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Best Trailer Hitch Locks in 2023

If you own a trailer, one of the important accessories you will need is a high-quality trailer hitch lock. Trailers are a hot spot for thieves because they are very easy to steal and sell. However, with a heavy-duty hitch lock, you will keep your trailer safe while you are not around. The lock trailers only trucks securely and often require a special key to pry open. If you would like to buy a new hitch lock for your trailer, this is an excellent place to start. We have not only reviewed the best products but also provided a guide on how to choose one. These help with decision-making.

Are you in a hurry?

While shopping for trailer hitch locks in a hurry, it is good practice to know what you need to make a good decision. What makes a good lock? It should be durable, weatherproof, and compatible with your hitch. Also. You need a product with a secure locking mechanism and is virtually foolproof to be able to secure your trailer outdoors. In this section, we review some of the best brands that never fail to deliver.

Best Overall

AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 Trailer/RV Hitch Lock

AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 Trailer RV Hitch Lock

AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 is a corrosion-resistant trailer and RV hitch lock that fits most trucks and trailers. The coupler measures 2-5/16 inches and is a robust, all-steel design that lasts for many years. It also has a seamless push-lock design that requires little effort to lock and unlock, even a person with arthritis can handle an original comfortably. The hitch lock can withstand prying and hammer attacks.

Smart Pick

AMPLOCK U-TLS2 Boat Trailer Lock

AMPLOCK U-TLS2 Boat Trailer Lock

AMPLOCK U-TLS2 not only secures trailers but also boats and U haul as well. It has a 2-inch coupler made from rust and corrosion-resistant steel. Both the pin and lock are steel, while its snap-on design takes little effort to set up while planning a camping or beach trip. The lock weighs 10 pounds and is a compact ‎7 x 6 x 8.5 inches design with a painted finish that does not chip. Like AMPLOCK U-BRP2516, this trailer lock resists prying/ hammer attacks.

Budget Pick

PACLOCK's UCS-80S-250 Trailer Hitch Lock

PACLOCK's UCS-80S-250 Trailer Hitch Lock

Fitted with a 6-pin cylinder that can accommodate up to 20,000 key combinations, PACLOCK's UCS-80S-250 is one of the most secure trailer hitch locks around. Its 5/8-pin design is American Act compliant, while the thick aluminum used to make its shell is resistant to corrosion and rust. The USC compatible design not only secures trailers but also chest, bikes, and U hauls, making it a versatile hitch lock.

Buying Guide for Trailer Hitch Locks

You probably know that buying a trailer hitch lock is one of the best strategies for securing trailers outdoors. however, with brands churning out premium locks every year, it is a challenge narrowing down on the best brands for day-to-day use. We have a remedy for this. In this guide, we share details on what to look for when shopping to find the best.

Compatibility: Trailer hitch locks come in different designs that fit different couplers. Buying the wrong one could mean lost funds or, worse still, loss of your trailer. To avoid such issues, look for a product that is compatible with your trailer. It should fit and secure seamlessly with little effort.

Longevity: The trailer hitch lock will undergo prying or hammer attacks from thieves. Also, while in use outdoors, you will expose it to harsh elements such as rain and UV. For best results, buy a lock that can withstand such a level of abuse. Materials must be of high quality.

Security: The security of your lock of choice should be optimal to be able to protect your trailer from thieves. Therefore, before ordering one, gauge its security rating to know whether the product will be of benefit or not. The bold, for instance, should be thick and made from a long-lasting material such as steel. Keys should be unique and the shell made from a material that is resistant to rust.

Top 5 Trailer Hitch Locks in the Market this Year

Trailers can cost a fortune, making them a target for thieves. To boost safety, you can store it in a garage, but this requires a bit of space and money. You can also hire a person to look over it but this is unpractical. Trailer hitch locks offer a better solution as they are secure, easy to use and fit most trailers. We have reviewed the best ones herein.

1. AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 Trailer/RV Hitch Lock

This trailer hitch lock is one of the strongest in the industry, making it highly sort after by many trucks and RV owners. Designed to fit your truck’s specific model and shape, this hitch lock will offer you quality service at all times. It is a 2-5/16 inches coupler when unhitched, making it the perfect choice for your vehicle.

This AMPLOCK features corrosion and rust-resistant materials in its construction. So, do not worry about quality and longevity because it works well in all climates.

You can use this lock for as long as you want because it is highly durable. It is also straightforward to use with the push and lock system. You will have an easy time with one.

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  • The push and lock system is quick and easy to use.
  • Its corrosion and rust-resistant design last for years.
  • The system features a secure 2-5/16-inch coupler that fits most trailers.
  • None that we can find or think about.
Our Verdict:

Are you looking for an exceptionally strong trailer hitch lock? This one is the best to choose. It is very robust and reliable due to its high-quality construction. More so, it is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for any weather.

2. AMPLOCK U-TLS2 Boat Trailer Lock

If you are looking for a high-quality trailer lock, this AMPLOCK is a great choice. It comes in two inches coupler lock for your trailer, boat, or even your RV when unhitched.

This trailer hitch lock features the highest quality materials for construction. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for all climates.

Therefore, this lock assures you of long-term service no matter the changes in climate and weather.

It is easy to use with its push and lock system, thus, ensuring you have a seamless experience when using it. When looking for this lock, ensure you select the right model for your trailer, RV, or boat because they are available in different models. To stay entertained on the road, but a car DVD player and a set of car subwoofers too.

  • The heavy-duty lock is corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • Its two-inch coupler can fit and lock trailer, boat, and RV hitches securely.
  • Its weather-resistant design is secure in all weather.
  • Needs a few modifications to fit some types of trailers.
Our Verdict:

Reduce theft incidences with this AMPLOCK hitch lock and have peace of mind when you pack your truck for the night. This heavy-duty hitch lock has corrosion and rust-resistant construction. More so, it is available in different models so you can find the right one for your truck. These waterproof cargo bags will keep your stuff dry and safe on the road.

3. PACLOCK's UCS-80S-250 Trailer Hitch Lock

PACLOCK's UCS-80S-250 is a 5/8-pin American act compliant lock with a high-security 6-pin cylinder. The pin is stainless steel and therefore less susceptible to hammer attacks. The body, on the other hand, is a rust-resistant aluminum that resists corrosion and rust when rained on.

Its USC-compatible design features a secure hitch that you can use to hail road bikes, chests, and U haul, et cetera. If needed, you can request the factory to use the same key code on all locks for convenience. As such, you can use them in more than one area and use one key to open all. Repining them takes minutes, which boosts convenience.

Each cylinder has approximately 20,000 unique key codes, which is a testament to its high quality. The risk of a neighbor or a friend having the same keycode is very low, assuring you of your product’s safety at all times. If you drive an electric car, you will benefit from an electric car charging station as well. They can charge most smart cars.

  • Over 20,000 unique key codes per 6-pin cylinder.
  • It has rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum body.
  • The stainless-steel pin withstands abuse for long.
  • Even though hard, the longer 6-1/2-inch pin might be susceptible to hammer attacks.
Our Verdict:

If the manufacturer can make the 6-1/2-inch pin a little shorter, the PACLOCK's UCS-80S-250 lock will be perfect. It remains a cool product, though, as is durable and has over 20,000 key combinations, which boost safety. It fits most trailers and has good weather resistance, which is a plus.

4. Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock

This master trailer hitch lock is another excellent hitch lock for your truck. It fits 1-7/8 and 2 inches trucks, and most 2-5/16 trailer couplers, making it an ideal pick for your trailer. This multifunctional trailer hitch lock works with RVs, vehicles, and trailers. It will keep your investment safe at all times, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

More so, its advanced locking mechanism resistant to picking and prying, therefore keeping thieves away.

This trailer hitch lock offers you extended service because of its high-quality construction. It features high-grade zinc construction that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

  • The lock has a long service life due to its premium materials.
  • Its advanced locking mechanism is resistant to prying attacks and lock pickers.
  • The multifunctional design can fit and secure most vehicles.
  • Steeply priced even though a package has six locks.
Our Verdict:

This master lock comes in one trailer coupler lock and two keys. It is compatible with all couplers, which makes it a top pick for most trailer owners. More so, its advanced locking mechanism keeps your truck safe at all times. This trailer hitch lock is available at low prices on the internet.

5. Proven Industries Lock

Before we delve deep into the features of Proven Industries Lock, keep in mind that it only fits 2-5/16-inch couplers. With that out of the way, here are some attributes that have earned it a spot on our review this year. First, Proven Industries has gone to great lengths to bolster the security of this lock. The bolt, for instance, is a bolt cutter-proof stainless steel. This provides ultimate protection against thieves whenever you leave your trailer outdoors in a park. It also secures safety chains, thus adding a layer of protection.

A trailer hitch lock is only as good as the quality of the materials used to produce it. The Proven Industries Lock has a 100% USA-made all-steel design that stands out in two ways. First, stainless steel is resistant to the weather. It does not corrode or rust over time. A black powder coat retains its structural integrity for many years. Natural wear and tear are also slower, which is a plus for outdoor lovers.

  • Its USA-made all-steel design lasts for many years.
  • The robust bolt system boosts the security of trailers.
  • A powder coat finish prevents corrosion and rust.
  • The manufacture does not offer a full refund guarantee for the lock.
Our Verdict:

This all-steel trailer hitch lock from Proven Industries is a robust powder-coated product that fits 2-5/16-inch couplers. It is less susceptible to corrosion and rust and has a snap-on design that takes little effort to set up. The bolt system is 100% secure. This lock is waterproof as well.

Final Thoughts

The sure way for protecting your trailer at home or on the road is to install a robust hitch lock. Often made from stainless steel, these weather-proof accessories last for long. They are easy to set up and secure all trailer types.

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