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Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks for GoPro in 2023

Waterproof selfie sticks designed for GoPro cameras are ideal for capturing photos and videos in a variety of settings. They offer stability, non-slip features, and strong clasps or straps that securely hold most GoPro cameras or smartphones in place. Additionally, they are built to withstand harsh weather conditions like high winds, water, and snow, making them suitable for outdoor adventures. Their foldable designs also make them easy to pack and travel with. Keep reading to discover more about these useful accessories.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you a professional videographer or someone who cherishes capturing memories on trips with photos and videos? If so, a reliable selfie stick is a must-have accessory for shooting clear panoramic selfies or capturing stunning landscapes. These portable devices are designed to fit most smartphones and allow you to experiment with various camera angles to enhance the quality of your work. We've reviewed some top-quality selfie sticks that won't disappoint.

Best Overall

Foretoo 19” Waterproof Hand Grip Selfie Stick

Foretoo 19” Waterproof Hand Grip Selfie Stick

The Foretoo selfie stick boasts a comfortable 19-inch plush handgrip that won't irritate your palms during use. Measuring 7.5 x 1.2 x 1.5 inches and weighing just 5.29 ounces, it has a universal design that accommodates most camera types. The adjustable design (7-19 inches) and tether on the end allow for secure attachment to your hand. Additionally, the camera mount is made of thick plastic with smooth edges, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding objects when in use for extended periods.

Smart Pick

Fugetek 51-inch Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod

Fugetek 51-inch Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod

Despite its large size, the Fugetek selfie stick is an excellent travel accessory, thanks to its convertible design. When extended, it can be used as a selfie stick to capture stunning panoramic photos and videos of yourself or landscapes. It also serves as a stable tripod with rubberized legs that prevent slipping. A Bluetooth remote makes shooting easy and convenient. Additionally, the stick is made of durable aluminum that won't corrode or rust when used outdoors. Weighing in at 16 ounces, it has a universal mount that accommodates both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Budget Pick

HSU Extendable Selfie Stick

HSU Extendable Selfie Stick

The HSU Extendable Selfie Stick is an aluminum rust-proof device that extends to fit most phones. It boasts a professional-grade design with a padded handle for comfortable use, and its water-resistant design adds to its durability. With a swivel range of 360 degrees and an adjustable length of 11.8-36.2 inches, you can customize it to fit your needs and capture high-quality photos and videos from any angle. The HSU Extendable Selfie Stick also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full 18-month factory warranty for defects.

Buying Guide for Waterproof Selfie Sticks for GoPro

Selfie sticks have evolved in various forms since the early 90s. Essentially, these devices are inverted monopods with handles that have become a photo-taking necessity. Every photo enthusiast understands the significance of selecting the appropriate selfie stick for their GoPro to avoid producing poorly taken photos. This buying guide sheds light on essential factors to consider before purchasing a selfie stick for your next event.

Compatibility: It is important to ensure the selfie stick will be able to hold your camera. Most available models can mount any camera with a ¼” screw interface. Consider what your camera model offers and go for a selfie stick that will be compatible with it.

Functionality: Most selfie sticks designed for smartphones come with a remote controller, while others have apps that enable a connection between phones and the stick. Consider the different features that come with selfie sticks and how they will be useful to you.

Length: Selfie sticks of today are designed with length adjustable ‘sticks’, to allow you to capture a wider view. The extendable length is important when you are looking to take group photos or closer shots of areas you can’t reach.

Best 5 Waterproof Selfie Sticks for GoPro

Not only are these selfie sticks waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, they are also user-friendly. They are able to endure severe weather conditions and feature universal clamps that can accommodate a wide range of smartphones and cameras.

1. Foretoo Waterproof Hand Grip Selfie Stick

The Foretoo Selfie Stick is a game-changer for capturing your precious moments on camera. It's a must-have for your home, allowing you to create lasting memories with loved ones.

This selfie stick is incredibly easy to use, featuring a twist-and-extend mechanism that allows you to adjust the monopod's length from seven to nineteen inches, giving you the flexibility to get the perfect shot every time. Additionally, it comes with a comfortable strap that won't cause discomfort to your wrist even after extended use. The strap is also adjustable, keeping the monopod secure and preventing it from falling.

Designed with waterproof capabilities, this selfie stick can withstand challenging weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for use underwater or in high winds. You'll never miss out on an opportunity to capture an unforgettable moment due to adverse weather conditions.

In summary, the Foretoo Selfie Stick is a versatile, user-friendly device that enables you to take exceptional photos and videos, no matter the weather or occasion.

  • The selfie stick for GoPro comes with a pre-installed comfortable rubber strap and an adjustable toggle to secure it to your wrist.
  • The selfie stick for GoPro is equipped with a waterproof design that enables it to function in both underwater and windy conditions (up to 40 knots).
  • Extendable from 7-19 inches by twisting the grip.
  • You have to rinse the selfie stick with fresh water and dry it after every use in salty water, otherwise, it will corrode.
Our Verdict:

For those seeking a top-notch selfie stick for GoPro, this model is a standout choice as it boasts waterproof capabilities, allowing for shooting in unfavorable weather conditions, as well as taking clear underwater shots, all at an affordable price point.

2. Fugetek 51-inch Professional Selfie Stick & Tripod

The Fugetek selfie stick and tripod combo, compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones, boasts a sleek and portable design at 51 inches in length and weighing in at 16 ounces, featuring a solid aluminum frame that is both weatherproof and corrosion-resistant, as well as non-slip rubber feet to keep your camera secure, while utilizing adjustable clamps to secure your phone and Bluetooth remote for photos and videos with a responsive range of up to 100 feet, and an impressive standby time of up to 300 hours.

  • It has a telescoping 51-inch design that accommodates most people.
  • Its aluminium frame is light and resistant to corrosion or rust.
  • The system has a remote shutter (Bluetooth) that is operational from up to 100 feet.
  • The plastic mount is somewhat wobbly and therefore unsuitable for securing heavy phones.
Our Verdict:

Capable of functioning as both a selfie stick and tripod, the robust Fugetek boasts a durable aluminum frame and non-slip rubber feet for added stability, accommodating Android phones and iPhones and featuring a Bluetooth remote shutter that is responsive from distances of up to 100 feet.

3. HSU Extendable Selfie Stick

Designed to enhance your enjoyment of life and capture unforgettable memories with loved ones, this telescoping selfie stick enables rapid length adjustment for indoor and outdoor photos and videos in nearly any setting, boasting waterproof and rustproof construction for everyday use, while the high-quality aluminum material ensures its long-lasting durability, providing years of use without the need for a replacement.

  • The waterproof and rustproof aluminum material built into the selfie stick for GoPro provides the sturdiness necessary to support your devices.
  • The handle grip of the selfie stick features a slip-resistant rubber and wrist strap that secures your GoPro in the event of an unforeseen fall.
  • Supports length extension from 11.8” to 36.2” enabling you to take closer shots as desired.
  • You have to remove your phone cover before mounting it to maximize the grip.
Our Verdict:

For superior video and photo capturing capabilities, this is the ultimate selfie stick to invest in, with compatibility across a variety of devices, including Androids, iPhones, and GoPros, allowing for maximum flexibility, in addition to its waterproof design that makes it a top choice for daily use.

4. CamGek Selfie Stick for GoPro

The CamGek Upgraded Selfie Stick is the perfect tool for capturing stunning videos and photos with your GoPro on a daily basis, boasting waterproof and rustproof aluminum construction that ensures durability and resilience, while its adjustable pole and quick-release swivel lock design provide unmatched flexibility, with a full size of 32 inches that can be collapsed to 12 inches for optimal portability and an ideal choice for taking group photos from various angles.

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  • This GoPro selfie stick can extend up to 32 inches and collapse to 12 inches, making it ideal for group photos and capturing close-up shots of tight angles.
  • This selfie stick for GoPro has aluminum tripod legs that provide stability and function as both a selfie stick and a tripod.
  • Waterproof design and slip-resistant rubber at the handle enable using this selfie stick for GoPro in water.
  • Less sturdy when fully extended.
Our Verdict:

Capture unforgettable moments from various angles, even underwater or in the rain, with the waterproof and versatile selfie stick that will turn your adventures into lasting memories.

5. TELESIN Ultra Long Selfie Stick for GoPro

At 118 inches or three meters long, the TELESIN selfie stick is perfect for group photos and various activities such as traveling, camping, and family trips, among others, and features stable and extendable lengths that securely hold most smartphones or cameras, as well as upgraded waterproof carbon fiber construction for durability in any weather. These studio headphones will keep you entertained on the road.

  • This selfie stick is perfect for group photos in gatherings as it can be fully extended from 17.3" to 118".
  • With a built-in tripod mount at the bottom, this selfie stick for GoPro can double as a tripod stand.
  • The carbon fiber material used in this product is highly durable and prevents any bending or wiggling while shooting photos and videos.
  • Recommended for use with lightweight cameras.
Our Verdict:

This selfie stick is the perfect choice for capturing everyone and everything at gatherings, parties, and sports events without leaving anyone out, as it is sturdy and does not bend or wobble even in high winds.

Final Thoughts

We have evaluated several versatile selfie sticks that are compatible with various phone models and can adapt to different environments, providing a user-friendly, comfortable, and customizable experience that can meet the needs of a wide range of individuals.

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