It features high-quality synthetic leather and reinforced stitches that ensure the ball serves you for a long time.

  • The product is returnable with a full refund when not satisfied.
  • The brand has many colors, sizes, and weights to pick.
  • Its extra stitching enhances durability, strength, protection, and endurance.
  • The ball bounces; thus, losing balance and stability at times.
Our Verdict:

A medicine ball that can last for a long time is the best choice for your daily exercise. This premium quality medicine ball, thus, makes an excellent choice for your routine practice. It is durable and has a non-slip grip for a seamless training experience.

5. ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Balls

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to add an extra challenge to your fitness routine? This medicine ball will make an ideal addition to your daily routine. It is suitable for CrossFit workouts, power and agility, functional fitness, core exercises, and strength training. It features a soft PU leather shell and a padded interior that makes it comfortable to catch and grip. More so, its cushioned design absorbs high impact during power and strength exercises. In addition, the heavy-duty double-stitched seams make them durable.

This medicine ball is 14 inches in diameter and has a balanced weight that makes it easy to use. The consistent weight allows for a hassle-free exercise session. It is perfect whether you are playing with a partner or tossing it on the wall.

  • It has leather material for durability, comfort, and protection from tear and wear.
  • You can choose from four colors and four weights of 6-20 pounds.
  • It is perfect for squats, weighted sit-ups, and lunges.
  • It is dense and with no soft spot for punches.
Our Verdict:

This medicine ball is here to help you with agility training, core, and strength exercises without any hurdle. It weighs 20lbs, but it is easy to handle due to the PU leather construction and padded interior. It is long lasting, and you can find it online at a fair price.

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