The Secrets for Maintaining Long and Beautiful Hair

Everyone loves to own long, lustrous hair! That’s why you will do whatever it takes to achieve that.  But is it easy to keep and maintain such hair daily without feeling tired? You might think it’s an expensive affair, but it’s not. Just follow these great secrets on how to maintain your hair long and beautiful.

Avoid Frequent Hot Blow-Drying

Hot air blow-drying is an easy way to dry and straighten the hair. However, it also induces many issues that might cost you time and a lot of cash to repair long term. For instance, blow-drying can make their hair brittle and therefore prone to breaking due to loss of its elasticity. You should therefore limit its use to when extremely necessary. For the best experience, you should consider using a microfiber towel to dry your hair. After shampooing and conditioning it, wrap it with a towel and let it absorb moisture naturally to stop damage. Another recommended technique is to wash your hair when you have enough time to let it dry out naturally. This way, you will allow your hair to grow longer and beautiful over time naturally. When in need of a quick clean, use dry shampoo instead.

Trim Regularly

Once your hair begins to grow longer, you will notice that the ends aren’t as strong as the region closer to the scalp because they are older than the rest. These ends may begin to split and fold, making your hair look ugly and difficult to groom. The secret to this problem is to trim the ends of your hair regularly. Buy a pair of scissors or hair trimmers and clip the split of loose ends to add body to your hair. Doing this will also rejuvenate growth and help you to have long and healthy hair. The best beard trimmers also work well for women with thin hair but require a bit of skill and care to use effectively. Compare the available products and select the best for your hair.

Groom Twice a Day

If you want the hair to grow long and feel soft between your fingers, don’t let it knot by skipping to comb. The knots make the hair strands dry and frizzy. If you maintain this bad habit for long, it can also cause split ends, which will force you to trim down the hair to correct. Caring for the hair is not as difficult as some women think. Combing it in the morning and once at night can stimulate the flow of blood to hair follicles and improve the circulation of oxygen and nutrients. Combing also spreads beneficial oils on the hair, restoring or maintaining its shine for long. Apart from combing, shampoo and condition the hair frequently. This not only removes grime and dirt but also stimulates the scalp to grow long and healthy hair. Make sure the products you use are of the best quality, though. It should be affordable and contain safe ingredients, preferably natural.

Avoid Hot Showers

A hot shower during the cold season feels good, but it may not be good for your hair. The hot steam can open the pores, drying out the natural oils, damaging the hair follicle, and leading to weak hair growth. Hence, use lukewarm water for your hair first, then proceed to take your hot shower. When using a conditioner, rinse it off with cold water to lock in the moisture.

Limit Usage of Hair Colors

While most producers market their hair and eyebrow colors as safe, the truth is that the chemical composition in these products can weaken the hair if used often. Try as much as possible to limit the usage of such industrial hair colors. Instead, go for natural ones such as henna or Mehendi. They not only give a beautiful hue but nourishes the hair too.

Your natural hair is self-nourishing and therefore does not require artificial hair products to grow long, shiny, and healthy. All it requires is routine care and protection from harmful substances and extreme heat. Basic grooming and cleaning techniques are the secret to having long bouncy hair. Comb it at least twice every day to spread beneficial oils and improve blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. Wash the hair lukewarm water and trim split ends to encourage new growth.