Best Sleep Masks in 2023

We can’t live without light, but for some people, it’s impossible to sleep with it. Thus, you need to look for a good way to control and have a balance between light and darkness. The only way to take control is by the use of sleep masks. The masks will allow you to sleep peacefully during the day. Besides, with these accessories, you’ll be able to shut out the whole world and enjoy sleep.

Sleep masks block out lights and give you a comfortable feeling around your eyes. Additionally, they also help you adjust to various time zones when you’re flying. Furthermore, they come in unique styles that will easily capture your attention. Don’t’ be left out. It’s time to secure yourself these amazing sleep masks.

Are you in a hurry?

Sleep deprivation can not only lower your quality of life but also compromise your productivity at work or school. Therefore, if you are sensitive to light at night but sleep in a well-lit area, arm yourself with a sleep mask today. They are comfortable to wear on the face all night. You can also travel with one and use it on a plane or bus while you are traveling at night. Here are a few good ones:

Best Overall



ZIMASILK is a premium sleep mask made from 100% natural silk. The material has a soft and comfortable design that “pampers” the face, making sleep fun. It also has a breathable design and an ergonomic shape that fits most face shapes and sizes. You can adjust the headband to deliver your desired effect. You can also clean it a few times without it losing its shape as some cheap ones do.

Smart Pick

Alaska Stylish Contoured Sleep Mask

Alaska Stylish Contoured Sleep Mask

Alaska has an eye-catching, contoured design that fits snug on the face while in use. It does not press the eyelids not bruise the skin as the shift while sleeping and is super light at just 1.59 ounces. Each pack has two sleep masks, each with an advanced light-blocking ability that guarantees restful sleep at night. Each mask also has latex-free memory foam padding that retains its shape for long.

Budget Pick



LKY DIGITAL is a budget sleep mask with a contoured 3D design that blocks up to 100% of light. Its wide design is comfortable than comparable brands. It fits most face sizes and shapes and has an adjustable headband that guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. The max not only enhances sleep but also can help people to relax after a long day at work. It works well in trains, busses, and planes and does not exert pressure on the eyes or face, unlike cheap ones.

Buying Guide for Sleep Masks

Sleep is a mandatory practice for any productive human being. Blackout is a requirement for most people to sleep off. For this reason, such sleepers require sleep masks to attain total blackout. Sleep masks should have the features outlined in this buying guide to make them ideal.

Comfort: You need to be comfortable to sleep well. The sleep mask you get should therefore be comfortable. It should be made of a breathable material to avoid irritation and allow skin aeration.

Adjustability: The sleep mask should feature an adjustable strap and eyecups. These adjustable parts allow you to loosen or tighten the mask to a comfortable fit.

Size: Check and confirm that a mask is of the right size to ensure that it does not fall off position. The mask should also not sit too tightly against your eyes.

Top 5 Sleep Masks in the Market this Year

People utilize different techniques to induce restful sleep at night. Some people work out before retiring to bed. Other use medication to induce restful sleep other use wellness routines such as meditation and yoga to sleep better at night. We have another cheaper and better remedy that works well for men and women of all cadres. – sleep masks. Here are our picks of the best this year.

1. ZIMASILK Sleep Mask

For those looking for high-quality sleep masks, the ZIMASILK 100% Natural Silk mask is the real deal. It’s made of 100% natural silk material that makes it stand out. Furthermore, the mask has proper air circulation, thanks to its breathable material

Also, the mask will relieve your muscles of stress and pain, thanks to its ergonomic design. It ensures that you remain relaxed all through to give you the most memorable sleep. Since it’s adjustable, the headband will not tangle your hair in any way.

In addition, there is no chemical smell associated with this sleep mask. Since it’s versatile, it can be used by both men and women. This mask provides you with the most peaceful sleep that cannot be found in any other mask.

Red light therapies and heating/massage pads can also help you to relax after a long day and induce better sleep.

  • Soft, breathable, and comfortable 100% mulberry silk material.
  • Lightweight material that will not cause discomfort by weighing you down.
  • An adjustable headband that you can easily set to a comfortable length.
  • It has a metallic piece on the side that is uncomfortable for side sleepers.
Our Verdict:

The ZIMASILK 100% Natural Silk mask is many people’s favorite due to its super-soft material. With its soft fabric, you’ll enjoy a peaceful sleep.

2. Alaska Stylish Contoured Sleep Mask

If you want an ergonomic sleep mask, this Contoured one is the best option for you. This mask will uniquely contour your face, without pressing your eyelids. Also, it’s very effective in blocking out light around your face.

Unlike other low-quality masks, it has a concave pocket design; it will give maximum protection to your lash extension and eye makeup. Also, the mask won’t interfere with your REM sleep cycle. With this sleep mask, your eye will move freely without any interference.

There’s more; the mask comes with latex-free memory foam that provides you with the maximum comfort that you’re looking for. The mask is suitable for side sleepers due to its soft and streamlined padding. Lastly, the mask will ensure you enjoy good sleep and wake up when fresh.

  • Sits well on your face contours, thanks to its advanced ergonomics.
  • Deep and large eyecups that protect your eyes and lash extensions.
  • Breathable material that allows constant air circulation and prevents overheating.
  • The nose contour allows light leakage, compromising the desired blackout.
Our Verdict:

The Stylish Contoured Sleep Mask has an advanced ergonomic design that allows it to block out light around your nose. Unlike other masks, it’s not bulky. Overall, it’s a specially made mask that delivers exceptional results.

3. LKY DIGITAL Sleep Mask

If you’re looking for an excellent sleek mask that can 100% block light, the 3D Contoured Mask is the real deal. It has a 99% lightproof performance, giving you the total darkness that you need for a peaceful sleep. The mask is quite deeper and wider compared to other normal masks.

There will be zero pressure on your eyes when using this mask. You’ll be able to blink freely even with the mask on. Also, this sleep mask won’t interfere with your makeup in any way. It has an adjustable headband, thus won’t snag your pillow.

Furthermore, the 3D Contoured Mask is versatile, thus suitable for men, women, and children. With this sleep mask, you’ll get enhanced sleep and be able to relax your eyes. Better still, the mask provides you with an excellent way to eliminate fatigue and make you more energized.

  • It has a 3D design with a wide eye space that prevents your eyes from pressure.
  • Human engineering contour blocks 99% of light and matches any nose of any shape and height.
  • An adjustable strap enhances its comfort by allowing you to adjust it to a comfortable fit.
  • The elastic at the back stretches out easily and has a short service life.
Our Verdict:

The 3D Contoured Mask is an excellent product to purchase. Unlike another sleek mask, this 3D Contoured Mask is way much deeper and wider. It ensures you get a peaceful sleep, with zero pressure on your eyes.

4. MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

Buy this MZOO Sleep Eye Mask and enjoy its soft and comfortable memory foam. It gives zero pressure on your eyes, thus allowing you to sleep comfortably. Also, with the sturdy and robust design, it doesn’t break easily.

Additionally, the MZOO Sleep Eye Mask is among the unique sleep masks due to its unique heat-bonded technology. This technology enhances its durability to ensure it serves you longer. In addition, using this mask won’t have any effect on your bedsheets.

With this top-rated sleep mask, you can easily move your eyes. Its adjustable strap won’t touch your hair. Better still, you enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing sleep when using this mask. The mask will serve you best when both traveling and also daytime sleeping.

  • Rebound memory foam protects the exterior fabric from cutting through your skin.
  • A wider and deeper eye space keeps your eyes safe from pressure.
  • The high-quality fiber effectively blocks light and does not stain your bedsheets.
  • Light leaks through the nose contour, forcing you to tighten the mask more, which increases pressure.
Our Verdict:

This MZOO Sleep Eye Mask is an attractive black sleep mask that will capture your attention at first glance. It has heat-bonded technology, which makes it durable.

5. Manta Slim Sleep Eye Mask

Are you a side sleeper and looking for a good sleep mask that will suit you best? If so, the Manta 100% Blackout Ultra-Lightweight mask is here to cater to all your needs. This mask comes with a narrow strap that will not rub your eyes, making it suitable for all side sleepers.

With this sleep mask, you’ll enjoy a personalized fit as it won’t stretch out. The mask is durable and will infinitely adjust to suit your needs. Also, it gives you 100% blackout, thus giving you that relaxing and rejuvenating sleep that you’re looking for. In addition, it’s a weightless mask that is very comfortable to wear. Its lightweight design gives you sleep-boosting power. The mask is mostly suitable for those with sensitive ears. Lastly, it allows you to enjoy your sleep in any environment.

  • Ultra-lightweight construction that does not weigh heavily on your face.
  • Stretch-resistant elastic strap that will not fall out of shape quickly.
  • Stretch-resistant elastic strap that will not fall out of shape quickly.
  • The strap and eyecups are too thick and cause discomfort for side sleepers.
Our Verdict:

With this Manta 100% Blackout Ultra-Lightweight mask, you get a personalized fit that keeps you comfortable as you sleep. Unlike other sleep masks, it doesn’t stretch.

Final Thoughts

Activity and sleep trackers can help you to monitor the length and quality of sleep whenever you lay down to rest. To improve the quality of sleep, you will need to add on items such as a comfortable camping cot, heating pads for the neck and shoulders, and importantly a sleep mask. A portable and contoured brand will block close to 99% of light and help you to sleep better at home or on the road.