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Best Outdoor Wooden Benches in 2023

Outdoor wooden benches have a classic or rustic theme that looks good outdoors. They come in many stunning shades and are available in hard and softwoods such as blue teak and oak. Therefore, if you are sprucing up a patio and a seating upgrade is high on your list of wants, they are an ideal choice. We have reviewed solid and stylish brands for homes herein.

Are you in a hurry?

Buying wooden chairs is not as easy as buying bean bag chairs or metal dining chairs because of their bulk. You should make sure that your brands of choice will fit your space before pressing the buy button. Also, look for a sturdy product with a premium finish that can withstand the elements. Here are some notable ones that never disappoint.

Best Overall

Christopher Knight Home Catriona Outdoor Bench

Christopher Knight Home Catriona Outdoor Bench

Christopher Knight Home Catriona is a 63 x 14.5 x 17.75-inch outdoor bench made from high-quality acacia wood. It also has metal accents that boost its stability and give it a rustic look that most users love. As such, it is perfect for sprucing up outdoor patios. You can also use it to create additional seating space on a roof deck of a home garden without breaking the bank. The Chinese-made bench lasts for long.

Smart Pick

Christopher Knight Home 304879 Abbet

Christopher Knight Home 304879 Abbet

This wooden bench seat from Christopher Knight provides 63 x 14.25 x 17.75 inches of sitting space. It weighs 24.2 pounds and has a robust industrial design made from teal and black metal accents. Left outdoors, the material does not rot or warp as quickly as some soft woods do. Its cool-looking black and brown theme does not fade over time, its hair pin legs are resistant to corrosion and rust. Therefore, you can expose Christopher Knight Home 304879 Abbet to the elements without issues. The outdoor wooden bench needs mild assembly to work.

Budget Pick

2x4basics 90134ONLMI Hopkins Chair or Bench

2x4basics 90134ONLMI Hopkins Chair or Bench

The universal design of the 2x4basics 90134ONLMI Hopkins doubles as a bench and chair. It is spacious (40 x 6 x 33 inches), light (12.1 pounds), and made from a heavy-gauge structural resin. The material not only supports a lot of weight but is also resistant to the elements, which is a plus. The chair comes in multiple color options for all spaces. If needed, you can order it with a matching table to create a functional eating and lounging area at home. You can also transform it into a chair or loveseat measuring up to 6 feet.

Buying Guide for Outdoor Wooden Benches

Do you want to install a new set of wooden benches on your patio to increase sitting space? You need a durable and good-looking product that can withstand environmental abuse for long. It should fit your space well and add to its look rather than taking away from it. In this section, we evaluate a few factors to keep in mind while shopping to get the best.

Wood: Outdoor benches are mostly made from wood. However, the experience you will have is dependent on the species of wood used to make one. Check this to ascertain whether your preferred product is softwood or hardwood. Softwood benches are cheaper but do not last as long as hardwood ones do. They can warp and/or rot over time when exposed to the elements. Also, to do not perform as well as hardwood benches in high traffic areas. Spend more money on a hardwood bench to avoid such issues and many more.

Longevity: You need a durable product that can withstand abuse outdoors for years. While the quality of wood used to make it is a good pointer, check its stability or quality of its build as well. Steel legs, for instance, not only look good but also can support a lot of weight. Also, bolted or screwed benches tend to last longer than nailed ones, so check that out as well. Make sure you are getting a long-lasting bench.

Size: How much space do you have at home for the new bench? By failing to research, many people order outdoor benches that fail to fit their available spaces. This can be frustrating as you have to ship back the bench or reduce its size to fit your space. To avoid such space, measure your available space and use it as a guide to find the best bench.

Set Up: Does your bench of choice need a complicated setup to work or comes ready to use? You will have to fasten a few screws to get your preferred outdoor wooden bench to work. However, do not order a brand that might be too much to handle. Make sure that you can move it around when needed. You should also be to assemble it using simple tools quickly.

Top 5 Outdoor Wooden Benches in the Market

Wooden benches not only create a functional lounging area at home but also look great. They are durable than standard plastic seats and can withstand abuse from elements such as rain, snow, and the sun without warping or fading. If you are looking for one to upgrade your home or personal space, this section is for you. The five brands that we have reviewed herein are durable and work well in most spaces.

1. Christopher Knight Home Catriona Outdoor Wooden Bench

Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor space with a high-quality wooden bench? Christopher Knight Home Wooden is an excellent choice. It features a wood sitting area with a beautiful teak finish and rustic metal aluminum frames, making it very appealing and perfect for your outdoor space.

The wood and metal frame make this bench highly durable and able to withstand any weather. It is resistant to cracking, rust, and corrosion, meaning it will serve you for a long time. More so, it is long lasting due to the strong frames, making it a perfect choice for your garden. If you love eating outside when the weather is favorable, this bench makes a perfect accompaniment to your outdoor dining table. Therefore, if you want a change, this is the best bench to buy.

  • The product is resistant to cracking, corrosion, and rust.
  • A reputable brand with a beautiful teal finish.
  • It has a comfortable sitting area made from well-finished wood.
  • The customer service system for this wooden bench is very poor.
Our Verdict:

This bench gives you a perfect outdoor space every day. It is robust and long lasting, which makes it able to withstand outdoor weather. More so, its wood and metal design make it very attractive and a perfect addition to your backyard. This bench is readily available on online outlets at a low price.

2. Christopher Knight Home 304879 Abbet Outdoor Bench

If you are an industrial-style furniture enthusiast, this bench will make a perfect pick. It is an attractive industrial wood bench with a teak and black metal finish. This bench features acacia wood construction combined with hairpin iron legs that makes it an excellent choice for your backyard. The treated wood and black coated metal make it ideal for outdoor weather and a perfect addition to a deck or patio.

The sitting area of this bench is wide enough to support three people comfortably. Also, it has a sturdy build. Therefore, you can sit on it comfortably without falling or breaking the bench.

  • It has a sturdy build that provides a comfortable sitting area.
  • The treated wood and coated metal used to make it last for long.
  • Its industrial-style design blends well with most homes.
  • None that we can find.
Our Verdict:

If you are searching for a wooden bench for your backyard, this is the best to buy. It is strong and resistant to the weather, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It is also lightweight and thus easy to transport and easy to assemble without using complex tools.

3. 2x4basics 90134ONLMI Custom Anysize Chair Bench Ends

If you love customizing your space, this product is the best to pick. It includes two bench end supports, hardware, and instructions that allow you to create your bench. This means you can use the materials you want and build an outdoor bench according to your preferences.

These brackets feature heavy-gauge structural resin to give maximum support to your lumber. They are sturdy and durable and can withstand any harsh weather, thus promising you extended service.

  • Its heavy-duty design can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • The bench has secure brackets and structural resin reinforcements that boost its strength.
  • Has a stylish design that you can expand to include a table.
  • Lacks a few critical hardware that you will have to buy separately.
Our Verdict:

This product is suitable for people who love building their things, including outdoor benches. You are getting heavy gauge structural resin brackets that will offer optimal support to your bench. More so, the brackets include beverage holders that make it perfect for the outdoors. We have also reviewed wooden bed frames and leather reclining sofas that work equally well in most types of homes.

4. Anderson Teak BH-257 Sakura 2-Seater Bench

This Sakura two-seater wooden bench is another excellent choice for your outdoor space. It is very attractive and will immediately spruce up your deck, patio, or garden. If you love relaxing in your outdoor space after a long day, this bench is the ideal choice.

It is resistant to mildew and faded as well as other harsh weather elements. It will, therefore, serve you for an extended period without losing its integrity. This bench features thick grade-A quality teak that makes it very durable and long-lasting. It will last from generation to generation, making it a perfect choice for your backyard.

  • The bench is resistant to mildew and harsh weather conditions.
  • Its top is teak, a long lasting wood with a smooth top.
  • Works well on gardens, patios, and decks, to name a few.
  • It is somewhat small and comes unfinished.
Our Verdict:

Buy this high-quality outdoor bench and make your outdoor space more interesting every day. It features a thick grade-A quality teak construction that makes it last for generations without losing its integrity. More so, it is resistant to mildew and fading, making it a perfect choice for the outdoors.

5. Christopher Knight Home 312780 Gladys Outdoor Wooden Bench

Here is another attractive modern industrial style acacia wood bench that you should consider buying for your outdoor space. It features a powder-coated frame and sleek wooden slats construction that makes it very appealing. If you love industrial-style furniture, this one makes an excellent choice as it combines smooth metal and natural wood design.

The acacia wood used to create it makes it have a uniquely sleek and exotic design. This wood is durable and can comfortably withstand all weather elements. More so, it is resistant to mildew and will not darken over time.

The heavy metal frame is resistant to rust and corrosion, which means it will last for a long time without wearing out.

The hairpin legs provide stability and create the perfect minimalist, industrial look. More so, the sides of this bench feature a stunning live edge that mimics the raw wood.

This brings a natural touch to the wood and brings out the industrial look and feel.

  • Its natural wood finish looks stunning in most areas.
  • The metal frame is durable and resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Acacia wood has a minimalist industrial look with a comfortable platform.
  • A few misaligned holes make it hard to set up.
Our Verdict:

If you want a modern industrial-style bench, this one makes an excellent choice. It features a high-end wood and metal construction that perfectly brings out the industrial feel. More so, it is resistant to mildew and rust, making it last for many seasons without wearing out.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor wood benches are a good addition to homes as they are stylish and provide a comfortable sleeping area. they also withstand the elements better than plastic and metal and come ready to use. Therefore, in addition to beach chairs, screen houses, and lounger air sofas, an outdoor wooden bench/chair will improve the value of your home.

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