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You can Slow Skin Aging by Doing the Following

The words beauty and skincare are associated with using the best skin care products in the market. No wonder you have always paid so much attention to commercial adverts to see if you can get something for your face. However, what you may not know is that skincare has very little to do with the application of industrial creams, foundations, and mascara. Here are the essential beauty tips to take care of your skin.

Protection from the Sun

Sunlight has some benefits on your health, but continued exposure is harmful too. Reducing sun exposure will prevent early wrinkles and age spots on your face besides reducing the risk of skin cancer. When strolling on the beach, apply sunscreen generously after every two hours. These are or two broad types. Facial sunscreens are suitable for protecting the delicate skin of the face. They have different SPF ratings for different skin types and have ready-to-use formulas. Body sunscreens, on the other hand, are suitable for protecting other exposed areas of the body. These include the neck and hand, to name a few. Apart from applying sunscreen, you should avoid basking under the sun from midday as the UV rays are the strongest at this time of the day. Rest under a beach tent to protect your skin from such harmful rays.  You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face and long-sleeved shirts to cover the entire arm length while lounging outdoors.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking makes your blood vessels narrow in the upper layers of skin, decreasing blood flow. It also destroys collagen and elastin that maintain the strength of your skin and its elasticity. Whenever these happen, your skin undergoes transformations that lower its ability to shield you from the sun. Studies have also revealed quicker aging for women who indulge in such vices from a young age. For instance, after years of smoking, your skill will paler and older than other women or men your age. You might also notice quicker development of wrinkles and fine lines. Smoking can also deplete the essential nutrients and oxygen that make your skin glow. Avoid it at all costs.

Wash Your Skin Properly

Taking a shower or bath daily is hygienic and recommended, but it may affect your skin negatively. For instance, taking long, hot water baths or showers removes all-important oils from your skin. As such, if you fail to moisturize or condition your skin after a long shower, it will dry out and lose its soft luster over the years. The quality of the soap that you use while taking a shower also matters a lot. Avoid harsh, chemical-laden brands that strip oils from the skin and irritate skin cells. Mild soaps, preferably natural, will deliver the best experience.

If you are a man, avoid daily shaving as it might damages the upper skin layer. While shaving, lubricate your skin with shaving cream or gel and gently use a clean, sharp razor. Hair trimmers and beard trimmers also work great so check them out. Their battery-powered designs do a professional job quicker. Most also have sharp blades that cut hair cleanly.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Higher stress levels that remain uncontrolled tend to show on your face and skin. The skin, for instance, is susceptible to stress which can trigger acne breakouts. Healthy skin requires a healthy state of mind, which includes stress management. Visit a psychologist whenever you are stressed and get your mental wellness sorted out. You will not only live longer this way but also have radiant and healthy skin. Also, make sure that you have a restful sleep whenever you lay down to rest. Salt lamps create an ambient environment for sleep. Buy one. No matter what skincare tips you may use, the problem will persist if you do not manage stress. Sufficient night sleep is one way of toning down stress levels and allowing the skin to rejuvenate.

Here are some stress relief tips that be of help at home.

Unless medically prescribed, you don’t need skin care products to solve all your skin problems or keep it looking younger. The above basic tips are more than you need to keep you looking ten years younger while saving you on the budget. Keep your stress levels low by getting enough healthy sleep. You should also wash the skin well, avoid smoking, and use sunscreen.

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