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Best Tricycle for Toddlers in 2023

If you would like to train your toddler to ride a bike, you should select a suitable tricycle for toddlers for him or her. There are dozens of options in the market this year, but you have to check their ratings and reviews first. This may look tiresome, but it is the best way to find a great bike that a child can ride safely all day. 

Also, you need a sturdy bike that can support your child’s weight as he or she grows, and that needs little maintenance to work well. In this article, we have presented some of the top choices that meet this threshold. If you read to the end, you will not only learn how to choose the best bicycles and find the best model for your children.

Are you in a hurry?

While shopping in a hurry, people do not have time to read through available reviews to find the best products. They shop on impulse, which is not suitable, and tend to buy the cheapest products around, which is even worse. We have provided a lot of information herein that can help you to make better shopping decisions while in a hurry.  Read on for more information.

Best Overall

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids

Schwinn is a USA brand that has made specialty bikes for kids since 1898. It is one of the most reputable in the market with its products attracting global acclaim due to their strength and their functionality. The Roadster Tricycle, for instance, is a blue/black 12.5 x 14.2 x 24.7-inch bike for toddlers made from steel. Its stable three-wheeled design is suitable for children aged 3-5 years. The pneumatic wheels roll freely on most terrain, while its broad bucket seat cradles the back or riders. Children get a swept-back handlebar with on-slip grips, which position hands naturally.

Smart Pick

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike

Radio Flyer Stroll 'N Trike is a 28.7 x 22 x 41.3-inch steel bike with a 42-pound design. It has a cool-looking red theme with a padded bucket seat and an adjustable five-point harness for safety. One of the standout features of this tricycle is that it grows with kids. The stock configuration (or the toddler trike) suits kids ages 12-18 months. As your kid grows, you can convert to a steering trike (18-24 months) or a classic trike (4-5 months) by adjusting or removing some parts. It has a removable canopy, headrest, and wrap tray. It also has an adjustable/removable parent steering.

Budget Pick

Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid's Tricycle

Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid's Tricycle

Joovy Tricycoo is a four-stage tricycle cum toddler bike and pushbike. It has a pink theme with black accents that adds to its looks. The seat cradles the bum and back and has a four-point harness for safety. Once kids buckle in, they can ride it safely on the lawn or tarmac. The trike has a steel frame that supports up to 44 pounds. Thus, most kids ages 10 months can older can ride it safely without it falling apart. As your kid grows, you can adjust its height from 32.5-38 inches to fit. You can also fold its footrests or remove the parent push handle on the back.

Buying Guide for Tricycle for Toddlers

While buying a tricycle for your child, his or her safety should be a priority. If the price is okay with you, check its system for the following attributes to know if it will be good for you or not.

Design: Check the design of your preferred tricycle to establish whether it will be suitable for your child or not. What is the material used to make it? Stainless steel is the best as it is durable. However, if you need a lightweight bike that your child can ride easily, opt for aluminum. Does your preferred bicycle have an adjustable system? While such bikes cost more money, they are worthy due to their convenience. They grow with children. Thus, a child can ride one for years.

Wheels: The plastic wheels found in some low-quality tricycles are loud and do not perform well on some terrains. To get a product that your kid will enjoy riding outdoors or indoors, look for a product with pneumatic tires. They are smooth and thus require little effort to ride. Pneumatic tires are also durable as they have heavy-duty aluminum rims and steel spokes and ride on air.

Seating: The seating configuration of a bike will influence the experience your child will have on the road. Wide models with backrests are suitable as they cover a larger area and therefore are comfortable. To boost safety, buy a tricycle with an adjustable harness as they are very secure.

1. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids

It is usually daunting to find the perfect bike child, especially if you are a first-time parent. If you are one of them, here is what to expect from a Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids. The bike has an appealing blue and black theme that your child might fall in love with.

This bike is also effortless to ride, so your child will not have difficulty using it. It features a low center of gravity and an adjustable seat that makes it a good first bike for most big kids or toddlers. It is suitable for three to five years old kids.

This tricycle features chrome finish handlebars with tassels and a bell. This makes this bike fun and safe to ride as the kids can ring the bell to warn people to get out of the way. More so, the chrome finish makes the bike resistant to the weather.

  • The chrome finish is stylish and protective from the elements.
  • Its adjustable seat had padding that boosts comfort.
  • This tricycle has a stable three-wheel design that is easy to ride.
  • The pedal is not very secure. It falls off frequently while in use.
Our Verdict:

So many things will make you want to buy this bike for your child. This bike is a perfect choice for your child, from the heavy-duty steel construction to the chrome finish and low center of gravity. It is durable and effortless to use as well.

2. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll’ N Trike Toddler Tricycle

This 4-in-1 tricycle is suitable for a toddler as it can grow with them through different riding stages. You can convert the tricycle into four growing stages by removing the accessories it comes with. The four growth states include toddler trike that is between 9 to 18 months, steering trike (18 to 24 months), learn-to-ride trike (2 to 3 years), and finally, the classic trike (4 to 5 years).

It has adjustable parts, which allow the tricycle to grow with your child. These accessories include a UV protection canopy, headrest, seat belt, footrest, wrap-around tray, and parent push-handle. You can get rid of all these accessories, as your child grows older.

  • An adjustable 4-in-1 design grows with your child.
  • It has a canopy that over UV protection to children.
  • The seat has a comfortable design with a harness for safety.
  • The adult control is very wobbly and therefore poses a safety hazard.
Our Verdict:
If you need a kid’s tricycle that will grow with your child, check the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll’ N Trike. It has removable accessories that make it suitable for all growth stages. It also includes parent-controlled steering to ensure the child is safe while riding.

3. 67i Kids Tricycle

If you are looking for a well-engineered 3-wheel bike for training your child, this is the best to pick. It offers three riding modes that include two wheels mode of balance mode, three wheels of pushbike trike mode, and three wheels of kid’s tricycle mode. You can switch modes without using tools when needed.

This trike has an adjustable seat and handlebars that make that enable it to grow with your child. Most kids ages one to three years can fit in it and ride it safely. Also, you can adjust the seat and handlebar as your child grows older and taller to offer more space. This bike is also powerful and safe as it features a carbon steel frame, supportive seat, and wide wheels for utmost safety and comfort.

  • The adjustable handlebars and seat are suitable for most kids.
  • It has a stable three-wheeled design that kids can ride easily safely.
  • Its carbon steel frame is durable and has a cool look.
  • The tricycle is smaller than it looks in the photograph.
Our Verdict:

This 67i Kids Tricycle bike will be an excellent buy for parents looking to train their toddlers how to ride. It offers your child three riding modes that make it easy to use. Besides, its durable design is comfortable and safe at all times. If you would like to buy this bike, you can find it at a fair price on the web.

4. JOOVY Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle

This Four-stage tricycle is precisely what you need for your growing child. It adjusts as the child grows, and it is suitable for kids of ten months old. It supports up to 44 pounds and will give your child the best riding experience at all times. This product features a front-wheel pedal locking system; removable baby surround arms, and fold-down footrest. This makes the bike comfortable, safe, and easy to use. Besides, you can get rid of the accessories to suit your kid, as he or she grows older.

  • Its stable frame/design supports up to 44 pounds.
  • The front wheel has a pedal locking system for safety.
  • It has a customizable design that can grow with your child.
  • The product feels rather flimsy which is a concern for parents.
Our Verdict:

This comfortable trike comes with a large UVF 50 canopy that offers your child UV protection. It also features a cup holder and storage basket in the back for storing food and drinks. Besides, its design allows it to grow with your child, which is a plus.

5. KORIMEFA 3-in-1 Kids Trike for Children

This KORIMEFA bike is an excellent choice for toddlers and kids from one to three years old. It features a 3-in-1 design that includes a tricycle for children; two wheels balance bike, and a mode without pedals. You can switch in between modes easily without the need for fancy tools and give your child a fantastic experience.

This trike is very comfortable as it features a non-slip handlebar that allows for a comfortable and firm grip. More so, it features a PU leather seat that gives you comfort when riding. It features steel frame construction, durable wheels, stable triangular construction, and a PU leather seat that makes it durable. Thus, it promises years of service. You can even pass it down to your other child or gift it.

  • It features a heavy-duty steel frame that lasts for long.
  • The seat has a PU leather cover for safety and protection.
  • The bike has a triangular design that supports over 40 pounds.
  • It is somewhat hard to ride because of the position of the pedals.
Our Verdict:

This durable bike will offer your child the best riding experience ever. Its design makes it suitable for beginners as it comes with a PU leather seat and provides a firm grip. More so, its fully enclosed wheels make it very safe when riding.

Final Thoughts

Tricycles make excellent gift items for children and toddlers as they are unique and fun to use. Most brands have adjustable designs that can grow with your child. The thick frames support a lot of weight, while their support for add-ons such as bicycle baskets boosts their value further. Great models for adults are also available online.

They also have thick steel or aluminum frames and safety features such as brakes and parent steering systems.  

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