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Best Volleyball Bags in 2023

Volleyball is an interesting sport that stimulates concentration and coordination. However, to enjoy this game, there are several accessories that you should equip yourself with. As a player, you need shorts, socks, shoes, jerseys, among other essential accessories. These accessories need to be kept in an organized manner for easy accessibility; that’s precisely where volleyball bags come in handy.

These volleyball bags are the best companion for every volleyball player. You can carry them as you go for practices and also tournaments. The bag can perfectly carry everything you need to have a fruitful game. If you ask around, they are the perfect combination of both captivating style and functionality. Since they are many on the market, below is a review of the best volleyball bags.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you enjoy playing volleyball with friends or colleagues during your free time? Do you have a hard time carrying playing items such as balls, thigh compression sleeves, and knee pads? Gym bags can work, but are relatively small and do not have a wet area for stuff such as socks and shoes. However, volleyball bags offer these benefits and more. If you need one in a hurry, here are some good ones this year.

Best Overall

Adidas Striker II Team Backpack

Adidas Striker II Team Backpack

The Adidas Striker II Team volleyball backpack is a versatile outdoor accessory made from breathable polyester fabric (100%). The material is light and designed to keep items dry. It is also waterproof and comes in many stylish colors for women and men. The main compartment has a large and zippered design, while small exterior pockets have a tricot liner that protects delicate stuff. This bag can fit and secure up to a size 5 volleyball. The padded should not only fit most women and men but also make it fun to carry for long.

Smart Pick

Adidas Alliance II Sackpack

Adidas Alliance II Sackpack

Whether you are a professional player or a hobbyist, the safety of your items should be paramount. This is why smart backpacks such as Adidas Alliance have grown in popularity. Christened the Sackpack, it provides sufficient storage space for balls, clothes, and shoes in a large/secure main compartment with a zippered closure. The water bottle pockets on the side fit most water bottles, while its heavy-duty polyester fabric resists abrasion, tears, and/or water.

Budget Pick

Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack

The Hustle 4.0 from Under Armour is an adult’s size volleyball backpack made from a water repellent polyester (84%) and elastane (16%) fabric. It also has a UA storm technology that boosts its water repellency further and a cool design with padded HeatGear shoulder straps. Finally, the gusseted laundry pocket on the bottom offers a secure space for wet gym accessories such as socks. By separating clean and dirty items, the risk of cross-contamination is low.

Buying Guides

Every sport requires accessories such as shoes, jerseys, socks, balls, rackets, and many more. Volleyball, like other sporting activities, is not different. Such items require a bag for safe storage and transportation to and from the court. If you want to purchase the best volleyball bags, the following factors will help you find the most appropriate models.

Material: The quality of bag material should be solid and durable. Besides the quality, look for a bag with an appealing outward appearance that you will enjoy using every day.

Size: The size you choose for the bag will depend on the accessories you need to take along with you. Some of the accessories may include volleyball balls, kits, and shoes.

Style and Space: Choose a bag design that suits your style. Some of the volleyball bags come with classic embroideries and colorful patterns. Others are plain with either one or two colors. Choose a bag with enough space for your items.

Additional Features: Other features to consider include bag wheels and pull handles for ease of portability, secure fastening, and straps. You can also look for a bag with zippered pockets or compartments for storing your delicate items such as your phone, a laptop, cards, pens, and others.

Top 5 Volleyball Bags in the Market this Year

The best volleyball bags offer ample space for storing studio headphones and without items such as exercise mats and thigh compression sleeves. If you need one for routine use, we have reviewed some popular ones online. We evaluate the features and pros and cons of each to help you choose.

1. Adidas Striker II Team Backpack

If you’re looking for a more versatile volleyball bag, the Adidas Striker II Team Backpack is the real deal. Apart from carrying them to practice and volleyball tournaments, you can also use them as school bags. In addition, the unit is well-designed to meet the need of volleyball players.

With this bag, you’ll be able to carry all your volleyball accessories. The bag assures you maximum safety and protection of your valuables, as it has exterior tricot-lined pockets. Besides, there is a meshed compartment that can perfectly hold a size 5 volleyball.

Furthermore, there will be no case of your accessories stinking when using this bag. It’s well ventilated, with breathable fabric that ensures proper air circulation within the bag. What’s more, it assures you ultimate comfort due to its padded shoulder strap. You can carry it for long hours without feeling fatigued.

  • Made with 100% polyester material with padded shoulder straps and a zippered closure.
  • Includes three compartments that help to keep you organized, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Includes an external tricot-lined pocket that you can use to store your valuables.
  • Straps are too thick and stiff.
Our Verdict:

The Adidas Striker II Team Backpack stands have a versatile design. With this bag, you’ll be able to use it as both a school and volleyball bag. In addition, it has zippered pockets that allow you to keep your essentials in an organized manner.

2. Adidas Alliance II Sackpack

For those looking for a more classic volleyball bag, the Adidas Alliance II Sackpack is the real deal. It’s a useful bag for every volleyball player. It provides you with extra storage space for your shoes and clothes. In addition, it also has water bottle pockets that you can use to carry drinking water.

With its zippered compartments, your accessories will get the ultimate safety and protection at all times. Better still, it boasts of an innovative design that appeals to most volleyball players. The bag assures volleyball players high-performance since it’s better and extremely strong.

When buying this bag, be keen not to end up with a fake brand. The original brand comes with a logo at the front. To add to that, the bag is easy to wash and maintain as it’s hand washable. Lastly, there is a drawstring closure that enhances your accessories’ safety.

  • Made with water-resistant polyester material that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Includes exterior zippered pockets and an adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort.
  • Features tons of storage pockets that include two mesh water bottles on the exterior.
  • Material is not breathable, causing strap and back sweat.
Our Verdict:

Overall, the Adidas Alliance II Sackpack is a great purchase. No need to worry when it catches dirt because it’s both hand and machine washable. You can gently wash it with your hands, and line dries it. It will maintain its look for years.

3. Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Are you looking for a volleyball bag that will protect gaming accessories from wind and water? If so, the Under Armour Adult Hustle is here to cater to all your needs. It comes with UA storm technology that makes it water-repellant.

With its water-resistant finish, your items will remain cool and dry in all weather conditions. It also has HeatGear shoulder straps that boost comfort when using it. Also, it has a breathable fabric that ensures proper air circulation in the bag. Your items will not stink while in the bag.

Moreover, the volleyball bag has a water-repellent front pocket that gives proper protection to your items. Since it’s abrasion-resistant, it will keep looking new even after years of use. Besides, it has a stylish design that will give you the beautiful/handsome look that you’re looking for.

  • Made with 84% polyester/16% elastane materials with a water-resistant interior.
  • Features a rigid bottom panel and water-repellant pockets to ensure your items stay dry and safe.
  • Features multiple compartments and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps.
  • More expensive than many other similar bags.
Our Verdict:

With this Under Armour Adult Hustle bag, your volleyball accessories will be protected from getting cold at all times; it has water-proof pockets that 100% prevent water from reaching your items.

4. WANDF Drawstring Backpack

For those in need of a volleyball bag with multiple storage compartments, the WANDF Drawstring Backpack is here to meet all their needs. Furthermore, it comes with several pockets for all your accessories. Since its straps are adjustable, you will enjoy an ergonomic fit at all times.

Since the bag comes with high-quality fabric, it’s made to serve you longer. It’s sturdier compared to similar products on the market. You won’t suffer from shoulder stress or fatigue when using this bag due to its amazing design.

Also, the fabrics of this bag are well-reinforced with smooth stitching that will assure you maximum performance for years. Due to its versatile nature, it can be used for a day trip, camping, swimming, or sports bag. It also has a one-year warranty if you’re worried about losing your money.

  • Made with high-quality and durable nylon material and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Features multiple storage pockets and a compartment for your shoes and other accessories.
  • Water-resistant, ample space, and features a drawstring closure that also works as a shoulder strap.
  • The cinch system might cause the straps to twist.
Our Verdict:

Compared to similar bags on the market, this WANDF Drawstring Backpack comes with a unique design. Moreover, it has a unique and new shoulder strap version that assures you maximum comfort. There are no cases of fatigue or shoulder stress when using this bag.

5. Fila Sprinter 19-inch Sport Duffel Bag

The Fila Sprinter 19″ Sport Duffel Bag is a beautiful volleyball bag that comes in an attractive purple color. With its 4 compartments, you’ll get enough space to store all your gaming accessories. In addition, it has well-ventilated pockets that prevent your items from foul odors. Also, the bag has comfortable carrying straps that allow you to carry for hours without being fatigued. It’s very versatile; thus, you can use it while going to the beach, work, or during sports. Despite being a quality bag, it’s quite affordable.

Better yet, the bottom of this Fila Sprinter 19″ Sport Duffel Bag is reinforced with 4 plastic supports. These supports help in keeping the bag off the ground, thus enhancing its durability. Lastly, the bag comes with an exovent technology that ensures proper air circulation within the bag.

  • Made with heavy-duty and highly durable 600 D ripstop polyester material.
  • Features padded shoulder straps that also provide a comfortable grip.
  • Features a D-shape top opening for ease of access and a supported base.
  • It is slightly heavier than many other bags.
Our Verdict:

There are no cases of your items stinking when using this volleyball bag. It has exovent technology that ensures proper air circulation within the bag, thus keeping your items cool.

Final Thoughts

You can protect your shoes, volleyball, and phone from damage by ordering a volleyball bag today. You can find backpacks and duffel bags made from durable materials such as polyester and elastane. They also come in many sizes and have add-on components such as water bottle slots that boost versatility. Check available options and buy the best.

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