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Best Metal Dining Chairs in 2023

The only way to bring your family together is when they share a meal. Hence, the need to find the best metal dining chairs for comfort and décor in the dining area. Despite the wood-made chair being famous, the metal chair stands out from other designs. Therefore, what factors do you consider before choosing a dining metal chair? First, you need a comfortable, durable, stable, affordable, and classy-looking piece. Second, it should be resilient to daily tear, easy to clean, and all-weather furniture. Last, it should blend well with the room’s ambiance, besides matching the interior furnishing. Keep reading for more details.

Are you in a hurry?

The dining room is one of the most important rooms at home. It is where people congregate and share a meal. It also provides a comfortable area for hosting a family meeting during occasions such as Thanksgiving. As such, it needs premium furniture, key among them being dining chairs. We recommended the best metal ones because of their strength and comfort. They also come in multiple designs that you can paint to match your bar table, table base, or dining chair, et cetera. Here are the best:

Best Overall

DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair

DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair

DHP Fusion chairs are a combination of metal, wood, and plastic, that work together to create a masterpiece for the home. Each measure 17.5 x 21 x 32.5-inches, a comfortable size for most adults. The flared feet are stable and have plastic foot caps that protect floors and prevent them from slipping. As such, they work seamlessly on carpeted floors or hard floor types such as tiles. These chairs have a stackable design for safe storage. The seat is wide (14.5 x 14 inches), designed to support up to 225 pounds, and complies with the ANSI/BIFMA standard for safety.

Smart Pick

Crosley Furniture CO1001A-AQ Griffith Retro Metallic Dining Chairs

Crosley Furniture CO1001A-AQ Griffith Retro Metallic Dining Chairs

Crosley Furniture CO1001A-AQ Griffith is a 17.6-pound retro-themed dining chair that comes in multiple colors. You can find it in red, blue, green, teal, yellow, and white – all built to support up to 250 pounds. These all-metal chairs can be a little cold during the winter. However, you should not question their longevity. All have a protective powder-coat (non-toxic) that prevents corrosion and rust. It is also weatherproof, making the chairs suitable to use in open outdoor spaces such as patios.

Budget Pick

Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Steel Metallic Dining Chairs

Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Steel Metallic Dining Chairs

Modway Promenade has an upholstered form factor that can support up to 330 pounds. It has an all-metal frame with a cool-looking industrial design that blends with modern, rustic, and traditional homes. The chair measures 21 x 17.5 x 32-inches and doubles as a bistro chair, an office chair, a patio chair, and a restaurant chair. Its versatility makes it’s a top pick for the home. The seat has an X brace for additional support while its legs have rubber feet that protect floors from scratches/ dents.

Buying Guide for Best Metal Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are essential furniture to have in your dining room. They give you the comfort needed as you enjoy your tasty meal and carry out family discussions. They also add style and elegance to your space.

Metal dining chairs stand out due to their resistance to daily wear and tear. Besides, they are also an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

They also top up when you also want to enjoy dinner on the terrace or want to host a barbecue party at home. With the various types of metal dining chairs available on the market, choosing a pair that will match your style and preference can be mind-blowing.

Take time while going through this guide, as it will help you select the right metal dining chair that fully meets your needs. Comfort and design: Ensure you choose a metal dining chair that has the best of comfort and that you can comfortably on for the next two hours without getting up. Also, see that its design and color match your interior decor.

Size and Portability: Metallic dining chairs that can be moved around the house will significantly be important. This is because you might want to use them in different settings. Therefore, ensure that your choices of dining chairs are sizeable, lightweight, and portable.

Also, ensure that its size will fit your height and body shape and that your weight is significantly below the maximum capacity.

Material and Easy Maintenance: Metallic dining chairs are designed to add sheen and lightness to your space. The material is also easy to clean and maintain. With this kind of chair, you can easily wipe off food stains or drool or, worse, wipe off easily. Ensure that you go for high-quality metal, which is both durable and lightweight.

1. DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair

Allow your guests to feel at home with the DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair. It has a comfortable and robust distressed wood seat with a classic metal finish. Besides that, the steel frame has sturdy legs to hold up to 220 pounds. Hence, it is durable and stable with a beautiful outlook.

This fantastic product is affordable and comes in a set of two; thus, perfect for everyone to enjoy their meal at the table. For maintenance, use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or stains. Besides that, each leg has a plastic cap to prevent floor damage and slides. Hence, it is safe, easy, and fast to clean. Apart from that, it is light weighing 11 pounds; hence, making it compact and portable for movement and storage. Thus, it is portable when hosting guests outdoors. The outstanding antique gunmetal shade on the seat favors both home and business use.

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  • The chair is designed for both indoor and indoor use.
  • It is crafted from electric plated metal that delivers astounding durability.
  • It's the charming finish that accentuates any living space.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

The DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair is a piece of classy furniture to use in the dining room. It is easy to clean, light, portable, with a sturdy frame and legs that make it ideal for home and business use.

2. Crosley Furniture CO1001A-AQ Griffith Retro Metallic Dining Chairs

What is your favorite dining chair color? If you love the aqua shade, the Crosley Furniture CO1001A-AQ Chair is your catch. This incredible steel chair is steady. Thus, it is ideal for outdoor use. When you want to relax and breathe fresh air, here is a comfortable and robust seashell-shaped seat. Besides that, the frame is durable, warm, and can withstand harsh weather patterns, for example, the hottest summer days. To blend in with the outdoor ambiance, it weighs 17.6 pounds; hence, light, easy to carry, and store. It also has a harmless, non-toxic coat with a classy finish. It is ultraviolet resistant; therefore, light or the sun does not damage it.

Hence, it is a durable, comfortable, and non-fade item. The final coat looks terrific, smooth, and easy to clean off any dirt or stain. With different colors available, it is time to grab one of these pieces.

We have also reviewed bean bag chairs and outdoor wood benches that you can use to create a functional sleeping area at home.  

  • The metallic chair is built to last with sturdy steel construction.
  • It has 250 lbs maximum weight capacity that is recommendable.
  • It is UV and fades resistant to withstand harsh conditions.
  • In the cold weather, large patches of the paint might blister and loose from the metal.
Our Verdict:

The Crosley Furniture CO1001A-AQ is an outdoor metal chair used during meals. It is warm, strong, and comfortable, with a safe final coat that is easy to clean.

3. Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Steel Metallic Dining Chairs

For a set of two, you get fantastic dining chairs. Each piece has a silver color that blends well with most interior plain decors.

The Modway Promenade Industrial Dining Chairs have several other shades to select from a wide variety. Nothing stops guests from feeling comfortable and welcomed at the table.

You must wonder where to position this light and portable chair weighing ten pounds. The compact design makes it easy to store too. Hence, it is perfect for café, office, dining, kitchen, and patio. Therefore, it will still fit in any limited space in any of these areas. Apart from that, it has rubber legs to prevent sliding, scratching, and damage by water.

For this reason, if you are a fan of bistro chairs, this piece adds a soft, stylish, and warm feel to the room. Therefore, next time you want to feel a traditional design, go for it! Check out these Corelle dinnerware sets and stainless steel silverware sets. They look good in dining areas.

  • The chair is a perfect seat for the kitchen, office, dining room, patio or restaurant cafe.
  • It enlightens any space with modern industrial farmhouse charm.
  • The modern side chair features a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish and an X-brace for added support and stability.
  • It is not ideal for outdoor use. It might cause rusting.
Our Verdict:

The Modway Promenade Industrial Dining Chairs give comfort and warmth to guests and family while eating. It is soft, portable, strong, and easy to clean, with various mind-blowing shades available.

4. Baxton Studio Longford Dark-Walnut Wood and Black Metallic Dining Chairs

Are you looking for the best metal dining chairs for your guests and family to use during meals? You can never go wrong with the Baxton Studio Longford Dark-Walnut Wood and Metal Chair. It is light and weighs 21.1 pounds; hence, it is portable and compact, simple to carry around and store in a limited space. You can also use the lower part to store small accessories to use in the dining room.

Besides that, the vintage design represents the royal class and tradition. The brand got you an exciting and attractive black finish to cover the tough metal frame and legs. This friendly touch makes it durable, easy to clean, and maintain. It comes in a set of two, but you can purchase as many as desired. Furthermore, the warm and softwood seat has a smooth and even surface for comfort. Besides that, it protects your garment from damage and tear.

  • The chair features a sturdy metal back with a vertical line design in black finish.
  • It has a Sturdy construction and a vast seating space.
  • The metallic chair has a Seat Back Dimensions of 18.0 Inches H x 17.0 Inches W.
  • It requires assembling.
Our Verdict:

The Baxton Studio Longford Dark is walnut wood and metal chair for dining use. It is easy to clean, light but with a durable frame and stable legs.

5. SIMPLIHOME Larkin Industrial Metallic Dining Chairs

Meals are essential and part of our daily lifestyle. However, for you to enjoy, the ambiance, furniture, and interior should be welcoming. The SIMPLIHOME Larkin Industrial Metal Dining Arm Chair is what you need in your dining area. Color black matches with any home or office furniture; hence, the coated finish gives it a cool shine, a soft texture that is easy to clean. The product has firm, durable metal legs and a frame that joins with the arm and backrest for support and comfort.

With only 10 pounds, it is portable; hence, it is easy to move in and out of the house. It is also compact for easy storage while not in use. Your order comes in two pieces, but you are at liberty to order more. This elegant dining seat is safe for your guests and family. Hence, the rubber caps at the bottom of the legs prevent slides and floor damage.

  • The chair features a distressed black and silver powder-coated finish.
  • It's constructed using iron sheeting and tubing with curved back and arms with vertical slat.
  • Its Cross brace under seat provides extra stability and has Protective rubber floor glides.
  • The chair is so short, and it's highly uncomfortable and jabs you in your spine when you sit back.
Our Verdict:

The SIMPLIHOME Larkin Industrial Metal Dining Arm Chair is essential furniture during mealtime. It is durable, light, handy, and easy to clean with a powerful frame and legs.

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