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Best Table Bases in 2023

Have you ever thought that, after your bed, the dining table is the most important furniture piece at home? Besides serving as a central furniture piece, tables also add style and elegance to your room. However, when buying these units, most people do not give much thought to their bases. Some are wobbly and have a bland and plain look that compromises the look of their homes.

In essence, you should look for sturdy and eye-catching table bases that will enhance their functionality. Well, if you plan to create custom-made tables, it’s time to purchase quality table bases. The units boast versatility and offer a firm base. With these table bases, you can re-purpose old tables and turn them into a more useful piece of furniture. That said, what are the best table bases? Read on to learn more about them.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you have an old and/or wobbly table that is in dire need of a new base? We have reviewed some popular ones that can support wood, metal, or glass tabletops well.

Best Overall

GWH Metal Furniture Legs

GWH Metal Furniture Legs

GHW is a set of four steel legs that cover 24 x 27.95 inches of space. They have a simple and elegant design that uplifts most tabletops and come ready to use. Each leg has a stabilizer pad that protects floors from scratches and the table slipping.  They also have predrilled holes, which make them easy to set up on wood and glass tabletops. These furniture legs not only upgrade old tables but also homes/offices.

Smart Pick

Industrial Pipe Desk Leg Set Pipe Décor-X-Desk Style

Industrial Pipe Desk Leg Set Pipe Décor-X-Desk Style

Industrial Pipe is an industrial-grade desk leg set with a unique X style that stands out indoors. It works on wood and metal tables and has a robust metal design that does not bend nor rusts over time. It is a comfortable height (29 inches) and takes a few minutes to set up as it comes pre-drilled. The product can upgrade most tables.

Budget Pick

PIPE DÉCOR Industrial Table Rustic Pipe Kitchen Metal Frame

PIPE DÉCOR Industrial Table Rustic Pipe Kitchen Metal Frame

PIPE DÉCOR has a rustic farmhouse design made from heavy-duty metal pipes. The material is resistant to the weather. It also has premium quality fittings and nipples that come pre-set and ready to use. Position it on a table, drill, and bolt it in place to have a secure work or changing table. This frame is around 30-inches tall.

Buying Guide for Table Bases

Table bases are common in the hospitality industry, though they are also popular in homes and other places. Table bases come separately from tabletops in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and constructions. Besides offering maximum support, they also enhance the décor of the room by accentuating the interior design. Our guide and top picks below will help your buying decisions when choosing the best table bases.

Construction Materials: Construction materials of the majority of table bases are stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, or wooden. The metals are resistant, making them suitable both indoors and outdoors. However, to make the metal bases more corrosive resistant, you should ensure they have a protective coating. Wooden bases come with both basic and unique designs and are ideal for indoors.

Stability: The table base should be big, heavy, and stable enough to support the tabletop. The base pate or base legs should not restrict your foot from movement.

Height: Consider the height of the table base with the chair or stool you are pairing. They should allow enough comfortable space for anyone sitting on the chair or stool to use the table without any constraints of crossing their legs or standing up.

Finishes and Storage: You can choose natural or polished finishes if you want your table to stand out. Choose a finishing suitable for outdoors if you wish for your table base to last for long. If you want table bases with easy storage mechanisms, chose ones with flip tops or those that come with foldable base options.

Top 5 Table Bases in the Market this Year

Do you need a table base for an old or vintage table that you are restoring? Here is our collection of robust, stylish, and well-engineered ones for different table types.

1. GWH Metal Furniture Legs

Here comes another durable table base. The GWH Black Cast Iron Coffee Table Legs feature cast iron that ensures longevity. Also, the model boasts a simple design to enhance your room’s décor and give it a completely new look.

Besides, you get 4 adjustment pads for enhanced functionality. You can use the pads as stabilizers when shaking the table. Other than that, the pads will protect your floors against scratches and any other form of damage. Also, installing this table base should take a few minutes. Coming with pre-drilled holes, you won’t have to struggle when it comes to assembling the tool. As for the dimensions, the base measures 24 x 27.95 inches, so you get an ideal furniture piece for setup in compact spaces.

  • Durable metal frame construction suitable for both indoors and outdoors table settings.
  • Includes four feet for floor materials protection and for providing wobbling tables with stability.
  • Easy to set up mounting plates that help to cut down installation time.
  • Even with the easy setup, you might use some help to lift and install the legs correctly.
Our Verdict:

The GWH Black Cast Iron Coffee Table Legs offer all the important functions for homeowners. You get a strong tool with a sleek design. Besides, installation is quick and the adjustment pads will keep it secure.

2. Industrial Pipe Desk Leg Set by Pipe Décor-X-Desk Style

Pipe Décor has been offering premium-quality furniture pieces and this table base is a clear indication of their commitment to ensuring quality. The model boasts of a strong metal design, meaning it can stand the test of time and offer long-term service. In addition, it fits well with different styles, including both modern and traditional room designs. It will also blend in well with mid-century, French farmhouse, and DIY vintage styles. With such functionality, you’re sure the table will fit in well with most room decors. The beautiful design looks appealing for use in the workspace or office. The 29-inch height is perfect for different applications.

Setting up this table base should take a few minutes because the manufacturer includes all the essential tools and a user’s manual. It can work on other platforms such as beer pong tables, work tables, and baby changing tables as well safely.

  • Strength and style are what you get from the leg stands that are compatible with wood.
  • They have a unique mid-century and vintage design that adds charm to the room.
  • They come with all the necessary fittings and instructions, making installation easy.
  • You need to clean and treat the pipes first before putting them together.
Our Verdict:

The Industrial Pipe Desk Leg Set by Pipe Décor fits the bill as a great piece of furniture. The sturdy design will ensure long-lasting service. Users will also like the versatility offered by this unit, and it will serve you well in different applications.

3. Industrial Pipe Desk Leg Set by Pipe Décor-O-Desk Style

Boasting unmatched functionality and sturdy design, the Industrial Pipe Desk Leg by Pipe Décor will certainly give you value for investment. The manufacturer does an exceptional job to provide a durable table base. As such, this tool will guarantee long-lasting service without having to worry about structural issues. Other than durability, the table base features a stylish design. With the black finish, you get an elegant furniture piece that will improve the room’s appearance. Adding to that, there’s a coating that offers protection against rust or any other form of corrosion.

This base measures 29 inches, which is a perfect height for several home/office applications. You’ll also appreciate the important flanges and fittings that the manufacturer includes in the package for hassle-free installation.

  • Made with cast iron and come in different mid-century and vintage styles.
  • Versatile as you can use them at home, in the office, restaurant, or for an outdoor setting.
  • Includes all the necessary fittings and instructions manual for ease of installation.
  • You need to clean off the industrial grease before installation.
Our Verdict:

The Industrial Pipe Desk Leg by Pipe Décor will let you modify different table designs. The manufacturer offers a complete kit that you can set up effortlessly. With a 29-inch height and a black powder finish, you get one of the best table bases in the market today. We have reviewed inversion tables and massage tables here.

4. PIPE DÉCOR Industrial Table Rustic Pipe Kitchen Metal Frame-Solitaire Design

PIPE DÉCOR isn’t done yet, and the manufacturer presents to you yet another exceptional table base. Just as the name suggests, the PIPE DÉCOR Industrial Table Base comes with a rustic metal frame that resists weather elements to give users exceptional performance. Furthermore, the pipes, nipples, and fittings on this set feature premium quality materials.

You get an industrial-grade piece of furniture that will deliver long-term service. Still, you can opt to coat this unit with wood wax or metal for added protection against rust. That’s not all, this table base is easy to clean and maintain. As for the height, you get a 30-inch table that will suits an array of applications, both at home and in the office. Still, it will fit in well with vintage, modern, and farmhouse designs, further proving this is a valuable product.

  • Stylish cast iron pipes come in a variety of shapes, design themes, and shapes.
  • Durable construction that will stand the test of time.
  • Includes fittings and instructions manual for ease of installation.
  • You have to clean off the grease and seal the pipes for a finished look.
Our Verdict:

The PIPE DÉCOR Industrial Table Rustic Metal Frame looks great in different applications. The table base is strong and guaranteed to give you optimal functionality for an extended period. Users will also like the rust-resistant design and affordable pricing.

5. ErGear Electric Stand Desk Frame

For optimal functionality, look no further than the ErGear Electric Stand-Up Desk Frame. The frame features a strong steel build for durability and stability. It’s strong enough to accommodate heavy items up to 154 pounds.

It has a unique model that lets users adjust the height. With this table base, you can change the height between 27.4 and 46.5 inches. As such, users can shift from a sitting to a standing position when using this unit.

Better still, you’ll get all accessories for a hassle-free setup. The table base includes important fittings and screws, so users can install them within minutes. The pricing is also great, and you won’t get better models within the same price bracket.

  • One-touch power-lift adjustment to provide you with a comfortable sitting to standing shift.
  • Compatible with both wooden and metal tabletop sizes.
  • Comes with all the necessary fittings and guidance for ease of installation.
  • It is more expensive than standard table bases, and a bit challenging to assemble.
Our Verdict:

The ErGear Electric Stand-Up Desk Frame is a height-adjustable table base that’s worth buying. Besides, it features a strong build and allows for a simple setup process. Therefore, you get a strong and adjustable workstation at home or work.

Final Thoughts

With a secure table base at home or in your worry, you will never worry about stuff toppling over as you work. Made from industrial-grade steel or aluminum or wood, they support heavy loads. They also have pre-drilled bolt-on designs that take a few minutes to set up. If you are upgrading an old table, do not hesitate to order one.

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