Best Waterproof Cargo Bags in 2022

Are you planning to go camping and have nowhere to carry your belongings, do not worry because we have your back? We have selected the ten best waterproof cargo carrier bags that will give you the best service. Whether you are off camping, kayaking, or fishing, these carrier bags will make an excellent choice for your belongings. These premium quality items will give you a seamless service. Read on for more information.

Are you in a hurry?

Waterproof Cargo Bags provide a secure storage area for your stuff. They fit snug on car rooftops and comes in many sizes and designs for different people. As such, if you camp or hike often but lack enough space for storing emergency survival kits, this is one of the best remedies. You can also store mountaineering tents in it and protect them from bad weather while traveling to your camping site. What should you look for in the best waterproof cargo bag? It should be waterproof. You probably know this, right? It should fit your car and provide ample storage space for your items. Here are the best brands:

Best Overall

MAXXHAUL 70209 Waterproof Cargo Bags

MAXXHAUL 70209 Waterproof Cargo Bags

Maxxhaul measures 47 x 20 x 20-inches, making it one of the largest brands in this niche. The PVC fabric used to make it stands out in many ways. First, it has a waterproof design with a protective UV coat that prevents damage. The welded seams and heavy-duty zippers are leak-proof, while its loop straps (polypropylene) can support heavy loads. They rarely break under stress and are easy to set up on sports utility vehicles and trucks. Fully stuffed, MAXXHAUL fits up to 11 cubic feet of material. You can fold it and store it out of sight when not in use.

Smart Pick

MAXXHAUL 50130 Heavy Duty Waterproof Cargo Bags

MAXXHAUL 50130 Heavy Duty Waterproof Cargo Bags

MAXXHAUL 50130 provides a slightly larger storage area (50 x 40 x 22-inches), making it an excellent travel buddy for people who carry bulky items such as air mattresses for camping. Like the MAXXHAUL 70209 model, it has a heavy-duty design made from reinforced nylon. The material has reinforced seams that create a leak-proof seal. It also has webbed loops and bungee cord on all four corners that provide secure attachment areas to cars. The zippered main compartment provides 26 cubic feet of storage space. You can lock it with a padlock for added safety.

Budget Pick

TOOLGUARDS Rooftop Waterproof Cargo Bags

TOOLGUARDS Rooftop Waterproof Cargo Bags

TOOLGUARDS mounts securely on rooftops, saving vital space for other items. It comes in 15 and 20 cubic-foot models for different cars and has a durable design made from military-grade tarpaulin. The material does not leak water over time. It also has taped seams for added protection and eight straps (4 roof straps and 4 door straps) for stability. Even at high speeds, the risk of it dislodging and flying off is low. The TOOLGUARDS carrier bag fits most cars and has lockable zippers for safety.

Buying Guide for Waterproof Cargo Bags

If you are a frequent traveler and are looking for additional storage space in your vehicle, a waterproof cargo bag will be a fantastic option. These cargo bags are made differently, and they serve the same purpose as a hard roof box.

With a clear understanding of your needs and the various options of the waterproof cargo bags available in the market, choosing one that best suits your needs and preferences can be an uphill task.  We have searched for the 5 best Waterproof Cargo Bags that you can buy for your next adventure.

Internal Volume: Ensure that size of the bag will be enough for the items you want to carry for the trip. Also, note that smaller vehicles will need smaller bags, while larger ones will have the space necessary for larger bags.

Check the Material: Check on the material used in the creation of these bags. Ensure that the material is durable, waterproof and that it will withstand the harsh weather elements.

Weight Capacity: Also, check the weight capacity of the bag. Ensure that it has enough weight capacity to accommodate all of the belongings that you want to carry.

1. MAXXHAUL 70209 Waterproof Cargo Bags (47" x 20" x 20)

This cargo carrier bag has come to make work easier for you as it offers you safe and reliable storage for your belongings. It features a high-quality PVC material reinforced with polyester to make it extremely strong and durable. More so, it has a UV coating to protect the bag from wear and tear from the sun.

It features a heavy-duty zipper placed around its 3rd side and welded seams to make it strong and sturdy. This makes this bag exceptionally sturdy and robust.

Hook and loop flaps cover the zipper to prevent water from getting inside the bag. Therefore, it assures you of optimal protection of your items from moisture. The zipper features large holes that allow the use of padlocks to secure your belonging. With such a high-security system, what are you waiting for?

This bag measures about 47 inches long by 20 inches wide and 20 inches high. Its maximum cubic feet volume is 11, and it is foldable for effortless storage. Therefore, once you arrive at your destination, you can fold it and stack it away for optimal space.

  • The bag is made of PVC material with polyester reinforcement and UV coating.
  • It features welded seams and a heavy-duty zipper that is placed around the three sides of the bag.
  • The bag comes with large holes that allow the use of padlocks for extra security.
  • The Waterproof Cargo Bag is Inconvenient to use in some vehicles.
Our Verdict:

This high-quality cargo carrier bag is everything you need to carry your belongings during your camping, hiking, or fishing trip. It is sturdy enough to hold all your items and its PVC construction with reinforced polyester makes it durable and reliable.

2. MAXXHAUL 50130 Heavy Duty Waterproof Cargo Bags (50" x 40" x 22")

Here is another excellent cargo carrier bag by MAXXHAUL that will offer you a seamless service for many years. It features a nylon reinforced webbing loop around its corners that provides you with a secure attachment to your truck. The adjustable bungee cords also ensure the bag is safely in the car.

MAXXHAUL 50130 features heavy-duty zippers covered with hook and loop flaps for maximum protection of your items from rain. More so, the sippers have large holes that allow you to use padlocks to secure the bag. It is foldable for convenient transport and storage when not in use, making it a perfect choice for limited space. More so, it occupies up to 26 cubic meters of space, making it a space-efficient choice.

  • The bag features a nylon reinforced webbing loop in all four corners to provide a secure attachment.
  • Its zipper is covered with hook and loop flaps for improved water protection and comes with large holes allowing padlocks.
  • The waterproof bag will hold up to 26 cubic feet of space and has 50 “long x 40” wide x 22” heights overall.
  • The bag is water-resistant, not waterproof.
Our Verdict:

This high-quality cargo carrier bag is an excellent choice for carrying and transporting your belongings in your truck. It comes with a nylon-reinforced webbing loop to secure it to the truck and lockable zippers for protection. More so, you can collapse it after use for easy carrying and storage.

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3. TOOLGUARDS Rooftop Waterproof Cargo Bags

Are you out of space in your truck, and you need to carry more things? This rooftop carrier bag is an ideal choice for you. It has a waterproof design that keeps your belongings safe. This cargo carrier bag features a heavy-duty coated tarpaulin and fabric guarded construction to ensure your items are safe from water. More so, it features coated zippers to provide 100% waterproof protection, making it an excellent choice for any weather.

More so, it is easy to carry and features bungee cords to secure it to the car’s rack. Therefore, you will have peace of mind knowing your back is safe and will not fall on the way.

  • The rooftop cargo bag is super easy to install and gives you bags of extra secure storage space.
  • It comes with four strong roof rack straps and four-door straps, allowing you to secure it to any car easily.
  • The waterproof bag is made from durable military-grade tarpaulin material.
  • The bag has problems staying in place at high speeds.
Our Verdict:

With this rooftop cargo carrier bag, you will not worry about your items anymore because it will keep them safe and secure. More so, it is 100% waterproof to protect your stuff from water. This bag is easy to carry, and it is available online at a cheap cost.

4. Mockins Waterproof Cargo Bags (57" L X 19" W X 24" H)

Most bags lie about their quality, but this one is a sure deal. It is 100% water-resistant and ensures all your belongings stay safe from water. Therefore, all your belongings will be dry even during heavy showers. It protects your items from wind, snow, sun, and sand. In addition, it features a high-grade abrasion-resistant vinyl construction that makes it reliable and durable. It is ideal for camping, hiking, and sports tailgating.

This product is straightforward to install in your hitch cargo carrier, thus saving you lots of time, especially when you are in a hurry. It is also foldable to save up space when not in use, making it an ideal space-efficient choice.

It offers a lifetime refund or replacement warranty, which means your investment is safe. So, in case of any issues with its quality, you can get a refund or replacement.

  • The hitch mount cargo bag is 100% waterproof, and it will ensure your stuff stays nice and dry during your drive.
  • It is made from heavy-duty abrasion-resistant vinyl material and offers the best weather protection for even extreme conditions.
  • It is also simple and easy to install in your hitch carrier cargo carriers, and it folds up to save space while not in use.
  • The bag has no frame on the inside and is very floppy and hard to use.
Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a cargo carrier bag that will not disappoint you, this one makes a great pick. It features a heavy-strength vinyl build that protects it from the weather. More so, its waterproof design ensures your items stay safe and dry when traveling.

5. VaygWay Rooftop Waterproof Cargo Bags

This rooftop cargo carrier bag by VaygWay is another excellent choice for your belongings. This carrier bag features a 100% waterproof construction that keeps all your items safe and dry during your trip. The premium quality materials used to design this bag also make it to be very reliable.

It features high-grade rubber laminated nylon material in addition to other elements that make it very durable and reliable. If you have many things to carry and are out of space, this carrier bag offers you a clutter-free space to store the remaining items. It will free up space in your vehicle, thus allowing free airflow in your car.

  • The VaygWay waterproof cargo bags are made with premium quality rubber laminated nylon material.
  • The bag’s universal size is perfect for outdoor trips with family and companions.
  • Its design is intended to fit any vehicle with 15 cubic feet of space on rooftop racks.
  • The Waterproof Cargo Bag requires a Roof rack for perfect hold.
Our Verdict:

With this cargo carrier bag, you will no longer worry about space because it provides you with enough room to carry your items. It is a perfect choice for outdoor trips, and its foldable design allows for easy storage after use.