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Best Wine Glass Racks in 2023

If you are a wine enthusiast, a wine glass rack is a must-have for your kitchen for several reasons. Wine glasses can dominate your kitchen and make it look messy and disorganized. However, with a wine glass rack, you can stack the glasses away after use and keep the countertop clean and clear of clutter. They also add charm to kitchens as they come in stylish contemporary and rustic designs. If you would like to buy one of these racks, worry not because we bring you the best options. We have taken the time to review dozens of products from different brands, and the following are our best picks. Read on to find out your ideal wine glass rack.

Are you in a hurry?

The best wine glass racks offer secure storage space for wine glasses at home. They come in classic, traditional, and rustic designs that suit most homes. They also improve the accessibility of wine glasses and provide a secure storage area that stops breakages. Therefore, instead of hiding your glasses in cupboards in your kitchen, consider investing in a new set of wine racks. Here are some of the best in the market this year.

Best Overall

MorNon Wine Glass Rack

MorNon Wine Glass Rack

MorNon is a robust iron rack with a high-grade coating that prevents corrosion and rust. It has a cool-looking black theme (oxidized) that blends well in most spaces. The coating is scratch-resistant and adds both elegance and functionality to its design. You get two-slot choices – four and three-row. You also get two finishes (black and brown) and a space-saving design that work in open spaces, under shelves, or in corners.

Smart Pick

BOOKZON Wine Glass Rack

BOOKZON Wine Glass Rack (Wall Mounted)

Most kitchen remodeling tips for beginners shared online focus on hardware such as islands and sinks. However, you can add function and beauty to your space with a smart wine rack such as BOOKZON. It has a stable wall-mountable design measuring ‎11.57 x 8.54 x 1.89 inches. It weighs 14.5 ounces and has a polished metal frame that is resistant to corrosion and rust. The rack can hold up to six wine glasses. It has a simple screw-on design with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Budget Pick

X L MAGNET Set of 4 Stemware Wine Glass Rack

X L MAGNET Set of 4 Stemware Wine Glass Rack

X L MAGNET is a set of four stemware racks that hold four wine glasses each. In total, you can store up to 16 wine glasses on them, which is sufficient for people with medium to large families. All racks are wrought iron with a charming vintage style that blends well with most kitchens. They fit snug under kitchen cabinets and walls and enable you to organize and store your wine glasses beautifully at home when not in use.

Buying Guide for Best Wine Glass Racks

It's time you forget the stone-old ways of storing your wine glass in a wooden box and embrace the new technology of using a wine glass rack. These racks come in handy if you love entertaining frequently. It also streamlines your at-home experience and adds beauty to your space. Picking a model that will match your space is not a walk in the park. This guide will walk you through the process of getting one for yourself. Let's look at few factors to have in mind before you buy one.

Mount Type: It is essential to consider the mount type when looking for the best wine glass rack. The model you want should be easy to install to your ceiling, to a beam, under a bar or cabinet using a few screws and a drill.

Material: Ensure that the material used to make the rack is sturdy. This is because it will be holding some of your precious glasses.

Size and Capacity: See that you get the right size of a rack that will hold your glasses well no matter the size. Also, note that the capacity may change based on the size of your wine glasses.

1. MorNon Wine Glass Rack

Are you looking for a high-quality wine glass rack to hold your high-end wine glasses? This MorNon Wine Glass Rack will solve all your problems. It features high-quality iron construction with a high-grade coating that makes it highly durable and dependable. Your stem-ware will find a permanent home and keep your kitchen neat and organized. Save up space or create extra room for other items with this wine glass rack.

It features a compact design that saves space on your counter, cabinets, hutch, buffet, bar cart, and credenza. More so, its elegant design will always make your home attractive and neat. This glass rack is straightforward to install as it comes with holes and mounting hardware. This allows for hassle-free installation, and the only tool you need is a screwdriver.

  • The stemware holder under the cabinet is made of high-quality iron and is designed with a high-grade coating.
  • The quality of the sturdy iron material is durable and dependable.
  • It is easy to clean, install, saves space, and perfectly fits the corner under the shelf.
  • This wine rack doesn't hold big jumbo margarita glasses well.
Our Verdict:

With a wine glass rack that offers you enough room to stack all your stemware, you will no longer have trouble with overcrowded countertops. This wine glass features a compact design that occupies little space and holds your glasses safely. It is simple to install and makes an excellent buy for your kitchen.

We have also reviewed adjustable table legs for your office and folding step ladders for your kitchen.

2. BOOKZON Wine Glass Rack (Wall Mounted)

Keep your wine glasses organized and neat with this set of stemware racks. It allows you to create additional room on your counter, bar cart, buffet, cabinets, and credenza. This stemware drying rack also doubles as a coffee mug holder in your kitchen. This drying rack is easy to install, and it does not require any assembly. It comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, making it extremely easy to install.

It is a great way to create free space on your counter and ensures your kitchen stays clutter-free. If you are looking for a wall-mountable wine glass rack, this should be your number one pick. You can mount it on the wall creating enough room for your wine glasses. You can hang up to 6 glasses safely, which is enough to create extra room on your kitchen counter.

  • This wine rack is space-saving; you can easily create more room on your counter, cabinets, or bar.
  • It is also a space saver as a coffee mug holder in your kitchen.
  • They are designed to be ready to use, do not require an assembly, and are easy to install.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

This wine glass rack features quality artisanship and ensures you clear off the clutter from your kitchen counter. The 6mm sturdy wrought iron used to manufacture it is durable making it a top-rated pick. It is also easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.

Here are some essential DIY tools that will help you to install wine glasses and other stuff at home.

3. X L MAGNET Set of 4 Stemware Wine Glass Rack

This premium quality wine glass rack makes an excellent choice for your kitchen. It features a high-/quality wrought iron construction that makes it very durable and dependable. It also has an outer coat that protects it from rusting and corrosion. If you are looking for a wine glass rack that will serve you for a long time, this is the best to buy.

Installing this wineglass is straightforward because it has all the needed hardware. You will, however, need a screwdriver to mount it on the wall. It will only take a few minutes to install it, making it more convenient than other models that require complex installations.

  • These wine glass racks are made of high-quality 0.2 inches wrought iron material, durable and dependable.
  • Its coating can effectively prevent the wine glass organizer from oxidizing and rusting.
  • It features an opening widened mouth design, and it is suitable for a variety of different stemware shape.
  • These racks do a decent job for standard size mugs but require a bit more space to accommodate more oversized mugs.
Our Verdict:

With this wine glass rack, your kitchen will stay organized and always appealing. It takes minutes to install, and you do not need any fancy tools for the installation. More so, it features a wrought iron construction that makes it durable, thus promising you many years of seamless service.

4. Ilyapa Wine Glass Rack, (Wall Mounted - 3 Tier)

Bring the classy restaurant atmosphere to your home with this restaurant-style wine glass rack. It is an efficient way to store stemware, just like in restaurants or bars. It will not only store wine glasses but also add a stylish feature to your home.

With this rack, you can keep your stemware organized stylishly and attractively. Its inverted style always keeps your kitchen counter clutter-free and organized.

This rack features real wood in its construction, which brings a rustic farmhouse feel to your home. The wood is solid and can hold up to 12 glasses at once. This ensures all your glasses have a permanent home and keeps your space organized.

  • Its design adds a stylish feature class and elegance to your home bar or kitchen.
  • The rack is made with natural wood that is capable of holding 12 wine glasses at once.
  • This wooden stemware rack comes with free drywall anchors and screws to make wall mounting a breeze.
  • The wood is very flimsy and cheaply made; it will break if it holds heavy glasses.
Our Verdict:

With this restaurant-style rack, you will keep your counter neat and organized around the clock. It features real wood construction that adds a rustic feel to your home. More so, it is sturdy and durable, and you can buy it online from the convenience of your home.

5. RedDreamer 14-Inch Black Wine Glass Rack

This functional and elegant wine glass rack is an effective way to keep your counter free of clutter. It features a modern design that brings elegance to your home. It will immediately change your home bar and kitchen appearance and make the space look neater and more appealing.

This rack features durable construction that assures you of longevity. You will not need to buy an upgrade because this wine glass rack lasts for a long time. It is resistant to oxidation and rusting, making it an excellent choice for long-term use.

This product comes with installation hardware giving you a seamless experience during the installation. It also includes screws for mounting it on the wall, which means you will only need a screwdriver.

  • The Modern design style of this rack adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bar's décor.
  • It has a durable construction, and it's easy to clean and will last a lifetime.
  • A single row holds up to 4 glasses; you can choose how many rows installed as per the cabinet
  • This wine glass rack is too long for a standard cabinet.
Our Verdict:

If you are tired of your messy kitchen counter, this wine glass rack will offer a lasting solution. It will keep your kitchen counter organized and neat around the clock, thus saving you embarrassment in case of unexpected guests. This rack is also easy to install, and it has all the hardware necessary for the installation.

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