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Best Shower Transfer Benches in 2023

Shower transfer benches make it easy to slide in/out of the bathtub. They are particularly useful for the elderly, sick, and people living with disabilities. Users get to enjoy independence and privacy in the shower, thanks to these benches. They can take a shower without the help of caregivers. They are also durable and come in many sizes and shapes that fit most bathrooms. We have reviewed some of the best ones below.

Are you in a hurry?

If you have an elderly resident at home, he or she will benefit from a new shower transfer bench in many ways. First, they no longer have to depend on other household members to bail them out while taking a shower. With this product, they can quickly transition from the shower to a wheelchair without the help of a third party. Most models also provide a comfortable sitting area while having a shower or bath. Check our selection of the best brands for home use in the market this year.

Best Overall

MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench

MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench

MedMobile is a 24x15-inch bathtub transfer bench that makes the transition from a wheelchair to the bathtub effortless. It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a protective coating that prevents rust. The seat has a waterproof design with a backrest for support. It also has an adjustable design that you can set to a comfortable height in one-inch increments. Whether you are short or tall, therefore, this bench will be of benefit to you. All legs have a non-slip plastic boost for stability/safety.

Smart Pick

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Carousel is a professional grade transfer bench with a sliding design that makes showering or having a bath effortless. You can use it to get inside and out of a tab. Because of its waterproof design, you can also take a shower on it without major structural damage. The padded seat is comfortable. It also has armrests and a backrest for additional support and closed-cell padding (molded polyurethane) that makes your shower experience enjoyable. To work, Carousel needs toolless assembly.

Budget Pick

Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

Gateway Premium is a professional-grade sliding transfer bench that makes shower and bath times seamless. Recommended for homes, nursing homes, and hospitals, it has a robust design with a metal frame and a padded seat. The former had non-slip rubber feet for stability, while the latter has a backrest for added support. Its seat and backrest have closed-cell polypropylene padding for comfort, while its swivel seat saves a lot of space. You can adjust the seat to mat your height.

Buying Guide for Best Shower Transfer Benches

Having easy and comfortable access to and from the shower or bathtub can be tricky. However, getting one of the best shower transfer benches solves this challenge. Investing in this flexible, comfortable, flexible, and non-rust tool saves you energy, money, and time. First, before shopping for one today, here are some essential features to look out for.


Consider a bench that is of quality material. Such stuff includes stainless steel or plastic materials that are durable and tough to withstand daily use.

Nonslip Kit

To prevent falls and slides for some vulnerable persons, invest in a non-slid kit. Each leg should have a rubber edge.

Right Size

Get the right size that fits your washroom and bathtub space. Ensure you factor in the user’s size while buying. Some apartments have less space; hence, it is ideal to use standard and adjustable kits for easy movement.

1. MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench

MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench measures 24×15 inches. It is easily transferable from a wheelchair to a bath seat. Therefore, you will not need to spend too much time and energy to convert and use it. This bench features 5 height adjustment levels, each with a 1-inch increment. It is thus usable by different users of different heights.

You also get to adjust it to a comfortable height depending on your preference at the time. You can further assemble the MedMobile® Bathtub Transfer Bench from left or right. This feature makes it ideal for both right and left-handed users. The bench also has a removable backrest. It is easy to install and remove whenever need be.

You can therefore install and remove it by yourself without having to let anyone into your bathroom to assist you. Sure-grip leg

  • It has sturdy stainless steel leg frames with rubber ends for safety and durability.
  • You can adjust it to five-level height from 16 ½ to 20 ½ inches.
  • It is collapsible with easy assemble to suit right or left-hand operation.
  • Its 11.38-pound weight is not ideal while away from home.
Our Verdict:

MedMobile® Bathtub Transfer Bench accommodates all users, thanks to its adjustable height. It also features sure-grip legs that keep it from sliding, making it safe. We have also reviewed handheld showerheads and the best dog shower heads that you will love having at home.

2. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench

Carousel Transfer Bench allows you to transfer in/out of the tub easily and safely, thanks to its effort-free sliding and pivoting. The bench is ideal for use at home, commercial, and care settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. You can also get optional leg extension kits to allow you to extend its height. Height extension makes the bench usable in different shower areas of different heights. It also enables the bench to accommodate different users with different heights and preferences.

Carousel Transfer Bench’s seat, backrest, and armrests have padding for optimal support and comfort. The padding further saves you from having to sit on a cold surface. You will also not slide across the bench since the padding gives it an anti-skid property. This bench will not warp or rot. It has a polyurethane top material that protects it from absorbing water. The material is also easy to clean to remove soap, dirt and keep it germ-free. This bench is easy to assemble, using no tools. The assembly procedure will take you less than 5 minutes, saving you time.

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  • The open style and thin stainless steel legs are non-rust and save space.
  • It is comfortable with padded arms and seat, besides the adjustable legs.
  • Its blue shaded essential parts are significant for vision-impaired persons.
  • It requires adequate bathroom space.
Our Verdict:

Carousel Transfer Bench is comfortable and safe, thanks to features such as a padded seat and back and rubberized leg tips. It also requires no tools or expertise to assemble. You will also need a bathroom scale to check your weight and electric heating pads to massage the body.

3. Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

Gateway Bath Transfer Bench is easy to set up and requires no assembly hardware. It allows you to transfer in/out of the shower effortlessly, thanks to its easy sliding and pivoting.

The padding on its seat and backrest makes the bench comfortable to use. It protects your body from the hard, cold surface. It also protects you from slipping off the bench, thus enhancing its safety.

Gateway Bath Transfer Bench further has a medical-grade polyurethane material construction. This material is robust and stands the test of time. It does not absorb water and is easy to clean.

You can also use the bench right and left-sided bathtubs, thanks to their 100% reversible backrests. It features a swivel seat that protrudes less into your bathroom, occupying less space. You can adjust the height of this bench to match your height. The key parts have a hi-contrast Hi-View blue color, which is easy for users with impaired vision to see.

  • It is a slid resistance item for safety and comfort with adjustable height levels.
  • The seat is plastic; hence, it is non-rust, easy to wash, and dry.
  • It is excellent for the aged and those with movability health issues.
  • It is only available in blue color.
Our Verdict:

Gateway Bath Transfer Bench has HI-VIEW Blue colored parts. The color makes the parts easily visible to all users. It also has a swivel seat that you can turn to any degree that you find comfortable.

4. Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench

Eagle Health Bathtub Transfer Bench 77662 has a robust heavy-duty frame that withstands heavyweight and long-term use. A textured seat prevents you from slipping on the bench, inhibiting accidental falls.

The legs also have anti-slip rubber tips to prevent the bench from sliding on your bathroom floor. A safety belt keeps you in place and protects you from falling off the bench.

The safety belt is particularly useful for the elderly and users with difficulty in coordination such as users with mental issues. You can swivel the seat to 360 degrees, enabling you to access all the bench areas for thorough cleaning. You can also swivel the seat to allow you to use the seat in right and left-sided bathrooms.

Eagle Health Bathtub Transfer Bench 77662 additionally has an innovative, contemporary design, making your bathroom classier. The tool-less assembly enables you to set up the bench more conveniently. This bench slides in/out of the shower effortlessly and does not require you to apply too much energy. It, therefore, enables the elderly and sick users to reclaim their independence and privacy in the shower.

They will require no assistance in the shower since they can use the bench and take a bath by themselves.

  • The stainless steel leg frames are sturdy and water resistance.
  • You can rotate the seat to 360 degrees for easy wash and reach.
  • The seat can slide over non-noisy and smooth sliding rails.
  • You cannot order a tailor-made bench.
Our Verdict:

Upgrade your bathroom with the Eagle Health Bathtub Transfer Bench 77662. It has an elegant design that will enhance the look of your shower area. It also has a reversible seat, allowing you to use it in any bathroom.

5. Bath Transfer Bench

Platinum Health Bath Transfer Bench features triple molded handholds that make it safe and easy to carry. You can use the bench in right and left-sided bathtubs since it is 100% reversible. Visually impaired users will also use the bench safely. It has a HI-VIEW blue color on the key parts that makes it easily visible. The color contrasts the bench from its surroundings for easy distinction.

Platinum Health Bath Transfer Bench further has adjustable legs allowing you to set it to a comfortable fit. You will access your perineal regions easily without having to get off the bench.

Platinum Health Bath features a U-shaped front bar that leaves enough space beneath the seat. It also features a cutout that you can remove to allow easy access to the perineal area. You can also install the cut-out to create a larger sitting area.

  • The seat is plastic; hence, it is non-rust and easy to clean and dry.
  • You have the option to pick the gray or blue color.
  • The backrest is removable for simple operation and access.
  • It has a limit weight of 330 pounds.
Our Verdict:

You will access your perineal region with ease, with the Platinum Health Bath Transfer Bench. It has a cut-out that you can remove to allow easy access to the areas.

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