Best Towel Warmer Cabinets in 2022

Hot towel treatment is a popular practice globally because of the array of benefits it has on the body. They soften tissues and offer deep muscle relaxation after a long day. A hot towel can also boost warmth during a cold night without costing you a lot of money. They are as effective as red-light therapy, which has been popular for years.

To maximize the experience, you will need a towel warmer cabinet at home. These freestanding cabinets keep bathroom linen warm and ready to use. Most brands have an airtight enclosure that stops heat loss and comes in different sizes for professional or personal use.

Are you in a hurry?

To enjoy soothing towel baths at home after a long day at work, do not go around heating towels in an oven. It is unsafe am not very hygienic if you use the oven for cooking. Use a warmer cabinet.

Best Overall

Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel CABI

Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel CABI

The Spa Luxe is a freestanding 20.3 x 16.4 x 13.9-inch cabinet for keeping face and body towels warm and steamy. It has a cool-looking white theme that takes up little floor space. The interior holds around 24 regular towels, while its neutral color blends well with rustic or modern homes. It reaches up to 160 degrees and has a drip tray on the bottom that keeps the floor, shelves, and tables dry.

Smart Pick

Hot Towel Warmer

Hot Towel Warmer

The Hot towel warmer has a 20-liter heated interior that fits up to 56 facial-size washcloths. As such, the product can satisfy the needs of commercial settings such as spas. However, is also small enough to work in homes and retains temperatures as high as 170 degrees Fahrenheit. An oxidized aluminum coating prevents its interior from rusting or corroding over the years. Finally, as a security, the company provides a two-year limited guarantee for the product.

Budget Pick

StateRiver Large Spa Hot Towel Cabinet/Warmer

StateRiver Large Spa Hot Towel Cabinet

StateRiver offers 14.5x9.7x7.1 inches of warming space that reaches 165 Fahrenheit maximum temperature. It also has three work modes (heating, light+heating, and light only) that you can adjust to deliver your preferred results. You can use it solely as a towel or as a towel cabinet as well without sacrificing safety and/or its performance. StateRiver has touch controls on the left top side of the door. These make its operation effortless when you require hot towels.

Buying Guide for Warmer Cabinets

What should you look for while shopping for a towel warmer cabinet?

Capacity: First, always check the capacity of the warmer cabinet that you are planning to buy. How many face or body towels can it fit and warm per session? If you have a commercial spa that tends to 20 clients daily, buying a warmer that can only accommodate 10 towels is a poor decision. Buy a product that can satisfy your needs. If you need one for personal use, a smaller and cheaper one can be ideal.

Materials: Over its lifespan, you will expose your towel warmer to water and heat, which might degrade it quicker than you think. To avoid such issues, look for a towel warmer cabinet made from a high-grade material. The interior, for instance, should be steel with a protective coating that stops corrosion and rusting. The exterior can be metal or plastic with a cool finish that will look good indoors.

Temperature: Different brands of towel cabinets can reach different temperatures, making them suitable for different jobs. Look for a product that will satisfy your needs. For the best results, look for a powerful product that can reach over 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It should heat up quickly and retain heat for long to stop wastage.

Water Tray: Never buy a product that does not have an inbuilt water tray if you love your floors, table, or countertop. The component plays two key roles. First, it catches water to prevent it from spilling all over your floor or table as you warm your towels. You can also remove and wash them with water and soap to keep the system clean.

Top 5 Towel Warmer Cabinets in the Market this Year

Towel warmers come in diverse designs that can satisfy the needs of different people. If you are struggling to choose a suitable model for your home or spa business, check out the five reputable ones herein.

1. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel CABI

Do you run a spa or massage therapy business? If yes, then consider the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel CABI. This 18l towel warmer cabinet keeps towels warm, moist, and always ready for use.

Besides, it comes with two convenient shelves and an under-mount drip tray, which you can remove and empty once full. That said, the unit holds up to 24 regular manicure size towels, meaning you’ll have enough warm towels to keep your business running.

Also, the Aluminum interior ensures the cabinet remains corrosion-free. Besides, the high 160F temperatures give your towels a refreshing and hygienic treatment. What’s more, the nice sleek look with neutral colors blends with almost any décor. Use a towel holder to store your towels when not in use to prevent contamination.

  • Fits and warms up to 24 regular size manicure towels.
  • Maintains 160-degree temperature for long.
  • It has a shelved interior (2) with a drip tray that stops messes.
  • Trips the circuit breaker a few times because of a bug in the system.
Our Verdict:

The Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel CABI is a quality product to purchase. It has features that enhance its functionality, reliability, and convenience. Besides, this towel warmer cabinet blends with almost any décor, thanks to its sleek exterior with neutral colors.

2. K-Salon Hot Towel Warmer

If you are looking for a multipurpose towel warmer cabinet, then you should consider the K-Salon Hot Towel Warmer. The model is ideal for both family and commercial use. Besides, it holds up to 56 facial-sized towels and maintains a constant temperature of 1700F.

Furthermore, the warmer cabinet comes with an oxidized aluminum interior for enhanced functionality. The inclusion of a water collection tray makes it easy to empty. Even better, the assembly process is easy since the manufacturer includes an instruction manual.

Thanks to its high temperature, the model thoroughly and evenly warms traditional and disposable towels. Also, the oxidized aluminum interior ensures the cabinet remains free of rust in its lifetime.

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  • Its high-capacity design fits and warms up to 56-size facial towels.
  • The water tray on the bottom catches water to prevent messes.
  • Its multipurpose design is durable and works in most settings.
  • Takes significantly longer to warm up, which frustrates users.
Our Verdict:

Whether you need warm towels for home, spa, shaves, massage, or hotel use, the K-Salon Hot Towel Warmer works. The unit has multiple features, including an oxidized aluminum interior and high-capacity drip tray, that add to its functionality and convenience.

3. StateRiver Spa Hot Towel Warmer

StateRiver provides a simple to use towel warmer cabinet. The 18l towel warmer cabinet has a maximum capacity of 60 facial-sized towels. Moreover, it comes with an oxidized interior for enhanced functionality. You’ll also appreciate the removable water drip tray and chrome-plated wire basket. Even better, the warmer does not require assembly, and in case of any challenges, you can counter-check the included instruction manual. The oxidized aluminum interior prevents rusting, while the under-mount water tray prevents dripping. This unit is ideal for busy areas such as a spa and hotel.

  • Maintains up to 175-degree temperature which is good for its price.
  • Its multipurpose design works in restaurants, spas, etc.
  • A two-year warranty covers all manufacturing defects.
  • Takes a significantly longer time to heat past 145 degrees.
Our Verdict:

Fit your home or business with the StateRiver Spa Hot Towel Warmer. Not only does it assure a hassle-free operation, but it also comes with extra features for convenience. Some notable features include high temperatures and capacity, and a long plus cable.

4. StateRiver Large Spa Hot Towel Cabinet

The StateRiver Large Spa Hot Towel Cabinet is an upgrade and larger version of the previously discussed towel warmer. The models boast a perfect size to hold most of your towels, more so for those running a spa business. Other than that, the towel warmer cabinet allows operation in three modes: light, light, light + heating, and heating. The heating time varies between one and two hours. Besides, the manufacturer includes a 44.5-inch power cable.

This towel warmer cabinet has a rust-proof interior that ensures worry-free service. The 165 F high temperatures will ensure quick and even heating. Plus, the three functional modes allow you to heat your towels to meet your varied needs and preferences.

  • Its spacious design can satisfy the needs of most people.
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 165 F, which is ideal.
  • The system has three customizable functions.
  • You will have to wait for long to get warm towels.
Our Verdict:

This upgraded StateRiver towel warmer cabinet has some superior features that help it stand out from the rest. Users will appreciate the three functional modes, high heating temperatures, and a relatively long power cable.

5. Ry Jaune Professional Spa Hot Towel Cabinet

Just as the name suggests, the Ry Jaune is designed for professional use. Still, you can purchase it for family or personal use. The warmer boasts a stainless-steel material that is durable and easy to clean.

Other than that, the cabinet holds up to 24 towels at a go. It comes with a smooth interior and two removable stainless-steel racks. In addition, the warmer cabinet has a freely movable frame.

This unit works quietly to avoid disturbing you or your guests. The use of premium quality materials ensures longevity. Let us not forget the cabinet’s smooth interior that makes it easy to clean.

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  • Its high-quality stainless-steel material lasts for many years.
  • The quality assured design has a limited one-year warranty.
  • Its spacious interior can hold up to 24 towels.
  • The system does not get searing hot as some people expect.
Our Verdict:

The innovators of Ry Jaune Professional Spa Hot Towel Cabinet deliver a rust-proof and durable product here.  It is super quiet and can warm a bunch of towels for spas, salons, or home use.

Final Thoughts

Hot towel cabinets have improved how people warm towels for cleaning the face or body. They are safer to handle than pans and pots and have fast-acting designs that offer value for cash. Most models fit over 20 towels and have ready-to-use plug-in designs. Do not hesitate to buy a new one if you use hot towels often and want to prepare them quickly.