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Best Transmission Jacks in 2023

Transmissions require specialized tools to cope with the large and heavy applications that they come with. The best means to use are transmission jacks that help to make work easier and movement around the workplace smooth and convenient. Furthermore, the Best Transmission Jacks also double up for other tasks such as exhaust work and clutch replacements. We reviewed the ideal transmission jacks for professionals and home mechanics and came with a comprehensive list. Check it out below.

Are you in a hurry?

Vehicle transmissions have delicate mechanical parts that you should handle with care during maintenance. While removing one, make sure that it does not slam onto the floor using a transmission jack. Made from steel, they have a secure frame. Most models have a non-slip platform for added stability and an adjustable system that fits most vehicles. We have identified and reviewed the best in the market this year.

Best Overall

Hein-Werner Floor Style Transmission Jack

Hein-Werner Floor Style Transmission Jack

Hein-Werner is a USA-made floor-style transmission jack that measures 49.5 x 15 x 30 inches. It weighs 309 pounds and has a rust-resistant steel frame that withstands daily abuse well. A stylish blue finish protects the frame from rusting. It also has a load-resistant chain and a wishbone design for stability. The former rarely snaps while in use. The latter prevents the transmission jack from tipping over while in use and protecting your vehicle from damage. Hein-Werner has swiveling casters that rotate over a 360-degree axis for quick/easier movement.

Smart Pick

Sunex 7793B Telescopic Transmission Jack

Sunex 7793B Telescopic Transmission Jack

Sunex 7793B has a telescoping design with a pump-activated system (foot-activated) that frees your arms while working. As such, you can handle other jobs as you operate the transmission jack at the same time. The system extends to a maximum height of 74 inches, making it suitable for working on most types of cars. For safety, the system has an overload valve that stops you from using it beyond its rated capacity. In addition, you get tie-down straps for safe operation, storage, and use.

Budget Pick

Apextreme 1100 LB Motorcycle Lift Center

Apextreme 1100 LB Motorcycle Lift Center

Apextreme is a robust motorcycle lift center designed to support up to 1100 pounds. The frame has a long-lasting stainless-steel structure with a black powder coat that prevents corrosion and rust. The material is also dust, grease, and oil resistant and has galvanized treatment that boosts its strength further. The top has a wide deck with a rubber pad that prevents scratching and slippage. It can fit cruiser bikes, motorcycles, and street bikes, and has an adjustable lift range of 3-3/4 inches to 14-4/5 inches.

Buying Guide for Best Transmission Jacks

When performing heavy and multi-tasks on your vehicle, you need proper and practical tools. Transmission jacks are handy and critical to install or remove the transmission on your car.

However, the below-buying guide has some best gear available online. First, consider these factors before grabbing one today.

Uniform Lift: Consider getting a mechanism that gives a uniform lift. Most manual lifts have such challenges. However, to lift a heavy load vehicle, or change its tires, here is a great kit.

Easy to Use: Ensure you get a transmission jack that uses hydraulic fluid to lift cars. Hence, this simple process makes this tool perform demanding tasks.

Quality: Consider getting a jack that is of superior quality. For example, it should be durable, non-rust, waterproof, and sturdy to withstand daily use. Therefore, grab a lasting kit that is valuable for your money.

Save Time and Energy: It should work fast and efficiently in any lifting task. It should also be convenient during manual lifting to achieve your target without frustration. Hence, you save on energy and time.

1. Hein-Werner Floor Style Transmission Jack

The Hein-Werner Floor Style Transmission Jack is a high-quality manual floor-style jack and a reliable product that handles a wide variety of vehicle transmissions on a professional level. It has a durable frame construction of tough steel that will provide you long lasting service and a lifting capacity of 2000 pounds, especially for heavy vehicles.

Furthermore, the transmission jack comes with other quality features that make it stand out as one of the best in the industry. The features include 360-degree swivel casters that ensure you find the right position to suit your transmission preferences and a load restraint chain for securing loads to ensure complete safety. The jack also comes with a saddle that you can adjust for the best pan configuration. Another indication that you are getting value for money and a quality transmission jack is that it is a USA manufactured product.

We have also reviewed the best motorcycle lift jacks and the best jack stands that go well with this transmission jack.

  • The alloy-steel material is sturdy, stable, and non-rust.
  • You can adjust the saddle to face various positions.
  • The US-made tool has a load restraint chain.
  • It is not portable because of its 309-pound weight.
Our Verdict:

The product does not come cheap as compared to other transmission jacks in the market. However, it is highly efficient and reliable, making it worth the cost. Add a Keter folding table and tools such as electric grease guns to your workshop to make quick work of all repair jobs.

2. Sunex 7793B Telescopic Transmission Jack

When you are using a floor transmission jack, quality and safety features should be top on the list, and that is what you get from the Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack. The jack has a high weight capacity of 1000 pounds with a maximum height of 75.5 inches that allows you to access and remove transmissions.

Furthermore, the minimum height extension of the jack is 35.5 inches, and it has an adjustable saddle that moves 30 degrees from side to side, 30 degrees back, and 53 degrees forward.

Additionally, the jack includes a hands-free foot-operated pump and release pedal that offers controlled raising and lowering mechanisms to attain your preferred height. Enhanced angles you can achieve with the jack also provide you with an extended range of motion. Moreover, a nylon strap and chain tie-downs keep the jack securely in place during its applications. Finally, an overload valve helps prevent the jack from excess loading while the wide base legs enhance stability.

Always store your motorcycle under a motorcycle cover to prevent damage.

  • It is friendly to operate and assemble.
  • The kit comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It has a nylon strap to tighten the saddle.
  • It is a heavy-duty piece; hence, it is not portable and convenient to use anywhere.
Our Verdict:

Safety should be your priority while using heavy floor jacks and this product comes with the measures you could ever wish for in a transmission jack. It has stability too, and the price is right, making it one of our highly recommended products.

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3. Apextreme 1100 LB Motorcycle Lift Center

If you are looking for an ideal motorcycle transmission jack, you will do well with the Apextreme Motorcycle Lift Jack. Additionally, the lift boasts of reliable and durable construction of steel with a black powder coating. The coating makes the lift jack oil-resistant, dirt-resistant, and grease resistant. Moreover, the accessories’ galvanized treatment also makes it rust-free, while the top surface desk has a non-slip design with a rubber pad to prevent scratches and slippage.

The lift has a weight lifting capacity of 1100 pounds, with a lift range of 3 ¾ to 14-4/5 inches and platform dimensions of 14.6 by 9 inches. It is ideal for most motorcycle models on the market, including adventure touring bikes, street bikes, and cruiser bikes. Furthermore, the lift comes with a free removable galvanized crank handle, making it easy to operate.

  • The alloy steel is heavy-duty; hence, it is durable and rust resistance.
  • This kit needs a manual operation and not electric drilling.
  • The tool is simple to use and a fast performer.
  • It has a maximum capacity of 1100 pounds.
Our Verdict:

If you value quality and safety, then this transmission jack is an excellent investment. It is also sturdy with incredible height adjustment features that will make your operations easy.

4. Sealey TJ150E Floor Transmission Jack

The Sealey TJ150E Floor Transmission Jack delivers heavy-duty performance with the aid of four swivel casters that also provide flexibility around the workstation. It has a loading capacity of 150kg with an easy-to-use and durable hand-operated scissor mechanism that provides precision during the unit transmission fitting process. Moreover, the jack’s saddle comes with a webbing strap and a metal roller buckle that help hold the load securely.

The jack also features tilt adjustments that provide you with comprehensive chances of securing the unit safely during transmission. The construction of the transmission jack is high-quality steel with an advanced rust-shield coating for durability.

Besides, it comes with a sturdy 400 by 200 mm base for stability. Sealey has over 34 years of experience in the industry, and it is the ideal choice for a wide range of professional applications and markets.

  • The hand operation kit is simple to use.
  • You can adjust the saddle for effortless movement.
  • It can cover a variety of markets and applications.
  • The strap is big with no balance; hence, it leans on one side.
Our Verdict:

The Sealey may not look too big in appearance, but it can do great things. The price of the jack is worth the features and abilities of the applications it undertakes efficiently.

5. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty

The Powerbuilt is undoubtedly one of the best transmission jacks to purchase if you want a product with a high lifting capacity. It has an unmatched heavy-duty lifting capacity of 4000 pounds, making it one of the strongest on the market. Whether it is trucks, cars, or ATVs, you can expect effortless and efficient lifting from the jack.

Furthermore, it comes with a durable construction that will provide you with long-term service and a flexible design that suits different vehicle frames. Moreover, a removable lift saddle and paddle lift rails are other critical features that make them easy and convenient to use.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about security and safety as the product comes with lock safety bars to eliminate accidents. It weighs 85 pounds and meets all the safety standards set by the ANSI.

  • The extra-wide chassis helps to give stability.
  • This product meets ASME and PALD standards.
  • It has inbuilt tie-down loops to give motorcycles stability.
  • It is not foldable and portable.
Our Verdict:

Even though you must pay slightly more for this transmission and lifting jack, you get value for money. It is a China-made product but with amazingly efficient and quality features.

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