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Best Swimming Pool Brushes in 2023

We all love swimming pools. However, pools easily gather materials and particles that can stimulate the growth of algae, grime, and other unwanted vegetation. As a pool cleaner, it is necessary to remove such accumulated material often. However, you cannot remove them by replacing the water but by cleaning the pool. To properly clean the pool, you will need to have good swimming pool brushes.

These brushes are effective in removing dirt and will save you a lot of time and energy. Besides, they provide a safe and clean pool that you’ll love to spend time in it relaxing. Better yet, they allow users to brush the pool walls and surface from any of your standing position. To get a swimming pool brush that matches your needs, check out these top models.

Are you in a hurry?

Buying a low-grade swimming pool brush because you are in a hurry can cause significant damage to your pool. This guide will help you make a better decision.

Best Overall

The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res Brush

The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res Brush

This class pool brush is suitable for cleaning walls and floors without damage. It loses dirt and grime without scratching pool walls. The nylon bristles last up to four times longer than standard ones, while its plastic body is dependable. Finally, you get an ergonomic handle (angled) that is comfortable to use. The product will not strain your hand or wrist whenever you are cleaning a pool.

Smart Pick

Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush

Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush

Lalapool is a dependable tile and wall brush made from a combination of plastic and aluminum. The materials are durable, light, and do not react with pool water or chemicals while in use. Its “polished” design is safe for cleaning most pools. It does not scratch vinyl nor lower the structural integrity of concrete pools as cheap brushes often do. You can connect and use it with extension poles.

Budget Pick

Greenco Pool Brush

Greenco Pool Brush

Greenco is a tall brush (20 inches) that is suitable for cleaning tall walls and floors. The aluminum handle is light yet stable. Bristles are durable and gentle on pools, while its wide headcover a large area. As such, the brush handles cleaning much quicker making your routine chores effortless. Cleaning algae and grime will never be an issue with this pull brush in your closet or storage shed.

Buying Guide for Swimming Pool Brushes

Changing your swimming pool water is not enough as with time, it collects buildup of algae, grime, and other nuances. You need a good swimming pool brush to clean off all the dirt before replacing the water. This is where swimming pool brushes come in handy. Follow this guide to find the best.

Pool Size, Shape, and Surface Type: Swimming pools come in different sizes and shapes, and sometimes using a regular brush is not enough to clean all the corners well. The surface is also a fact to consider because while most pool surfaces are concrete, others are fiberglass.

Choose a brush that can reach all the corners of the pool and one specially made for the shape of your pool. For concrete surfaces, choose a brush with firm bristles and one with softer bristles for a fiberglass surface.

Brush Material: Choose a brush with a high-quality material construction for effectiveness and longevity. One of the most popular brush materials is nylon, which works well for all pool types. The head of the brush material should also be firm and heavy-duty enough to hold the bristles in place while cleaning.

Pole Compatibility: The pole attachment of the swimming pool brush you want to purchase should be compatible with all standard poles for convenience. They should also come with easy to install attachment mechanisms such as EZ clips.

Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Brushes in 2023

While choosing a brush for your pool, buy a product that will not scratch your pool. It should be easy to use, durable, and attainable at a pocket-friendly price online. We have reviewed some of the best brands that meet this threshold.

1. The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res Brush

With this The Wall Whale Classic pool brush, you’ll enjoy a powerful and effortless pool cleaning experience. It protects you against all cleaning strains by directing your energy where it’s needed. Since it has high effectiveness, your pool will be clean in less than 5 minutes. In addition, the brush is easy to use, thanks to the included hand. It’s very versatile, thus suitable for both service professionals and homeowners.  With its design, you can easily attach it to any pole. Other than that, the force delivered is great to keep the pool clean.

Furthermore, the brush has durable nylon bristles that last 4X longer than normal plastic bristles. It’s easy to push around as you clean due to its angled handle. Even though it’s quite expensive, its quality is worth that price. If you have more money to spend, look for a pool vacuum head and a vacuum hose. They have a better reach than brushes and deliver a thorough clean quicker.

  • Allows you to clean the side of the pool effortlessly with one hand.
  • Lightweight design featuring a unique tall tail and compatible with any pole.
  • Long-lasting nylon bristles that get rid of even the toughest algae.
  • Not the best choice for cleaning the steps of the swimming pool.
Our Verdict:

Unlike other swimming pool brushes that will disappoint you after a short time of use, this brush lasts longer compared to other normal brushes. It offers protection against strains.

2. Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush

The Lalapool is a robust pool brush made using ABS plastic and aluminum. It assures you maximum strength when you buy it. Even though the brush has quality bristles, it won’t damage your pool in any way. Additionally, the poly bristles of this brush help in cleaning the tough bathroom floors, walls, and off roofs. With the wide design, you’re sure to cover a large cleaning area in a short period.  The brush will also fit perfectly in all the available standard extension pool poles.

Furthermore, the Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush has an ergonomically curved design that allows you to clean all corners in your pool.  The bristles have a flexible design, thus gives thorough cleaning on the surface. Lastly, since the bristles are soft, you can comfortably clean sensitive vinyl pool liners.

  • Constructed with high-quality, durable, and sturdy aluminum and abs material.
  • Tough poly 18-inch bristle brush designed to clean and remove even the toughest of pool stains.
  • It comes with a supporting metal board that provides extra stability when cleaning the pool walls.
  • The longevity period of the brush is not impressive.
Our Verdict:

The Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush stands out among the rest due to its soft bristles. These bristles allow you to clean comfortably clean sensitive vinyl pool liners.

3. Greenco Pool Brush

The Greenco Aluminum Back brush will make your pool cleaning process a breeze. It’s 20 inches long, thus suitable for cleaning both floor and walls. Also, it’s reinforced with aluminum that makes it strong and sturdy.

Also, the brush is effective and will perfectly clean all tough spots. The swimming pool brush can easily be clipped onto any pole and allows you to start cleaning immediately. It’s best when it comes to cleaning tough algae.

In addition, this brush is strong and sturdy, thus will serve you for a longer period. It cleans a large surface area since it’s long enough. Unlike other brushes made of cheap plastics, the Greenco Aluminum Back has strong bristles that perfectly cut through grime and algae. Other invaluable pool accessories that everybody should have at home include pool vacuum heads, pool skimmers, and pool vacuum hoses. They make cleaning pools much quicker and easier.

  • 20-inch width with powerful bristles suitable for any cleaning job.
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum back construction that does not bend while cleaning.
  • Long-lasting brush with curved edges and compatible with any standard pole.
  • Bristles tend to fall out at some point during the cleaning.
Our Verdict:

The Greenco Aluminum Back brush is 100% effective. It’s made using durable material, with a premium design that makes the cleaning process a breeze and easy.

4. Lalapool Swimming Pool Brush for Walls, Tiles & Floors

Are struggling with ways to clean stubborn algae build-ups in your pool? If so, make this Lalapool Swimming Pool Scrub Brush your friend and you won’t regret it.  The brush has a heavy-duty aluminum construction that makes it effective.

Unlike other brush bristles made of nylon material, its bristles are made with stainless steel that gives you a faster scrubbing power against grime and algae. With its metal backing, it has strong strength to clean all the pool walls.

Additionally, its wall brush deluxe is 18-inch wide, thus allowing you to cover a large cleaning area within a short time. It will fit all standard poles, making it an ideal option for most pools. Again, even though it’s a high-quality brush, it’s affordable.

  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum construction with stainless steel bristles.
  • 18-inch width for broad coverage and faster cleaning with curved edges for corner cleaning.
  • Compatible with standard poles and it comes with EZ clips for easy connection.
  • Wire brushes are not as long-lasting as expected.
Our Verdict:

With this Lalapool Swimming Pool Scrub Brush, you’ll be able to deal with all the stubborn algae and grime found in your bathroom.  It’s the most effective and fastest pool brush you’ll ever come across.

5. U.S. Pool Supply Professional 20" Floor & Wall Pool Cleaning Brush

If comfort is all you’re looking for in a swimming pool brush, then search no more. The U.S. Pool Supply Professional brush is all you need.  You can use the brush in cleaning all areas around your pool; corners, floors and even pool walls.

Since this brush has 5 to7 rows of durable bristles, you’ll be able to clean a large surface area in the limited time possible. The brush cleans faster and allows you to perfectly maneuver in all areas around the pool as you clean.

The effectiveness of this brush is enhanced by the fact that it stays in contact with the surface of the wall and floor. It has an EZ clip handle with user-friendly buttons. These buttons protect your fingers from being jammed or pinched during detaching with the telescopic pole. It lasts longer compared to other brushes.

  • The handle has an adjustable angle that provides you with more cleaning leverage.
  • The brush is 20 inches wide for more coverage with curved edges and seven rows of bristles.
  • Ergonomic handle that comes with user-friendly EZ clip buttons to protect your fingers.
  • Expensive and the bristles wear off too quickly.
Our Verdict:

The U.S. Pool Supply 20″ Brush is a worthy purchase. The bristles of this brush come in rows of 5 and 7 that are curved to the end to give you a fast-cleaning experience. You’ll be able to clean large surface areas in the minimum time possible.

Final Thoughts

Do not let algae and grime overrun and ruin your pool. With one of the pool brushes we have reviewed; you can clean stains and grime without ruining your pool’s walls or floor. They are easy to use and made from durable materials (aluminum, plastic, and nylon) that last for years. Buying one is a good choice.

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