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Best Office Chair Covers in 2023

Office chairs are important to people’s lives because they are the key to a comfortable working space. These chairs also need a little pampering to make them appealing and durable. After many years of service, your office chair may start wearing out. Instead of replacing the chair when it starts showing signs of wear, you could try to revamp it, especially if it is still functional. There are many office chair covers you can buy to give your seat a new look. With a new office chair cover, the seat will look newer and very appealing. If you need a durable and functional office chair cover, check our top picks below.

Are you in a hurry?

Office chair covers are good for sprucing up old office chairs without breaking down the bank. They come in many stunning colors that suit different tastes. They also come in diverse designs made from different materials that fit different office chairs. If you are considering buying one, check out our top picks below. We review classic and functional designs that work well in most spaces. They are durable and ready to use.

Best Overall

Smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Chair Seat Cover

Smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Chair Seat Covers

The Smiry Stretch Jacquard seat cover is spandex and (8%) and polyester (92%) fabric with a fashionable rhombic lattice pattern. It comes in stunning colors and has a thick structure that resists spills, scratches, and other accidents. As such, it is one of the best products for use in high-traffic offices or dorm rooms. Smiry Stretch Jacquard has an elasticized edge that makes its installation easy. The design fits most 18-22-inch-deep seat cushions that are measuring 1.3-2.5-inches thick. This stretchy chair seat cover has a machine-washable design.

Smart Pick

CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

CAVEEN is a classic office chair cover that fits most high back-office chairs. The fabric used to manufacture it is soft and long lasting. It is scratch-resistant and does not trap as much dirt as other fabric covers often do. CAVEEN has a stretchy design that backrests measuring 27.6-31.5-inches tall and 17.7-22.8-inches wide. It has a comfortable texture and a zippered design that does not slip once secured on the seat. This cover will breathe new life into the old office chair in your possession.

Budget Pick

JIATER Stretchable Office Chair Cover

JIATER Stretchable Office Chair Cover

JIATER has a stretchy design made from 15% spandex and 85% polyester. The fabric has a durable knit design with an elastic edge that prevents it from slipping while in use. It also has a soft and skin-friendly design that is resistant to fading or piling. JIATER stretches to offer full coverage. As such, it is suitable for protecting chairs from pets and the elements without breaking the bank. The classic coffee theme adds life to old chairs measuring 23-31 inches high and 17-23 inches wide.

Buying Guide for Best Office Chair Covers

Are you embarrassed about how fast your office chairs wear out? Office chair covers are durable, soft, dustproof, fur proof, flexible, and easy to clean. They can also beautify old office seats. Despite having several designs and brands on the market today, this review should guide you to purchase one.

Material: Consider a flexible, easy-to-clean, and install the scratch-proof fabric. It should also protect the chair from sun heat and dust. Besides that, the cover should be durable to withstand everyday use by different users and pets.

Versatility: Consider how versatile the item is before reaching for your pockets. Therefore, get an adjustable and presentable color cover to suit your office décor and furniture. You should also consider the seat size and shape for the right piece.

Purpose: Put in mind its purpose in advance. Its quality and durability depend on how busy the room where the chair sits during office hours. If you work behind a computer, look for a comfortable seat cover that will make your experience fun.

1. Smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Chair Seat Covers

Revamp your office chair with this stylish grey cover made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This cover is highly durable and stretches to fit most seats easily. It features an elastic band that makes it easy to fit into your office chair.

This seat cover is very comfortable because it features an anti-slip design. Therefore, it offers optimal comfort when you are working as you will not slide or slip. More so, it offers a snug fit that protects it from wrinkles.

With this cover, you will no longer need to replace your seat, which may be costly. This is because you can cover up the worn-out fabric with a new beautiful and appealing cover. This is, therefore, a cheaper alternative for you.

We have also reviewed adjustable table legs and bean bag chairs that can boost the functionality of your office space.

  • The rhombic lattice fabric protects the chair from dust and pet fur.
  • It is portable and easy to remove and install.
  • Its elastic edges are durable and tough to withstand daily use.
  • It is not waterproof or bleachable.
Our Verdict:

If your office chair is old and ugly, there is no need to think of a costly replacement as you can buy a new cover for the chair. This cover will be an excellent choice because it is strong and durable. More so, it offers a snug fit due to its stretchable design.

2. CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

If you have acquired a new office chair, you can protect it from damage and scratches with this office chair cover. This cover is also excellent to hide the scratches and worn-out fabric of your old office chair. Instead of buying a new chair, you can use this cover to give the seat a new fresh look. Also, this cover ensures the durability of your new chair. This cover’s design makes it very functional as it can stretch to offer a snug fit. It stretches nicely and conforms to the chair’s design. It also has high-quality zippers that ensure maximum protection of your chair.

Before you buy this cover, you should examine your chair first to know its style. You should also note the measurements of your seat to make sure you get the right size. To stay healthy while working, consider using a standing desk mat as well.

  • It shields the seat from dust, pet’s scratches, and fur.
  • The material is durable, portable, and easy to wash and dry.
  • It adds beauty and color to the room upholstery.
  • It slides away from the chair most times.
Our Verdict:

This office chair cover offers you a cheaper alternative to replacing your seat. It will make the chair look new and fresh as it will cover all the scratches and damages. It will also protect your new seat from wear and tear. This cover is budget-friendly, and you can buy it online at any time.

3. JIATER Stretchable Office Chair Cover

This office chair cover by JIATER is another excellent pick for your new or worn-out chair. It features 85% polyester construction and 15% spandex that makes it stretch but strong at the same time. This cover is a high-quality knit fabric. It will not peel or fade and will offer a long-lasting solution to your chair. Thus, whether you have a new or old chair, this cover will offer optimal protection and extend the life of your seat.

It comes with quality zippers and adjustable ropes to offer a perfect fit. The rope and zippers keep it in place and ensure it does not slide whenever you sit on your chair.

Most offices can also benefit from table bases and glass computer desks as well. We have reviewed some of the best.

  • The coffee shade blends well with most home furniture.
  • You can machine wash it.
  • The polyester and spandex fabric is clean, maintain, and use.
  • The front part is not tight enough to prevent pop-ups.
Our Verdict:

This office chair cover will offer optimal protection to your new or old chair, giving it an extended life. It comes with zippers and ropes that keep it in place and prevent it from slipping. More so, it is skin-friendly and breathable, which makes it comfortable for daily use.

4. Jinzio Computer Office Chair Cover

If your office chair features a split design, this office chair cover will be a perfect choice. It is a universal slipcover that ensures your chair gets maximum protection from the daily traffic. This cover features a durable polyester and spandex construction that makes it stronger than ordinary cloth. It thus offers longevity and increases the life span of your chair, whether old or new. This cover will hide all the rips, tears, and tattered edges of your chair and make it look new again.

Installing this office chair cover is straightforward and does not require any lengthy procedures. You only need to slip the cover over your seat gently and tuck it in.

  • The polyester material is soft, easy to clean and install.
  • It is flexible and stretches to fit most big chairs.
  • It is flexible and stretches to fit most big chairs.
  • The fabric is thin; hence, liquids go through it.
Our Verdict:

Give your old chair a retouch with this office chair cover. It offers optimal protection to your new seat and gives your new one an upgraded look. It features tensile strength spandex and polyester fabric that makes it robust and long-lasting.

5. SARAFLORA Office Chair Covers

Are you looking for a cheap way to revamp your old office chair to make it beautiful and appealing? This office chair cover by SARAFLORA offers you a perfect solution. Its elastic fabric made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex makes it durable and strong. It will therefore protect your seat and give it a new, appealing look. This chair cover comes with high-quality zippers that facilitate fixation and keeps the cover intact.

The zippers ensure the cover does not slip or wrinkle, making it very comfortable and ideal for daily use.

Another great benefit you get from this chair is its machine washable nature. This makes it easy and fast to clean. You should use cold water and avoid bleach as it may destroy it.

  • The polyester elastic material is flexible and it fits most office chairs.
  • The material is durable, fur and dust protector.
  • It is soft, easy to clean, and dries fast.
  • The cover cannot withstand bleaching.
Our Verdict:

This office chair cover is everything you need to keep your office chair protected from daily use, dirt, and spillages. It will protect the chair and give it a new upgraded look, eliminating the need to buy a new seat. Besides, its strong polyester and spandex construction ensures durability.

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