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Best Wooden Bed Frames in 2023

Most sleepers still prefer getting the best wooden bed frames, despite metal frames being popular for several reasons. They are not only stable but also have a charming natural look that you can finish in many ways. You can stain the bed or paint it your favorite colors in minutes using a brush. Wood frames blend well with home décor, do not scratch floors, and come in many sizes, including King, Queen, and duplex models. If you are sprucing up your bedroom with a new bed, here are some of our top ten picks for you. They are among the best.

Are you in a hurry?

Wooden bed frames have a warm and natural feel and look that people like. They support a lot of weight and come in exciting designs that blend well with homes and hotels, et cetera. They are also durable and come in multiple sizes that can accommodate queen, kind, and twin mattresses. If you are shopping for a new one for your home, we have reviewed some of the best in stores this year.

Best Overall

Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed

Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed

EARTHLITE is a portable massage table with a comfortable full-size bed measuring 30x73 inches. This can fit most adults who need a quick and soothing massage. It also has an adjustable height (23-33-inches) and a hand upholstered dual-density cushion measuring 2-5 inches thick. This cradles the muscles and joints of users to stop irritation and injury. The top is a supple Nature’s Touch fabric that does not soak in oils, while its face cradle has a soft poly gel fill that adds more pleasure to massage. All EARTHLITE massage tables have a three-year warranty.

Smart Pick

Zinus Frame Platform Bed

Zinus Frame Platform Bed

The best folding massage table should be comfortable, durable, and provide enough space for occupants. Ranked among the best, Saloniture is a premium model crafted from hardwood. The design supports up to 450 pounds and has premium padding for comfort. The bed has a 2-inch-thick foam (high density) that cradles the joints and muscles. It also has a headrest with a 3-inch foam padding for comfort and a removable cover for hygiene. This table weighs just 37-pounds, making it portable. It is oil and waterproof and comes with a nylon bag for storing your stuff.

Budget Pick

Homelegance Abbeville Queen Sleigh Bedframe

Homelegance Abbeville Queen Sleigh Bedframe

With the Master Massage Montclair, you get a 31x84-inch massage table with a foldable design for safe storage. It has an adjustable height (24-34-inches) and a multi-layer foam padding measuring 3-inch thick. The table weighs 37 pounds, making it portable. The upholstered top is oil and water-resistant, while the mahogany frame can support 1500 pounds. Set up at home or in a spa, this table will not break any time soon. You get padded arm-rests and a face cushion for added comfort. It also comes with a carrying case for add-ons such as Reiki panels and Shiatsu cables.

Buying Guide for Best Wooden Bed Frames

Spotting wooden bed frames in most bedrooms have become standard practice. Unlike the metal frame, it is water-resistant, easy to clean and dust, and is easy to repaint with a fresh coat. Besides that, it blends well with any other upholstery in the room. Therefore, for comfort and peaceful rest, here are buying factors to reflect shopping for one today.


The wood should reflect a natural look to your bedroom. Besides that, consider matching shade with other furniture in the room. Use warm, light, and cool colors to add décor and give the room a large-spacing image.


Consider getting high-quality material like 100% solid wood for durability and safety. In most cases, the heavier the piece, the better its quality! Check for weak joints, cracked ends, and rough surfaces to ensure value for your money.


Consider the height and mattress size to determine the type of wood frame you need. For example, tall frames are not ideal for rooms with a low ceiling. In addition, platform beds have a better height from the ground, unlike box spring beds.

Top 5 Best Wooden Bed Frames in the Market this Year

Our selection of wooden bed frames stands out because of their longevity and performance in the home. They have an eye-catching look and require little to no effort to set up. If you are shopping for one, read on for more information.

1. Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed

Give your little pumpkin the replenishing rest they need with this Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed. The frame is look-alike Lightning McQueen’s speed racing car design for a fun and smooth exit from a crib to a toddler bed. With warm shades to excite, attract, and add décor to the room, nothing stops a comfortable and peaceful sleep. The bed frame is an elegant product that meets all the JPMA safety standards; hence, it is safe for your baby. Besides that, it has sturdy wood; thus, it is durable. This product is a perfect mattress supporter for boys who associate with car-related cartoon upholstery.

It is low to the ground for the kid to hop in and out easily on their own. Hence, it is safe, super quality, eco-friendly and stylish baby furniture.

  • It has attractive colors and décor to entice kids.
  • The frame meets all JPMA safety standards.
  • It is suitable for toddler boys.
  • It has no wheels; hence, it is not moveable to different locations.
Our Verdict:

The Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed is a car-racing look-alike frame. It is comfortable, durable, fit for boys, and has all JPMA requirements.

2. Zinus Frame Platform Bed

Are you looking for a queen size bed with a wooden frame? The Zinus frame Platform Bed has all it takes to add décor to your bedroom. Besides supporting your mattress and lifting from the ground, it also provides a peaceful and comfortable slumber. The sturdy and 100% solid wood frame has four beautiful natural colors to blend with your bedroom wall and floor. Notwithstanding, the nine legs add extra support for the 53.9-pound weight bed.

Hence, it needs no box spring but uses wood slats to support the foam. Therefore, it is sturdy, comfortable, and can hold up to 500-pounds of weight. If you need extra space when the room is already full, the 14-inch height offers storage under the bed. Hence, it creates more space and reduces congestion in the bedroom.

  • It has nine legs for extra support and stability.
  • The natural color blends with other bedroom furniture.
  • It has 100% solid wood that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The 53.9-pound weight is not portable and flexible for outdoor use.
Our Verdict:

The Zinus Frame Platform Bed is 100% solid wood that provides a comfortable sleeping platform. It is durable, strong, supports the mattress firmly, and is fast and easy-to-assembly.

3. Homelegance Abbeville Queen Sleigh Bedframe

Here is another incredible piece of bedroom furniture with unique features and mind-blowing benefits. The Homelegance Abbeville Queen Sleigh Bedframe has an elegant brown cherry finish that leaves the bed looking stunningly beautiful. Besides that, the wood is sturdy and durable to last you many more years.

For lovers of traditional curving, this is the right time to furnish your bedroom with this queen sleigh-style bed. It reminds you of history, besides having a classic touch with a modern lifestyle. Your order arrives with queen size rails, slats, footboard, and headboard. Hence, it needs parts assembly before use. With this affordable but simple bed frame, you get value for money.

  • It has a queen size headboard; hence, it is comfortable, stable, and safe.
  • The hardwood material is durable and non-rust.
  • It represents the Louis Philippe tradition style bed.
  • You will need to assemble the frame before using it.
Our Verdict:

The Homelegance Abbeville Queen Sleigh is a Bedframe made from sturdy hardwood and a cherry finish. It carries the traditional queen sleigh fashion that reminds of history.

4. Walker Edison Mid Century Platform Bed

The Walker Edison Mid-Century Bedframe has a plank-queen bed style. With four colors to pick from, you have a wide range to select a perfect sleeping platform. Today’s furniture comes from solid 100% pinewood for durability and an elegant Caramel color finish to look cute. Hence, it is warm, modern wood with a queen platform design blending well with any bedroom décor and surrounding. The frame is strong, thick with a platform design to support the mattress. This feature enables it to accommodate a limit weight of 500 pounds. Hence, it is long lasting and an ideal bed for heavyweight persons.

The tapered legs add firmness and a mid-century accent that brings out the American strategy every bed owner desires. It also lifts ground level to prevent damage and add height to ease climbing in and out of bed.

Therefore, save time, money and buy this unique but popular couch for a peaceful and comfortable sleep. We have also reviewed adjustable bed bases and bed covers for the home. These are durable and work well in most areas.

  • The solid 100% pinewood lasts long and is rust resistance.
  • Its 500-pound limit can accommodate heavy persons.
  • The frame is fast and easy to assemble.
  • You require assembly tools and kits.
Our Verdict:

The Walker Edison Mid-Century Bedframe is a sleeping platform with an American design. It is warm, lasts longer, is thick, comfortable, and is easy to put together. Check out these dog pools, retractable dog leashes, and dog showers for your pet. They are among the best brands this year.

5. Zinus Marissa Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

Are you looking to give your bedroom a rustic character? The Zinus Marissa Deluxe Wood Platform Bedframe is a solid-wood product. It has an amazing craft with a platform style to support the mattress for comfort and durability. Therefore, there is no need to add a box spring to enforce stability. The antique espresso finish combines well with any interior décor in the room. Besides that, the 12-inch frame is thick and strong with an inner steel framework. Hence, it can hold a weight limit of 350 pounds, making it stable and long lasting. The steel part has pads to reduce noise and slide, while the wooden slats position the foam in place.

Therefore, grab this easy to assemble kit that comes with a simple user guide. Within less than an hour, your deluxe fashion bed is ready! For persons who prefer a bed frame without a head or footboard, here is a perfect product.

If you use an air mattress at home, you will need the best air mattress pump.

  • The solid wood is durable, thick, and non-rust.
  • It can hold persons weighing up to 350 pounds.
  • It has no head or footboard; hence, it is easy to assemble and transport.
  • The 58.3-pound weight is not flexible, moveable, and convenient for outdoor use.
Our Verdict:

The Zinus Marissa Deluxe Wood is a platform bed with a lasting, comfortable, superior quality frame that is easy to assemble and needs no head or footboard.

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