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Tips for Cleaning Home Kitchen Ceiling

The kitchen ceiling is one part of the kitchen that you always look at but seldom clean. Most of us ignore to an extent that it fades of stains with smoke and oils, which are hard to clean later on. The height of ceilings is one of the factors that makes them a little challenging to keep clean. Luckily, you can overcome this using the best folding step ladders available in stores. They support heavy loads and come in many sizes that enable users to work safely at different heights. From today, you will never have an excuse for not cleaning the kitchen ceiling again. If you already have a ladder at home, follow these tips to do a decent cleaning job.


Over time, the corners or the whole surface of your kitchen ceiling can collect dust, debris, and spider webs. These can compromise the look and aesthetic value of your home if you do not take care of them well. It is not as hard as some people think, though. Wiping the ceiling back and forth with a duster can pick such debris and restore its original look. You can get rid of dust and debris this way and destroy the habitats of spiders, which can be a health hazard depending on the species. Use a duster made from soft microfiber material. These pick dirt and clean ceiling boards efficiently without scratching or ruining its texture in any way. You can also recycle it many times without compromising functionality. When cleaning, do not use too much pressure. This can cause dust to stick.


Did you know that you can do a fairly decent job cleaning your ceiling with a vacuum cleaner? All you need is a hose attachment that can reach your ceiling to pick debris, dust, or other matter with little to no damage. Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest ways of cleaning a ceiling by gently running it along the surface. If the vacuum cleaner has powerful suction, it will pick and clean a substantial amount of dirt and debris without breaking a sweat. As you are cleaning, you must pay attention to corners, air vents, and where crown moldings join the ceiling. If you have twin window fans plowing fresh air into your kitchen, do not forget to clean them as well. These systems collect dirt and allergens over time.

The following additional trips can help you to clean like a professional:


While cooking at home, we generate by-products such as carbon., which collect on gas ranges, gas grills, and walls. We have shared tips on how to clean kitchen appliances in our other article. If the wall is the bone of contention, “erasing” it can work. What is erasing? Over the years, you may notice carbon-like marks building on your ceiling that won’t go away after wiping. To clean these, you should gently rub the marks using a pencil eraser. An eraser can also remove crayons and pen marks, which are common in kitchens and bedrooms of homes with children. The trick here is to use a large eraser to make your work easier. You will need a stool or a foldable step ladder to access high areas while cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Grime can form on the ceiling from the cooking oils and moisture, which evaporate from food as we cook and solidify on the ceiling. They are the ugliest scenes in the kitchen, and dusting won’t take them off. Vacuum cleaners work but only barely, while it will take you days to clean such stains with an eraser. To remove stubborn stains and grime, you have to use “Big Guns.” Vinegar is the most available and by far the most effective remedy for removing grease stains. Add a few drops of hot water and spray it on the affected area. Clean with a dry cloth. You can also moisturize a towel with the solution and use it to deep clean your ceiling. Baking soda and Trisodium Phosphate are equivalently effective solutions. They are gentle on walls and safe to use. Whichever remedy you choose, rub grime in circular motions until the grease clears, wipe the area clean with a wet cloth, and allow the wall to dry before use.

If you let your kitchen ceiling accumulate dirt, it may become impossible to clean effectively in the future. In such cases, the only solution would then be to repaint the ceiling, which is not only tiresome but costly.  Fortunately, unlike the floor, your ceiling gets dirty over time. Hence, instead of making your work harder in the future, make yourself busy over the weekends and keep your home kitchen new.

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