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Best Motorcycle Covers in 2023

Motorcycles have metallic parts that can rust or corrode when exposed to rain. It is thus advisable to cover your motorcycle when not in use to keep it in perfect condition. Motorcycle covers shield your bike from destructive agents, depending on their construction. When purchasing a motorcycle cover, scrutinize its material to ensure that your pick will provide total protection to your bike. Remember to also check whether the cover you pick will fit your bike snugly. A cover that is too small may not cover your bike entirely, while a cover too big will not look good. Read further to find the best motorcycle for your motorcycle.

Are you in a hurry?

Buying a motorcycle is a costly investment. If you have one at home, strive to keep it safe by doing the following. Whenever you are repairing the bike, use a motorcycle lift jack or transmission jack to secure it. Whenever it is not in use, strive to cover it with a motorcycle cover to protect the paint from fading and its parts rusting. Here are the best:

Best Overall

XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

XYZCTEM All Season Black Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover

XYZCTEM is an all-season motorcycle cover designed to protect your motorcycle from the sun and water. It has a waterproof 11 x 4 x 7 inches design that can fit most brands of motorcycles measuring up to 108 inches long. This includes major brands such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson, et cetera. The 210D Oxford fabric used to make is durable and highly protective against the elements. You will never worry about heat, dust, rain, and tree sap damaging your motorcycle in storage. The cover has windproof buckles and lock holes (aluminum) for support.

Smart Pick

Velmia Motorcycle Cover

Velmia Motorcycle Cover

Velmia is an ‎81 x 35 x 47-inch motorcycle cover that protects bikes from birds, dust, snow, dirt, the sun, and wind, et cetera. It can withstand temperatures of up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit without burning and/or puncturing. It also has a tear-proof and UV stabilized design that is resistant to scratches and condensation and a soft liner. During removal set up and removal, the risk of the cover scratching your motorbike is relatively low, which is a plus. You can use the Velmia motorcycle cover safely outdoors. Its design displays your bike's plates via a cut-out.

Budget Pick

Favoto Motorcycle Cover

Favoto Motorcycle Cover

In the past, people had to build garages to protect their motorcycles from harsh elements. However, premium motorcycle covers such as Favoto have made the process effortless and cheaper. It has a universal design that fits most motorcycle brands measuring up to 96.5 inches long. The level of protection offered is desirable, mainly due to the high-quality polyester material used to make it. The long-lasting material has a silver coating on the inside that keeps off the water and excessive heat. It also has an anti-theft design with two lock holes for securing the bike. Finally, it has reflective strips (three) that improve visibility at night and a carry bag for safe storage and transport. Thus, it is suitable for traveling.

Buying Guide for Best Motorcycle Covers

You are a motorcycle lover, and you love traveling; instead of leaving your bike exposed to the harsh elements of weather, like rain, tree sap, bird droppings, dust, sun, and even the prying eyes of those with bad intentions, a motorcycle cover will be the best line of defense.

With the ever-increasing varieties of these covers in the market, this guide will open your eyes to what’s available, tried, and tested and maybe even point you in the right direction as to which is the best motorcycle cover for you. Check out our top picks in the buying guide below as well as factors to consider before buying one.

Material: Ensure that the material you choose for your motorcycle cover is waterproof or water-resistant. This will protect your bike from moisture and are breathable, allowing condensation to evaporate.

UV Protection: Hot sun can damage a motorcycle as much as rain. It can cause the paint and finish to fade away. Therefore, look for a cover with UV protection, and it will prevent harmful UV rays from causing any harm.

Heat Protection: Most all-weather motorcycle covers have heat-resistant coatings. A heat protection feature is essential because your bike generates a lot of heat through the engine and its exhaust, melting the fabric. Therefore, go for a heat-resistant motorcycle cover that will enable you to throw it over your motorcycle even if it still needs to cool down.

1. XYZCTEM All Season Black Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover (XX-Large & Lockholes)

XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover has a universal fit that fits 108-inch-long motorcycles. You can use it to cover motorcycles of different makes and models including Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. It has a 210D Oxford material construction that resists damage by weather elements. It will therefore protect your motorcycle from weather elements without falling out of shape. Your motorcycle will get total protection since the cover covers it from top to bottom.

XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover is also lightweight and will add baggage to your motorcycle. Its lightweight structure further allows you to carry the cover easily for use in different settings. two windproof buckles fasten the cover to the motorcycle, preventing wind from blowing it off. The design also features two aluminum lock holes through which you can lock it for burglary proofing.

  • It is designed to fit multiple motorcycles up to a 108 inch.
  • The cover is made of Oxford material that is mildew resistant, non-abrasive, and water repellent.
  • It is ideal for protecting your motorcycle against rain, dust, heat, tree sap, inclement weather with top to bottom coverage.
  • The cover is not 100% Waterproof.
Our Verdict:

Get the XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover today and provide your motorcycle with total protection. It will cover it from top to bottom leaving no entry for destructive weather elements. All bike owners also need a pair of jack stands, an electric grease gun, and a folding work table. We have reviewed some of the best for professional and personal use.

2. Velmia Motorcycle Cover

Velmia Motorcycle Cover is waterproof and will protect your motorcycle against rain and snow. It will also protect your motorcycle from heat, thanks to its heat-resistant material.

Velmia Motorcycle Cover can withstand high temperatures of up to 575 °F and can cover hot exhaust pipes without falling out of shape.

Premium materials make the cover ideal for use under all weather conditions. These materials are tear-resistant with UV stabilization and will therefore withstand prolonged use in the outdoors.

Velmia Motorcycle Cover is further anti-scratch, thanks to its soft inner fabric. It will therefore keep your motorcycle in good scratch-free condition. An easy installation procedure allows you to put the cover on/off fast and easily, saving you time. It is however advisable to ensure that you pick the best fit for your motorcycle.

  • The chrome finish is stylish and protective from the elements.
  • The cover is made out of premium materials for All Weather Outdoor Storage or Indoor Use in summer or winter.
  • It also features an elastic hem that provides optimal fit and a reinforced lock that offers extra security and sturdiness.
  • It will not fit well on your bike, which must be accounted for when choosing the right cover.
Our Verdict:

Your motorcycle will remain in the best condition once you cover it with the Velmia Motorcycle Cover. It has a soft inner fabric that will not scratch your motorcycle. It is also waterproof and heat-resistant.

3. Favoto Motorcycle Cover

Favoto Motorcycle Cover fits multiple motorcycle models from various manufacturers, thanks to its universal fit design. You can use it to provide total protection to all your 96.5-inch-long motorcycles. It will stand the stand of time, thanks to its heavy-duty, polyester material.

The material is waterproof and keeps water and snow from reaching and damaging your motorcycle. You can easily clean the cover using clean water and detergent, to get rid of dirt.

Favoto Motorcycle Cover additionally features two lock holes from where you can lock your motorcycle to protect it against theft. Three reflective stripes make it visible in the dark to prevent people and animals to bump into your motorcycle. The stripes are on all sides to make it visible from all directions. You also get to store the cover securely and well organized, in the free storage bag. Storing it in the bag will also reduce the storage space you will require for the cover.

  • The motorcycle cover is universal and fits various motorcycles up to 96.5” in length.
  • It is made of premium quality polyester fabrics with a silver coating inside.
  • The motorcycle cover is equipped with two lock-holes, an anti-theft design. When not in use, you can lock your motorcycle.
  • There is no mention of the breathability of fabric or a vent system.
Our Verdict:

Your motorcycle will be safe even in the dark when you cover it with the Favoto Motorcycle Cover. It has reflective light on all sides, making it easy for everyone to spot it from all directions. The following jump starters not only work on cars but also motorbikes.

4. Tokept Black and Orange Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover (XXXL)

Tokept Motorcycle Cover has a weather-resistant material construction, making it ideal for use under all weather conditions. You can use it on your various motorcycles measuring 116 inches. It has an elastic band at the bottom that provides a snug fit. Weather elements and other destructive agents will not reach your motorcycle, since the cover covers it from top to bottom.

Your motorcycle will also remain clean. Tokept Motorcycle Cover further has a robust wear-resistant 190T Oxford material that resists. The material is also waterproof, keeping rainwater and snow off your motorcycle. The cover retains its original elegance thanks to its fade-resistant material. You will find a free carry bag in the package where you get to store your cover securely and neatly. Carrying the cover from place to place will also be easy inside the carry bag.

  • The large Size (XXX-L) is Ideal for outdoor use in all climates.
  • It is made from a durable black 190T oxford fabric and a particular waterproof layer to provide maximum protection against rain and fading.
  • The striking colors of the design won’t fade quickly, and UV rays won’t cause the material to become brittle quickly.
  • There are not enough straps to ensure that the cover won’t be taken away by heavy winds.
Our Verdict:

Tokept Motorcycle Cover will fit your motorcycle snugly, thanks to its elastic bottom. It will also provide total protection to your motorcycle since it covers it entirely.

5. WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover All Weather

WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover has a 210D nylon Oxford material construction. The material is waterproof to shield your bike from water and snow. It is also robust to withstand extended use under all weather. You will therefore use it for a long time once you purchase it. The cover can handle a water pressure of up to 2000pa. Its large size will cover your motorcycle, providing total protection.

WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover further features heavy-duty buckles that attach it securely to your motorcycle. You can therefore use it during windy and stormy days with no worries. A universal fit allows you to use the cover on various motorcycle models. You also get to lock your motorcycle through the hole lock to keep thieves off. A free storage bag also provides a safe secure place to store and carry the cover in.

  • The lock hole option allows you to secure your bike when you need to leave it outside.
  • The waterproof design of this model highly recommends it, and the cover can withstand 2,000 Pa water pressure.
  • Its durability is guaranteed by using 210D Oxford fabrics, a non-abrasive material that never scratches the paint on your bike.
  • You won’t see any vents on it, and that will cause condensation to appear when storing the bike.
Our Verdict:

WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is the ideal cover for use in regions with high water pressure. It can withstand water pressure as high as 2000pa without falling apart.

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