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Best Pool Skimmers in 2023

Swimming pools offer a great place to relax and exercise swimming skills. Besides, it enhances flexibility, strength, as well as endurance. However, as a swimming pool owner, you should expect a few responsibilities. Eliminating floating debris and contaminants is one of these tasks. To achieve this, you need quality pool skimmers.

Keeping your swimming pool clean is mandatory. Either way, no one wants to go swimming in a pool filled with algae, debris, and who knows what else. It is not only gross, but it can also cause health complications. Thus, if you own a swimming pool, there’s no doubt you’ll require pool skimmers. If you want great models, check out this list.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you have a pool at home and live in a wooded area? You will need two things to maintain a clean pool. First, you will clean a pool vacuum head to clean the floor. We have reviewed some of the best brands in another article. You will also need a pool skimmer, the best of which we have reviewed herein.

Best Overall

WOLLGORD Pool Skimmer

WOLLGORD Pool Skimmer

WOLLGORD Pool Skimmer has a sturdy and lightweight design with a telescoping pole (33.5-55-inches). As such, you can use it to clean shallow and deep pools effortlessly. The product has a long-lasting plastic frame. The pole is aluminum, while its net is fine mesh, which traps both small and large debris for quick disposal. WOLLGORD is easy to use. Skim it on the surface of your pool to trap leaves and other floating debris, which you can then dispose of as you like. Most people can use it 12.8 ounces design without straining their back and joints et cetera.

Smart Pick

Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Skimmer

Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Skimmer

With the Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Skimmer, you will have to order a handle separately. However, it remains a valuable product for homeowners because of its low cost and its versatility. You get two rake – a shallow set one for light cleaning and a deep-set one for heavy cleaning. Both have a lightweight plastic frame that lasts for long. They work in pools and ponds and have rounded ends for scoping debris on edges without damage. Both products can fit up to 1.12-inch poles.

Budget Pick

Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer

Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer

The Swimline 8051SL has a super fine mesh basket for doing quick and routine pool maintenance. It weighs 13.6 ounces and has a telescoping handle (2-4 feet0 this is an ideal size for most people. Made from aluminum, the pole is durable. It rarely bends under a load and is less prone to corroding or rusting. It also has a non-slip plastic insert on the end that boosts its stability while in use. The net measures 60-inches long and has a “snap adapt” system that makes its set up quick and easy.

Buying Guide for Best Pool Skimmers

A pool skimmer will come in handy for pool lovers who are looking for a device to help them clean their pool. This device will help you clear all the debris and leaves either above ground or in-ground. Additionally, it aids in skimming water, an easy task, and with all the ugly, potentially harmful froth gone, your pump will work so much more efficiently. To help you pick on the right Pool Skimmer and one and that will serve your needs perfectly, we’ve re-evaluated some of the best models available and included a buying guide, so you know what to look for.

Durability: Since all skimmers are not created equal, ensure you check the material used to design it. You do not want to buy a product that will break from your hands when you throw it into the pool. Moreover, its functionality should be durable as you would like to buy a skimmer that breaks down quickly and frequently.

Mesh Quality: Ensure that the mesh is of the highest quality that can catch almost anything and one which flies through the water with ease. If the mesh is going to tear or rip after a few uses, it is next to useless. All pool owners can also benefit from a swimming pool brush and an above-ground pool cover. The former is suitable for cleaning the bottom of pools while the latter can protect your above-ground pool from harsh elements.

1. WOLLGORD Pool Skimmer

This pool skimmer net has a combined length of 60inches. It comes with an adjustable telescopic pole made from aluminum and extending from 21 to 47.2 inches. The pool net dimensions are 16.9 x 11.60 x 1.2 inches. Even better, this device is durable yet light in weight, thus adding to its convenience. Plus, the net frame features a high-quality plastic material for continued service season after season. The best thing is that this pool skimmer net is ideal for commercial and residential use.

Additionally, the WOLLGORD Pool Skimmer net comes with a fine mesh that effectively scoops even the tiniest bugs and particles. The unique EZ clip handle design with buttons on both sides makes it easier to attach any accessories.

  • The pool skimmer has a High quality plastic frame, polypropylene mesh, and aluminum pole.
  • The skimmer is essential for smaller above-ground pools or quick spot skimming any size pool.
  • Its unique design allows it to move effortlessly through the water. No more straining your arms.
  • Its unique design allows it to move effortlessly through the water. No more straining your arms.
Our Verdict:

You can never go wrong by purchasing the WOLLGORD Pool Skimmer Net. It comes loaded with multiple superior features that enhance its convenience, strength, and longevity. These features include an adjustable telescopic pole design, durable and sturdy construction, and rounded edges.

2. Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Skimmer 

Once your package arrives, expect one deep-bag pool rake and one shallow swimming pool leaf net. Though the manufacturer does not include a pool pole, they ensure that the pool net is compatible with most pool poles on the market.

That said, the manufacturer recommends you seek a pool pole with 1.12inches inner diameter and holes for v-clip or butterfly attachment. This skimmer pool net comes with a sturdy hard plastic frame, fitted with strong fine netting.

Uniquely, the Rongbo Pool Skimmer Net has straight sides, which can flush against the poolside to remove any stuck leaves, unlike the curved ones. The durable construction allows for prolonged, worry-free service, while the fine mesh catches even the tiniest debris.

  • It is compatible with most standard pool poles and effortlessly handles cleanups of the pool.
  • Its unique curved sides will scrape debris from the pool-side very well.
  • Its straight sides ride flush against the pool-side to remove stuck-on leaves.
  • Stiff netting material — hard to empty debris.
Our Verdict:

Here is yet another pool skimmer net constructed with your best interest at heart. It is compatible with most pool poles, making it an ideal replacement for those owning a pool pole but who lack the net.

We have also reviewed inflatable swimming pools and water pressure guns in other articles.

3. Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer

Have you been wondering where to get yourself a reliable pool skimmer? Luckily for you, the long search is over. Thanks to its years of reputable service, you can be sure you are getting the best when purchasing any SWIMLINE product.

Besides, the SWIMLINE 8051SL Pool Skimmer Net is adequate proof that SWIMLINE dedicates itself to providing you with the best. This skimmer pool net comes with a four-foot telescopic pool pole and boasts high-quality and safe materials.

That said, the durable materials ensure continued, worry-free service season after season. Besides, the manufacturer only uses tested and safe materials to protect you, your loved ones, and customers against any unexpected side effects.

  • The skimmer has an expandable length of 6’ to 12’ helps clean all areas of the pool perfectly.
  • The pole features an external lock cam that locks the length of the pole and never gets slippery.
  • It is built of aluminum material that gives it fantastic durability and strength.
  • The attachments may loosen and fall apart.
Our Verdict:

SWIMLINE is a family-owned company manufacturing high-quality swimming pool liners, toys, games, and maintenance equipment since the 1970s. This pool skimmer net is one of its most significant works, as evidenced by its superior features and durable construction.

4. Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net

Here is a durable accessory for the most effortless pool maintenance. The Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net is easy to use and provides the most convenient way to clean both above and in-ground pools. Remove any debris – both large and small – with a few passes.

Additionally, this pool skimmer net boasts of a frame made from durable ABS plastic, while the mesh area is large and fitted with the finest mesh available on the market. Let us not forget the rounded edges and tapered front tip.

Other than that, the large mesh area enables you to quickly clean your pool with a few passes without having to keep on emptying its contents. Besides, this pool skimmer net comes with a universal holder to attach to any telescopic pole to extend your reach. Let us not forget the tapered front tip, which enables you to clean the along the pool bottom.

  • It is a long-lasting accessory with a strong, durable frame with rounded borders for the most effortless pool maintenance.
  • Thanks to its deep fine mesh bag, it is suitable for handling both big cleanups and small debris.
  • The pool skimmer is made of a heavy-duty ABS plastic frame that prevents it from breaking easily.
  • The quality of net material may be ordinary thus not durable.
Our Verdict:

Undoubtedly, the creators of Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net had your best interest at heart during this unique pool skimmer net production. Given that this skimmer net does not come with a pole, the manufacturer included a universal holder so you can attach it to any telescopic pole.

5. SROOD Pool Skimmer Net

The SROOD Pool Skimmer Net has a total length of 64 inches. Each purchase comes with four 80-inch telescopic aluminum rods – with a minimum height of 24.8inches and a maximum length of 64inches – and a 15 x 14.4 inches triangular mesh head.

Uniquely, the frame and telescopic rod feature thickened, high-quality material that does not twist, bend or break under heavyweight. Plus, this skimmer pool net comes with a retractable aluminum rod and a frame that you can disassemble and fold during storage.

Notably, you’ll have an easy time setting it up, which saves you time and energy. Besides, the sturdy aluminum rod and frame ensure you cannot easily damage the pool skimmer net during regular use. Plus, the fine mesh leaves your pool free of all debris.

  • The frame and telescopic rod of the pond skimmer are made of thickened, high-quality aluminum.
  • The pool slag trap consists of a retractable aluminum rod, and a frame quickly disassembled and folded.
  • It is ideal for daily use for fast, easy, and efficient pool cleanup.
  • The bracket can lose at any time, thus not efficient.
Our Verdict:

The SROOD Pool Skimmer Net is a must-have for any pool owner, whether private or commercial, seeking to keep their pool clean and safe. Uniquely, it has a frame you can disassemble and fold, saving you on storage space. Besides, it has an extra-long pool pole to reach the areas unreached by other skimmer pool nets.

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