Best Portable Air Scrubbers in 2022

What practices should you follow to maintain a clean environment at home? Well, good ventilation can help, but purchasing quality portable air scrubbers will guarantee fresh air all the time. These gadgets are specially designed to eliminate invisible and harmful substances from the air. In addition, these devices help to improve health. They guarantee safe and clean air within your house. As such, you can relax at home without worrying about lung infections and other related health complications.

It is crucial to note that these gadgets come in different shapes and sizes. To help you, below is an in-depth evaluation of the top-rated portable air scrubbers.

Are you in a hurry?

A portable air scrubber can improve the air quality of your home and help you to live a long and healthy life. However, you will need a high-powered product suited for your space and that can satisfy your needs without burning a hole in your pocket. In this past, this was a hard job for people on a tight schedule. Not anymore. In this article, we have a snapshot of good brands that work well off the shelf.

Best Overall

BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL HEPA Scrubber

BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL HEPA Scrubber

BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL uses HEPA filters to pick dirt, debris, and bad odors from the air, to leave the home smelling fresh. It also removes all other contaminants that can cause long-term respiratory issues such as mold spores, pollen, and bacteria. The system has indicator lights that tell you when it is operational. It is also fire retardant and has a speed controller that you can use to adjust its capacity as it cleans. The system works well in most areas of the homes, such as kitchens and living areas. You can use it in the kitchen too.

Smart Pick

XPOWER X-2480A HEPA Purifier System

XPOWER X-2480A HEPA Purifier System

XPOWER X-2480A is an advanced HEPA air purifier that boasts an efficient three-stage filtration system. It picks up to 99.97% of harmful particles from the air. It can also filter odors and airborne bacteria to leave the air in your home clean and smelling fresh. Its compact design takes a little space in homes. It is also easier to set up and uses a ½ horsepower motor that moves 550 CFM of air. Even though small, it is one of the most powerful brands in this niche.

Budget Pick

MOUNTO AF500 Industrial HEPA Air Scrubber

MOUNTO AF500 Industrial HEPA Air Scrubber

Even though considered a budget product, MOUNTO AF500 is an industrial-grade product with efficient HEPA filters. Its two-stage system picks up to 99.97% of debris and dirt via a 1/3 horsepower motor that achieves 500 CFM. It is small enough to fit in most homes and workstations and has a portable design that you can travel with effortlessly. As such, whether you have an issue with odor control or need sewage remediation, this product can satisfy your needs.

Buying Guide for Portable air Scrubbers

Clean, odorless air is not only healthy but also comfortable. The air in your room may however get contaminated by different agents such as dust and smoke. In such instances, you need an air scrubber to clean the air and remove odor. Read this buying guide to learn about the essential factors to look for when buying an air scrubber.

Precision: If total air purification is your reason for buying an air scrubber, then you need to inquire about its precision. Different scrubbers will remove different sizes or particulates within different periods. Others will also get rid of the odor. Therefore, choose one that suits your needs.

Portability: You may need to move the air scrubber around your room depending on its size. You may also need to move and use it on different sites. In such cases, a light, compact air scrubber will be ideal.

Energy Efficiency: We all need to save as much as we can, to use in other important areas. Therefore, the ideal air scrubber should use low power to avoid huge power bills.

Top 5 Portable Air Scrubbers in the Market

Have you decided to install a portable air scrubber at home to improve air quality? Are you struggling to find a suitable brand for your home due to your inexperience or lack of time? We have a section of five top-rated brands that work in all settings. Check them out and buy the best for the home.

1. BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL HEPA Scrubber

Here comes another heavy-duty air scrubber. The BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL Air Scrubber features both a pre-filter and HEPA filter to remove all types of contaminants. With this unit, you won’t have to worry about mildew, sawdust, asbestos, pollen, and any other potentially dangerous particles.

Besides, it’s a versatile device that you can in different applications, such as fire damage restoration, home repair, and sewage remediation. The included LED indicator lets users know the right time to change the filter. Better still, there’s a variable speed controller for making adjustments.

With the standardized HEPA filters, this gadget can eliminate up to 99.97% dust particles, thus leaving you with a clean and contaminant-free environment. Apart from eliminating dust particles, the scrubber also removes bad odors, thanks to the optional carbon filter. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about odors from cooking, paint, and pets.

  • The carbon filter helps keep your environment fresh by eliminating all odor therein.
  • It has high 99.97% precision and removes all particles and allergens from the air in your room.
  • A pre-filter removes large particles from the air, leaving the HEPA filter to remove the finer particles efficiently.
  • The carbon filter is not included in the package thus you have to purchase it separately.
Our Verdict:

The BlueDri BD-AS-550-BL Airbourne Cleaner HEPA Scrubber ticks all the important boxes. The construction is sturdy for longevity, while the LED indicator shows when to change the filter. Still, the 3 filtration stages work effectively to ensure your air is clean.

2. XPOWER X-2480A HEPA Purifier System

The XPOWER X-2480A Professional 3 Stage Filtration System is another powerful system that delivers excellent performance. The model boasts of advanced 3-stage filters. With the included HEPA filter, it’s capable of eliminating 99.97 of harmful air particles. Besides, it’s a lightweight and compact air scrubber. As such, you won’t struggle with bulky filters when you want to move it around the house. When you add the included carrying handle, you get a convenient unit to carry to any workstation.

Apart from that, it features a powerful ½ HP motor and produces an impressive airflow of 550 CFM. It’s also an energy-efficient filter, thus helping to cut down the electricity bills. Still, this filtration system features durable ABS plastic, which means it can stand the test of time and offer long-term service.

  • Lightweight and small structure allowing easy portability from site to site.
  • 3-stage filtration that effectively removes 99.97% of small particles from the air.
  • 2 Washable nylon filters that remove large and medium contaminants from the air.
  • It has a loud motor that makes it unsuitable for use in areas where silence is needed.
Our Verdict:

Durability meets functionality with the XPOWER X-2480A. It features durable ABS plastics that guarantee longevity. Also, the combination of a powerful motor and a 3-stage filter will give you a clean home.

3. XPOWER X-2580 HEPA Mini Air Scrubber

For those looking for a high-performance air filter, look no further than the XPOWER X-2580 Professional 4-Stage Air Scrubber. This model features a commercial-grade ½ HP motor for unmatched air filtration. The model can produce 550 CFM airflow, which is enough to eliminate most dust particles.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the convenience of 5 adjustable speeds. You can choose the perfect setting, depending on the application at home. The noise level is low, so no worries about disrupting other members at home.

One unique feature that sets this air scrubber apart from the rest is the 4-stage filtration system. With the combination of HEPA filter and carbon filter, you’ll eliminate both dust particles and bad odors. Being a versatile air scrubber, you can use this unit in several applications, such as construction sites, property management, as well as disaster remediation.

  • 4-stage filtration removes 99.97 of small particles sized 0.3 microns and below.
  • 5 adjustable speed settings allow you to set your preferred speed levels.
  • Energy-saving ½ HP motor that produces 2.8 amps at its highest speed.
  • It is too noisy and disruptive when working at high speed.
Our Verdict:

The XPOWER X-2580 Professional 4-Stage Air Scrubber will surely give you value for money. It’s powerful, energy-efficient, durable, and cost-effective at the same time. Thus, if you’d like to improve the quality of air at home, consider investing in this portable air scrubber.

4. MOUNTO AF500 Industrial HEPA Air Scrubber

Portability and functionality should top your list of preferences when buying air scrubbers. The MOUNTO AF500 1/3hp 500 cfm Industrial Air Scrubber offers all these features, plus a host of other important features. To start with, it boasts an impressive 2-stage filtration system that leaves you with contaminant-free air. Additionally, the industrial-grade purifier is lightweight and easy to carry. Therefore, you can comfortably carry it at home or any other working space. Also, emptying the filters is easy.

With a variable airflow between 250 and 500 CFM, you get a perfect system for sewage remediation, odor control, and fire damage restoration. What’s more, the model’s filtration system is rated 99.97%, which means it eliminates nearly all harmful particles. All homes need electric pressure washers and carpet cleaners too. Buy the best.

  • Two-stage filtration, involving pre-filtration for large to medium particles and HEPA filtration for smaller particles.
  • Versatile, allowing use in various settings such as sewage remediation and fire damage restoration.
  • 250-500cfm speed switch to allow the adjustment of filtration speed to your preferred level.
  • Does not include a user manual, making it unsuitable for beginners.
Our Verdict:

The MOUNTO AF500 1/3hp 500cfm Industrial Air Scrubber makes a great selection. It’s an efficient filter, coming with an industrial-grade purifier and HEPA filter. Better yet, you’ll appreciate the impressive airflow.

5. XPOWER X-3580 Air Scrubber

A four-stage air scrubber always delivers great performance. The XPOWER X-3580 Professional 4 Stage Air Scrubber takes this technology a notch higher to ensure you enjoy clean and safe air. The included carbon filter effectively eliminates all kinds of odors. You will need a pool brush to clean a swimming pool and a pressure washer for garage floors. We have covered these in other articles.

Furthermore, it’s durable with ABS plastic. It can, therefore, withstand tough working spaces without compromising on performance. The 600 CFM airflow, along with the low 2.8-amp motor, will give you a reliable and functional air scrubber.

Furthermore, the 5-speed control switch on this air scrubber allows user to pick their preferred setting. With the ETL certification, the manufacturer proves it meets the industry standards for safety. Better still, you get a 1-year cover, further proving this is a reliable air filtration system.

  • Small and Lightweight ABS plastic material construction for easy storage and transportation.
  • Powerful and energy-efficient motor, producing only 2.8 Amps at the highest speed.
  • A 5-speed control system allowing you to work at a comfortable speed.
  • It produces too much noise when operating at high speed.
Our Verdict:

The XPOWER X-3580 Professional 4 Stage Air Scrubber will suit anyone looking for a durable and functional filtration system. The manufacturer uses premium-quality materials, and the 5-speed control will ensure you have a safe environment.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a clean internal environment is not as hard as some people think. Use the best home carpet cleaner to pick debris from the floor. In addition, you will need an air scrubber to pick loose dirt, bacteria, and spores from the air to keep it clean. They take up little space and have portable designs that work in most settings. Their powerful motor drive designs, on the other hand, do a good job always.